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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHEST

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Rays, 289:were known to Him and fully understood. At the highest point of this consummated knowledge, and atRays, 311:aspect through the atmic nature or through the highest aspect of the Spiritual Triad, to which weRays, 313:to "go to the Father" or to demonstrate the highest aspect of divinity, the will aspect. There areRays, 318:life, from the lowest point in evolution to the highest monadic experience. The emphasis in theRays, 334:to work from the physical plane up to the highest, in order to move unitedly through this Door onRays, 336:forms of existence and on and up to the very highest; there is naught anywhere but progress and aRays, 339:activity is registered by the initiate of the highest degrees when he undergoes the eighth andRays, 353:which is all their own (for they are of the highest order and type), but veiling the pure lightRays, 358:thinking: the four planes which connote the highest possible spiritual influences, as far asRays, 358:subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. These highest planes of our planetary life are, therefore,Rays, 358:These four planes are (as you already know): The highest plane - (Adi Life - Logoic plane - 1stRays, 360:through the monadic and logoic planes (the two highest levels of the cosmic physical plane); whenRays, 360:Bear, therefore, continually in mind that the highest spiritual attainment upon and within theRays, 364:plane, to every level from the lowest to the highest. The word "spiritual" relates to attitudes, toRays, 371:out of the Hierarchy of some Master and into the highest center of all; it has this effect onlyRays, 391:entirely upon cosmic etheric levels - the four highest subplanes of the cosmic physical plane - theRays, 392:into His inner deliberations by means of the highest form of telepathic rapport or impression to beRays, 398:all our seven planes are an integral part; our highest spiritual world is a part of the substantialRays, 442:bringing the Spiritual Triad and the mind as the highest aspect in the three worlds into a closeRays, 463:This is the awareness of the whole on the highest plane of our planetary manifestation. This isRays, 465:concrete mind. The receptive common sense. The highest aspect of the form nature. The reflection ofRays, 471:about which I have elsewhere spoken. That highest Center of energy upon our planet is now having aRays, 477:soundly and safely build the bridge between the highest and the lowest. Each of the major humanRays, 481:Astrology, Chapter VI.) Shamballa. This is his highest point of focus, the goal of the exertions ofRays, 486:living. It is a technique for producing the highest form of dualism and of eliminating theRays, 487:his forces (to use a common expression) into the highest point of his mental consciousness andRays, 487:the head center"; "hold the consciousness at the highest possible point"; "endeavor to hold theRays, 488:its faculties as they are to be found upon the highest level of his astral, or sensitive vehicle.Rays, 500:personality life, so that it is developed to its highest individualistic powers. A process ofRays, 504:i.e., preserving the point of tension at its highest possible point at any given time in theRays, 516:Projection have been carried through to their highest point. The vivid light of the second ray soulRays, 517:technique have been concluded. At the point of highest tension, the disciple utters the Word ofRays, 518:Ray Six - Devotion or Idealism - "The highest Light controls" Ray Seven - Ceremonial Law or Order -Rays, 518:Ray Seven - Ceremonial Law or Order - "The highest and the lowest meet" Rays, 519:into realms of divine life - of which even the highest initiate on our planet has no conception.Rays, 536:through our affiliation with the Hierarchy; the highest we call the will-to-good and leave itRays, 567:ray, yet finally bring in the energy of the highest Ray of Aspect, that of Will or Power. ThisRays, 599:The dynamic energy from the atmic plane (the highest aspect of the Spiritual Triad) pours into theRays, 620:this sixfold progression of divine love from the highest manifestation of Deity down to itsRays, 644:of the cosmic ray of prevailing energy in its highest aspect is the Ray of Love-Wisdom, and this isRays, 645:Ray of Will or Power is distinguished by the highest known divine quality (there are others stillRays, 645:and must become consciously aware of the highest aspect: the Will-to-Good. He has developed inRays, 652:Realization, implemented by the will in its highest aspect. That, briefly, is the evolutionaryRays, 657:developed by humanity under impression from the highest spiritual sources on our planet; these haveRays, 661:was made - the manifestation on Earth of the highest of the three aspects: the Will of God, as itRays, 688:by the Initiator (working this time from the highest plane, the logoic plane) produces in a [689]Rays, 698:of the antahkarana - will pour into it from the highest head center. The sacral center which hasRays, 729:of the cosmic etheric physical planes (the four highest planes of our planetary Life); this lightRays, 733:true significance of Those Who function on this highest level of the cosmic physical plane. On thisRays, 734:fundamentally "transmitters of energy"; the two highest are exceedingly susceptible to cosmicRays, 737:single planetary