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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHLY

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Healing, 197:the body, there will then be present a highly electric nervous system, responsive with immediacy toHealing, 198:an embryonic state, other areas where they are highly energized but with their flow arrestedHealing, 214:interplay is established, you then have a highly sexed individual who is also a creative artistHealing, 227:the flower and the highest product of that highly emotional race. They bring with them theHealing, 230:of attention and [230] a goal for the most highly evolved. This was one of the first tasksHealing, 231:what they coveted and felt they needed, the most highly evolved of that race began to practiceHealing, 243:to trace or isolate, because man is today so highly organized and integrated that these externalHealing, 244:than an over-shadowing agency. Of all who die, highly developed or not, the later stages ofHealing, 252:race will differ widely from those of a highly industrialized race; the physical predispositions ofHealing, 317:the body can be under soul direction because highly evolved. I am not listing these different formsHealing, 379:completely incomprehensible to even the most highly educated man two hundred years ago, or even oneHealing, 380:essentially far more practical in scope than the highly speculative section (speculative to all ofHealing, 401:receive the gift of personal immortality. The highly intellectual also argue at times that theHealing, 404:laid upon timing, are characteristic of all highly developed people in incarnation and of thoseHealing, 404:and child-races on the one hand, and those highly advanced people whose abstract minds areHealing, 429:which is the brain of the average animal. Highly developed and domesticated animals are beginningHealing, 430:The soul The head center The solar plexus. For highly developed people and for those upon the PathHealing, 456:out. In the case of mental types, of the more highly evolved human units, it is the web at the topHealing, 456:to him that one exit concerns the spiritual and highly evolved man, whilst the other concerns theHealing, 493:aware of their activities, though (unless highly evolved) they will not be aware of his. I can giveHealing, 551:center or the heart center if the patient is highly developed - which presumably the healer can beHealing, 552:between the two. When the patient is not so highly developed, the healer will have to strive for aHealing, 559:present and the physical difficulties of the highly developed patient will then be associated withHealing, 574:form of healing work is possible only to the highly trained person, and it is therefore needlessHealing, 600:relation to the patient (unless the latter is highly evolved) is a personality one. That he mustHealing, 623:and under right direction in the case of the highly developed man, or impeded and imperfectlyHealing, 640:integration is present; it can, however, be a highly organized and potent factor, producing what isHealing, 647:of bodies were involved. An individual not highly developed who endeavored to establish rapportHealing, 650:ray healer is rare and is successful only when highly developed; he will then use both methodsHealing, 651:he might fail to see unless he were himself highly developed, but he could not fail to see theHealing, 656:or centers needed. Where the patient is very highly developed, the healer should stand at theHealing, 668:of men, but are exceedingly powerful; they are highly intelligent but unscrupulous, and it isHercules, 18:in his nature. There is the well developed and highly organized personality through which heHercules, 19:he truly merits that name, must necessarily be a highly developed member of the human family. AllHercules, 94:intuition, that extension of consciousness, that highly developed sense of awareness, which givesHercules, 108:personality, for the aspirant has always to be a highly evolved individual. With the triple aspectsHercules, 109:here and a few there. Every nation has produced highly evolved aspirants who track the lion of theHercules, 131:due importance is characteristic of the more highly organized Libran. Thus is the principle ofHercules, 186:significance of mystical ecstasy, and in that highly spiritual state he received word to go downInitiation, 29:With the Ancient of Days came a group of other highly evolved Entities, who represent his ownInitiation, 34:brought in, through [34] necessity, a number of highly evolved units of the human family. In orderInitiation, 37:has there been opportunity for disciples and highly evolved men and women to pass into the ranks ofInitiation, 101:body or astral nature works, will become highly sensitized, yet strong withal. The brain willInitiation, 170:karma are no myth, or symbolical Units, but are highly intelligent entities who wield the law forIntellect, 21:the West, we have had the education of the more highly evolved members of the human family. TodayIntellect, 42:organized religions. In the training of the highly developed individuals, however, the massesIntellect, 44:and cultural system, when applied to our highly educated human beings, will produce [45] thatIntellect, 202:ago, that implements of civilization were highly spiritual in nature, for they were the results ofIntellect, 202:of the greatest number - such a civilization is highly idealistic and spiritual." - Beard, CharlesIntellect, 239:effort. God looks for those who