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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHLY

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Psychology2, 270:well recognized by the intelligent and more highly evolved sons of men. They will awaken to thePsychology2, 291:provides (in the case of the unevolved or the highly developed) the following possibilities: RayPsychology2, 323:and integration, except in the case of the highly intelligent and deeply spiritual people, thosePsychology2, 345:the problems and psychological dilemmas of the highly developed aspirant and disciple. In thisPsychology2, 345:be profitless and unintelligible even to the highly integrated and intelligent disciple, especiallyPsychology2, 394:as the intelligent student of humanity and the highly educated thinker knows in greater detail andPsychology2, 435:instinctual life, of the animal soul, and of the highly developed emotional nature. The center atPsychology2, 445:hypothetical case as being that of a man with a highly intelligent nature and a good equipment forPsychology2, 525:them to the higher centers. The man is now the highly intelligent citizen and aspirant. He isPsychology2, 535:however, only in those cases where the man is a highly developed person and of a mental type. InPsychology2, 537:in the higher sense. The Swiss people, though highly intelligent, are not creative in this sense.Psychology2, 539:The solar plexus center is, at this time, highly active among men and women everywhere. In everyPsychology2, 539:hysteria, full of dreams, visions and fears, and highly nervous. This produces widespread gastricPsychology2, 544:of the treatise to describe the intelligent, highly mental man and his processes upon the Path ofPsychology2, 585:Lack of control of the physical powers is deemed highly undesirable. Lack of psychic control shouldPsychology2, 618:is focused on one or two individuals. The more highly evolved the group leader, the greater thePsychology2, 636:of the world: These are the intelligent and highly educated men and women, who sense ideas andPsychology2, 708:diseases of mystics, or the physical ills of the highly developed people of the world. These areRays, 138:and the Beings involved are so advanced and so highly developed (even from the angle of theRays, 156:Initiation I would have you grasp clearly the highly condensed presentation I have given you. SomeRays, 263:Triad with even greater positivity than the highly advanced personality functions in the threeRays, 274:the triangles project has its incentive in such highly esoteric sources that some disciples regardRays, 353:which is the product of every incarnation - the highly developed, powerful and "clear-eyed"Rays, 477:experience in the art of living, and only the highly trained human enquirer can soundly and safelyRays, 549:aspect of the Plan begins to impress his now highly illumined abstract mind, for the integratedRays, 620:Nations As we approach what some may regard as a highly controversial subject, I would remind youRays, 625:and this produced a vortex of conflict in the highly intelligent Italian people. The dictator is noRays, 625:has done much for the Italian people, and their highly extroverted psychology has produced in themRays, 657:He is the Initiator. Humanity, being the most highly developed evolutionary product upon ourReappearance, 17:when He came before. They feared Him. And it is highly improbable that the reactionary churchmenSoul, 20:action of language mechanisms' (page 316); is 'highly integrated bodily activity and nothing more'Soul, 26:The supernormal, the genius, and the so-called highly spiritual individual have been neglected, andSoul, 80:it is not a 'substance' at all, but a highly complicated event, a continuity of effects, whichSoul, 119:the head and heart centers still asleep. In the highly evolved human being, the race leader, theSoul, 147:as mere superstition; it is too widespread, too highly charged with emotion, too much shared inTelepathy, 8:class of medium, and in this type of seance, the highly intelligent and mentally polarized man orTelepathy, 9:body. This is true even when they are highly intellectual. Telepathy, 70:within the Hierarchy whose abstract mind is highly developed. It is not fully developed in the caseTelepathy, 73:is not permitted to those of lower status. A highly developed discriminative faculty is hereTelepathy, 146:the seven areas in the etheric body become more highly sensitized than the rest of the vehicle, andTelepathy, 171:accuracy; its usefulness, therefore, to you is highly problematical. I write this for real studentsTelepathy, 171:the consciousness of the average man or the highly developed consciousness of the initiate up toTelepathy, 175:people in their community and environment. One highly emotional person, working through an
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