initiation, even to the very highest, is Relationship. What other qualities may beRays, 755:of the Great Council at Shamballa and brings the highest spiritual energy with Him. Humanity canReappearance, 9:achieved perfection and have attained to the highest possible initiations. They have the gift ofReappearance, 13:Testament) Who "knows His own Mind, radiates the highest quality of love and focuses His Will inReappearance, 25:were known to him, and fully understood. At the highest point of this consummated knowledge and atReappearance, 27:perfection which He pointed out as possible. The highest divine quality or aspect now makes itselfReappearance, 39:public should possess some understanding of this highest spiritual center to which - if we believeReappearance, 40:of simple, faithful hearts has penetrated to the highest spiritual sphere and set in motionReappearance, 53:or thread of God's will reaches now from the highest place to the lowest point, and can in due timeReappearance, 62:received full expression. It remains now for the highest of the divine aspects, the Will of God, toReappearance, 77:Christ's Own attainment along the line of the highest, spiritual will. He works under the greatReappearance, 88:will become objective; the laws governing the highest center of the divine will will also beReappearance, 95:existed - right human relations. Thus from the highest spiritual Being upon our planet, through theReappearance, 155:Buddha, the spiritual Intermediary between the highest spiritual center, Shamballa, and theReappearance, 180:into the realms of invocation. Invocation is the highest type of prayer there is, and a new form ofSoul, 27:Thinker, the Upholder, the Taster, the Lord, the Highest Self. "Illuminated by the power thatSoul, 57:or lowest form; spirit is this same Energy in highest or most subtle form. So matter is spiritSoul, 84:manifestation, and spirit is matter in its highest expression. In between these two extremes, andSoul, 98:the most elementary form of plant life to the highest form of animal life. Prana is all pervading.Soul, 98:of the planets, and all forms of life, from the highest to the lowest. It may be called the soul ofSoul, 102:in a prose passage appended to the verses. The highest bliss, according to Kath. 5. 14, consists inSoul, 103:system: "It has now been proved, that the highest centers are located in the cortex of the brain,Soul, 103:they reach the chief center. As this is the highest reflex center in the brain and as allSoul, 106:and those of the sentient mental nature, to the highest of the three energies, the spiritual life.Soul, 106:because it has brought its mechanism to the highest state of perfection. Matter has been raisedSoul, 115:of energy control safe only for those of the highest moral character and purity of life andSoul, 124:in the head, bring the human being to the highest point of perfection. Through this fusion ofSoul, 129:essentially repair work, and is limited to the highest state of those particular glands and nerveSoul, 139:acts as he does. The force of inspiration, the highest power of them all, works out as theSoul, 140:of the sacral center must be carried to the highest creative center, the throat. The emphasis willSoul, 145:the consciousness [145] that it is alike our highest wisdom and our highest duty to regard thatSoul, 145:that it is alike our highest wisdom and our highest duty to regard that through which all thingsTelepathy, 9:it is with this form of communication that the highest investigation is at this time concerned.Telepathy, 12:work is that from soul to soul. This is the highest type of telepathic work possible to humanityTelepathy, 21:from soul to soul. This is, for humanity, the highest possible type of work. When a man can begin,Telepathy, Discip:The recipients of this impression are the highest Members of the Great Council, presided over byTelepathy, 60:what we call our lowest physical plane up to our highest plane, the logoic. In the earlier stagesTelepathy, 61:forces, consciously directed. Impacts from the highest of the periodical vehicles, working throughTelepathy, 61:the engendering of a magnetic aura on which the highest impressions can play." This might alsoTelepathy, 72:those of high initiate rank or of those on the highest levels of hierarchical life. Telepathy, 74:Only the WORD can enter through this door - this highest and widest of all doors. Once through thatTelepathy, 80:of impression - all of it emanating from the highest possible sources, though stepped down andTelepathy, 82:of truth, light and quality, coming from the highest sources is, however, growing. It is because ofTelepathy, 88:all mediumistic phenomena, even those of the highest astral or spiritual nature, plus the messagesTelepathy, 91:illumined man and all who have taken the three highest initiations are always referred to as "theTelepathy, 95:engendering of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions can play" I would have you giveTelepathy, 110:fault. Straight mental telepathy is one of the highest demonstrations of the personality; it is inTelepathy, 111:plane and with astral substance. This, in its highest form, becomes the factor which later makesTelepathy, 115:engendering of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions can play. This I dealt with (inTelepathy, 117:the head is that which is truly sensitive to the highest impressions and is the point of entry to
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