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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HILL

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Autobiography, 32:stories. Pushing our bicycles up a very steep hill one sunny morning, two men on bicycles coastedAutobiography, 32:morning, two men on bicycles coasted down the hill and passed us. As one of them did so, he calledAutobiography, 68:stations. From May till September we became "hill parrots." There was another home in Rawal Pindi,Autobiography, 143:her to take violent exercise, or climb a hill, or walk up stairs I conquered the heart troubleAutobiography, 148:or see the watchman, so I guessed it was some hill [149] man or thief trying to get into the safeAutobiography, 149:was the time of the year in which members of the hill tribes were allowed down into the cantonment.Autobiography, 149:in the garden in tents and bad caught the two hill men but most stupidly had not had the sense toAutobiography, 162:a few minutes to myself and went out on to the hill close to the house. I sat down and beganAutobiography, 162:of music which sounded from the sky, through the hill and in me. Then I heard a voice which said,Bethlehem, 60:were enacted on the summit of a mountain or hill, whilst the second initiation, after which ChristBethlehem, 209:past and the future, rearing the Cross on the hill outside Jerusalem (the name of which signifiesDiscipleship1, 579:waters give. 4th month - I am a steadfast hill whereon the breeze of God blows free. The wearyDiscipleship1, 579:Way find cool strength and tonic life upon that hill. 5th month - I am a voice that calls andHercules, 77:of the Sun-God, the gleaming battlements. Upon a hill nearby there stood a slender fawn. AndHercules, 79:of the deep [79] woods it had been lost. From hill to hill and wood to wood, he hunted it untilHercules, 79:deep [79] woods it had been lost. From hill to hill and wood to wood, he hunted it until close to aHercules, 81:with glistening battlements, whilst on a nearby hill there stood a slender fawn. "Did I perform theHercules, 81:test, O Teacher wise? The fawn is back upon the hill where I earlier saw it stand." And from theHercules, 161:of it as the little gate at the foot of the hill through which we pass before climbing the mountainMagic, 63:They alternate with a distressing rapidity. The hill and valley experience of the mystic is but oneMagic, 623:- like a man carrying a heavy load up a steep hill - he discovers points of strain, and evinces aPatanjali, xi:and enable us to tread that path which "leads up hill all the way" to the summit of the Mount ofPsychology1, 365:only the initiate can comprehend. Every ant hill and every beehive is equally impelled byPsychology2, 167:into that Hall of Wisdom which is built upon a hill, and not deep under ground. Only the opened eye
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