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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHEST

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Telepathy, 118:you is [118] related to the awakening of this highest center, prior to the aspirant's becoming aTelepathy, 119:consciousness. This is found midway between the highest plane whereon the Council Chamber of theTelepathy, 120:II.) I said that it concerned itself with the highest aspect of the Will - with that which producesTelepathy, 120:of the Will - with that which produces the highest synthesis, the final synthesis. The planetaryTelepathy, 122:through the chain of Hierarchy from the very highest Agent to the very lowest recipient of divineTelepathy, 130:beginning with the anima mundi and reaching its highest point of expression in the human soul whichTelepathy, 155:planetary Logos enters His manifestation on the highest of our planes (the logoic plane) and,Telepathy, 155:- formless, as on the cosmic etheric planes (our highest four planes), or tangible and objective,Telepathy, 155:above that on mental levels, and on up to the highest of the cosmic physical planes, is formless.Telepathy, 161:body, and substituting substance of the four highest planes, the four cosmic ethers. PhysicallyTelepathy, 168:personal integration, then the energies of the highest, the etheric-atomic plane can and doTelepathy, 188:Shamballa works on the levels of the three highest ethers whilst Humanity works primarily in the
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