have trained and highly developed minds, and fine brains (to act asIntellect, 245:complete success, to the tuition of [245] less highly evolved beings. Nor does it occur to themIntellect, 245:to them that, should they be so advanced and so highly evolved as to have won the privilege ofMagic, 39:found and there are consequently forms which are highly responsive to and expressive of the soul,Magic, 51:most cases, made its presence felt at rare and highly emotional intervals. When the self is knownMagic, 69:place upon the ladder of evolution. Only the highly advanced man can know the times and seasons andMagic, 78:flourishes in a prepared atmosphere, in a highly magnetized environment, and in a settled conditionMagic, 84:will be built bodies fitted to be vehicles for highly evolved Egos. They patiently await theMagic, 159:are deeply engaged in meditation work, it is highly improbable that they can be reached by theMagic, 180:brain or voice apparatus of the medium, are not highly evolved, and are quite incapable ofMagic, 228:the fact emerges that disciples and the more highly evolved people in the world have a more potentMagic, 228:under greater emotional strain than the less highly evolved and the liberated sons of God. StudentsMagic, 228:it is the synthesis of his material nature. The highly spiritual man is aware also of synthesis butMagic, 295:quite in error and at fault in the case of the highly evolved man. Man is, en masse, what hisMagic, 345:clothe your fear reactions with mental matter, highly vitalized, which causes a powerfulMagic, 356:and oft of the most sinful. But when the highly evolved and the most intelligent of the raceMagic, 393:that the prime hindrance to the advanced and highly evolved personality is selfhood, or theMagic, 416:a universal touch, an intense sensitivity, a highly organized mental apparatus, an astral equipmentMagic, 437:thus they are, except in the case of the highly evolved, of the true aspirant who has orientedMagic, 465:first half of the evolutionary process matter - highly organized in a previous solar system - isMagic, 493:physical and astral bodies. The intelligent and highly evolved man has added to these two theMagic, 498:own plane with its own affairs. In the case of highly developed human beings we often find a senseMagic, 501:out. In the case of mental types, of the more highly evolved human units, it is the web at the topMagic, 502:to him that one exit concerns the spiritual and highly evolved man, whilst the other concerns theMagic, 543:in matter whom we call Black Magicians; they are highly developed intellectually and can motivateMagic, 591:blending can only be safely undertaken by the highly organized and rounded-out person, and by oneMagic, 593:development - are exceedingly active and highly organized, for they are the expression of theMagic, 617:The silence speaks with sound." Then come the highly significant phrases which give the picture ofMeditation, 2:functioning at high vibration in the man of a highly coordinated personality; when the Ego isMeditation, 125:only two classes of people: Those who are highly evolved and on the Path, but who through someMeditation, 126:and fourth cases already cited. They require highly developed bodies, having no use for weak orMeditation, 126:visitors from other planets who enter certain highly evolved bodies for purposes of their own. ThisMeditation, 173:be just as far advanced as the more highly considered ones who demonstrate more patently the loveMeditation, 236:now through instability of vibration. Many very highly developed souls will come in who are atMeditation, 348:in all who serve neither to rate themselves too highly nor to underrate themselves. Bad workPatanjali, 208:to in the later stages of the life of the highly evolved man, prior to treading the Path ofPatanjali, 326:"A mind whose mind stuff is emergent thinks highly of these perfections, just as a man born inProblems, 6:have been succeeded by the intricate and highly organized social, economic and politicalProblems, 32:dreams, wishful thinking and the formulation of highly organized plans upon paper are useful as farPsychology1, 16:a luxuriating in the sensuous perception of a highly developed and high grade emotional nature. AllPsychology1, 107:highest order and unquestionably the work of highly evolved disciples, and some of it most mediocrePsychology1, 118:complexes and latent desires, as well as highly organized psychic reactions, [119] well up into thePsychology1, 121:merging of the intuition and the intellect in highly evolved man) have a definite effect upon thePsychology1, 132:body, and constitutes its most refined and most highly developed aspect. As the aeons pass awayPsychology1, 204:accurately. His imaginative faculty will be highly developed, i.e., he can by the power of hisPsychology2, 30:are the distinctive characteristics of this highly evolved stage, which is, in its turn, thePsychology2, 63:great. The nervous reactions of the disciple and highly developed person, [64] whose etheric bodyPsychology2, 156:of the Soul. I seek only to clear the way of the highly intelligent man, the aspirants of the worldPsychology2, 207:any aspiration of the form life, no matter how highly developed. They can and do use the form atPsychology2, 244:plans, inherent in all and so dominant in the highly evolved, must give way to the tendency to makePsychology2, 261:evil. These incoming souls have, through their highly developed understanding and by means of their
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