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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHEST

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Psychology2, 5:of the cosmic physical plane, and that our highest type of energy, embodying for us the purestPsychology2, 6:at a great mystery, which is that all that the highest of the Sons of God on our manifestedPsychology2, 18:of the personality vibrate to the measure of the highest of the soul rays - the ray of the soul'sPsychology2, 47:can be heard: 'The power that reaches from the highest point has reached the lowest. The Plan canPsychology2, 91:when its lowest expression embraces the highest intuitive and abstract concepts of which the mostPsychology2, 100:is this dimly sensed truth which lies behind the highest type of metaphysical thought, such asPsychology2, 119:of this law upon the human consciousness. In its highest expression, we have the service renderedPsychology2, 139:for him true and right, and with it all that is highest and best in him can cooperate. EachPsychology2, 162:should suffice, if it embodies truly one's highest thought. Students will realize that as theyPsychology2, 170:form; each vision was to him the symbol of his highest dreams, the height of his desire. He rushedPsychology2, 175:are, in their turn, the essential key to the highest knowledge. A brief example will serve toPsychology2, 239:and unfoldment, untouched as yet by the highest type of human insight. It would be well to pointPsychology2, 299:expression when the personality reaches its highest independent point of development; - that is,Psychology2, 299:war, when the battle for reorientation is at its highest and the aspirant knows it. He knows thatPsychology2, 3o8:continues and at the third initiation the highest kind of energy which a man can express in thisPsychology2, 384:and that it also brings the will aspect (the highest aspect of divinity) into control of mind.Psychology2, 386:be Light." This illumination, coming from the highest aspect which [387] man can conceive follows aPsychology2, 400:definite field of service. Of this service, the highest of which you can know anything is that ofPsychology2, 434:aspect and expanding their ideas to include the highest possible. These might be grouped and listedPsychology2, 435:The heart center is the seat of life, of the highest principle which expresses itself through man.Psychology2, 438:often beautifully motivated and actuated by the highest intentions, but only succeeds in producingPsychology2, 506:and disciples in the Hall of Learning on the highest level of the astral plane, and in the Hall ofPsychology2, 522:pour into the human frame from the soul, via the highest center at the top of the head. The wholePsychology2, 526:is rapidly awakening. A period wherein the highest head center is brought into radiant activity.Psychology2, 530:throughout the entire spinal area until the highest head center is reached. This, however, wouldPsychology2, 533:and the other coming from the soul direct to the highest head center) to the attention of thePsychology2, 535:can be induced by a too rapid inflow of the highest form of energy which a man can receive prior toPsychology2, 549:center in the head. The heart center and the highest head center, as points of transference, onlyPsychology2, 564:true powers. They are not however the highest possible powers nor are they the powers whichPsychology2, 564:allied closely to the animal kingdom; or at the highest point, in which case the greater powersPsychology2, 569:who frequents a seance is not usually of the highest grade of intelligence, unless he is simplyPsychology2, 584:and aspiration are the way of escape from the highest aspect of the Atlantean consciousness. ThisPsychology2, 585:and science are the way of escape from the highest expression of the concrete mind, and from thePsychology2, 593:absorb the science of laya-yoga, but only in the highest form of the latter. The goal of meditationPsychology2, 594:of the aspirant, mystic and disciple, it is the highest head center. As evolution proceeds and thePsychology2, 599:they are all focused and distributed in the highest level of the astral consciousness and sent toPsychology2, 601:victim of an hallucination which embodies the highest he knows; he is overcome by the glamor of thePsychology2, 603:expression becomes abnormal and he (from the highest and best sense of values) anti-social. Such anPsychology2, 612:body and expressing the personality life at its highest, and the head center, working through thePsychology2, 614:the ajna center and the problem of power to the highest head center. In the aspirant or advancedPsychology2, 622:know, the "blood is the life". It works with the highest center in the body and is thereforePsychology2, 659:today in prominent position who does not in his highest moments appreciate the necessity for worldPsychology2, 665:to the cry of humanity as it voices its highest hopes, longings and desires. This attitude ofPsychology2, 667:their endeavor, and that they may evidence the highest skill in action will be true if thingsPsychology2, 703:Humanity Today - The Great Approaches From this highest standpoint, the Hierarchy was enabled toPsychology2, 745:good will and truth can be raised to its highest possible expression, there will be brought about,Rays, 9:energy, and that perfection is achieved when the highest type of energy inherently possibleRays, 15:forces (so-called) are [15] met with upon the highest spiritual levels because they are - in theirRays, 15:bear in mind that all our planes - even the very highest - are the subplanes of the cosmic physicalRays, 17:universal trend towards group awareness, and its highest result in the human family is the takingRays, 21:linked Themselves with the Great Council in the highest Secret Place. Let the group sound a dualRays, 31:burning tree of life of Biblical symbolism. This highest of all the fires, this deeply spiritualRays, 42:and unknown, even to his consciousness at his highest moments. The door of initiation looms largeRays, 43:anchored in the past and firmly grounded in the highest, rightly oriented aspect of theRays, 65:demand, there is little that I may say. From the highest plane of the spiritual will, what is,Rays, 70:to thought-form building. Only initiates of the highest degree - such as the three Great Lords -Rays, 75:At the crisis of that revelation, at its highest point of tension, humanity as with one voice willRays, 81:the first time - alone and unaided - invokes the highest spiritual center on our planet, Shamballa.Rays, 81:loud the cry which drew the form to meet the highest need; where energy comes forth and blends withRays, 83:knowledge begin to reach the public anent the highest spiritual center to which (as the GospelRays, 88:the spiritual essence of solar fire, reaches its highest point of expression. This it achievesRays, 88:saw this outpouring of divine love reach its highest expression for all time, and at the point ofRays, 88:which is, for that particular Son of God, His highest also. Such is the Law. When an embodiedRays, 90:needs the united work, as yet, of the two highest Representatives of the second divine aspect whenRays, 94:the World Who "knows His Own Mind, radiates the highest quality of Love, and focuses His Will inRays, 105:activity and love - he is now focused in the highest aspect and knows himself to be the Will, theRays, 118:all contacts and spiritual impulses from this highest center have reached humanity via theRays, 124:comprehension lies far beyond you; and only this highest state of understanding suffices for theRays, 131:connections and the possibility of his ultimate highest spiritual attainment; it steadilyRays, 132:sensed even by the advanced disciple in his highest moments. A new life-expression appears whichRays, 136:the Hierarchy, and between the Hierarchy and the highest Center, Shamballa, is completely coveredRays, 136:linked Themselves with the Great Council in the highest Secret Place. Let the group sound a dualRays, 141:the purpose of the planetary Logos), and of the highest possible focused relation. The mystery ofRays, 159:the first time in planetary history includes the highest center, Shamballa, is not yet completelyRays, 163:from all the centers are concentrated in the highest head center in the etheric body, in the areaRays, 175:the minds of men know naught, and which even the highest intellect is unable to grasp or evenRays, 175:which are so often said or chanted at moments of highest spiritual aspiration, the neophyte refersRays, 179:or mental planes, nor are they active upon the highest or logoic plane. There they are implicit orRays, 186:was - in reality - man's first expression of the highest divine aspect. Desire is the lowestRays, 194:provide the keynote and express the first and highest aspect, as the two earlier rents lead to theRays, 196:threefold direction, from the point which is the highest, to the right and to the left, thusRays, 197:up to that condition which overwhelms the highest Initiate as He awaits entrance into the CouncilRays, 197:matter what degree. It is only at the last and highest initiation that the "tendency to blindness"Rays, 197:Fraternity. In one of the most important and highest initiations, the candidate enters withRays, 200:on the cosmic physical etheric levels (on the highest plane of our seven planes) and pass on to theRays, 203:he avoid the concept that the attainment of the highest initiation upon this planet marks the endRays, 221:The problem of life transference from the highest point of present attainment into some vague andRays, 239:between a Master and a disciple, reached their highest point of usefulness early in the PisceanRays, 242:on man's own essential dualism; they are the highest explanation of his own divine nature which heRays, 244:thought along this line. The sumtotal of the highest phases of human thinking along all lines,Rays, 259:order and the aspirant or disciple may be the highest kind of selfless person, but true groupRays, 262:and love is himself being magnetized by the highest of the present known divine aspects - Life.Rays, 264:of manifestation and spirit is matter at its highest." It is of this synthesis that the group mustRays, 268:in which the mind principle reached its [268] highest stage of development; They embody inRays, 271:[271] has together touched the fringes of this highest of all revelations for humanity. When, forRays, 280:grasped meaning) that spirit is matter at its highest point, and matter is spirit at its lowest.Rays, 281:in these two phases of the divine work. The two highest planes (the monadic and the logoic) are theRays, 283:related. This identification is therefore the highest expression of divine purpose upon the cosmicRays, 284:the initiate to function upon the logoic or highest plane of the cosmic physical plane. This - inRays, 287:and seek to think, feel and perceive at your highest possible level of consciousness. The effort to
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