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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HINDER

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Astrology, 374:elimination of the undesirable elements which hinder the new era and the upspringing of a moreDestiny, 17:those material forms and organized bodies which hinder the free expression of the life of God, forDestiny, 29:is of the past and whose influence is potent to hinder the progress of humanity into the new age.Destiny, 65:apprehension of the true spiritual values and hinder human development. Identification with all andDestiny, 94:effects will be destructive and may temporarily hinder divine Purpose. Nevertheless, even forceDestiny, 106:will not finally succeed. They may delay and hinder the emergence of freedom. The charge againstDiscipleship1, 43:in no way aid your comprehension and will only hinder your development. For many lives I have beenDiscipleship1, 100:when confronted with large issues will seem to hinder you. Again I point the Way to you and again IDiscipleship1, 154:ideas and reactions and you thereby limit and hinder your own activity from the indecision whichDiscipleship1, 224:prevent the full expression of your soul and hinder the ripening to perfection of your trulyDiscipleship1, 253:will fail you and the pain in thus holding will hinder your feet as they stumble upon the Path.Discipleship1, 276:of consciousness induced. We facilitate or hinder these expansions by the moves we make; we hastenDiscipleship1, 379:one work. This you must learn to do, or else you hinder the group. Your physical body is on theDiscipleship1, 436:and delicate physical body and you could greatly hinder its usefulness if you forced it to do tooDiscipleship1, 449:the nature of the glamor which at this time can hinder your close integration into this group ofDiscipleship1, 464:Self in all) has left behind all that might hinder and hamper his service. Henceforth, you belongDiscipleship1, 490:This dynamic and intense preoccupation can often hinder the expansion of consciousness and theDiscipleship1, 515:non-progress of any individual disciple help or hinder the group of disciples? Because of the [516]Discipleship1, 516:question that arises is: Which do I do - help or hinder? Let me answer this last question inDiscipleship1, 516:last question in connection with you. You do not hinder. Your gentle nature and your lovingDiscipleship1, 516:you love and oft the clinging hands of love can hinder progress - not only our own but also that ofDiscipleship1, 554:divine assets. As you yourself well realize, you hinder their divine expression through a failureDiscipleship1, 595:group. The earnest desire to progress can hinder as well as help. The intuition is a growth,Discipleship1, 650:yet loving detachment, they will be apt to hinder your unfoldment. I say no more, save that itDiscipleship1, 661:You may here rightly ask me: In what way do I hinder? I am not ambitious. I do not make trouble ofDiscipleship1, 661:to see yourself as you truly are, you can and do hinder the work and imperil the futureDiscipleship1, 681:Disciples need to see to it that they do not hinder by any form of self-assertion, [682] or by theDiscipleship1, 682:with his planned procedures can greatly hinder the good work. The task of the modern disciple is toDiscipleship1, 721:in the world and not the mass of men who today hinder the Coming of the Avatar and render uselessDiscipleship1, 728:to the ashramic vibration so that he does not hinder the planned activities of the Ashram. Must theDiscipleship1, 728:senior disciples wait or do the junior disciples hinder? I would assure you that the standard ofDiscipleship1, 728:and I would assure beginners that they cannot hinder the advanced members of an Ashram, but thatDiscipleship1, 729:to analyze for them the points wherein they may hinder the usefulness of the service of the Ashram.Discipleship1, 733:or laughed down and ridiculed, they can greatly hinder and can be forced to descend into theDiscipleship2, 69:This will be apt (if too protracted) to hinder your exoteric service. It is needless to remark thatDiscipleship2, 70:already given [70] there will be nothing to hinder your taking the initiation which is for you theDiscipleship2, 109:they are not yet living those principles, they hinder more than they can help; at the same time,Discipleship2, 204:group reflection. Words here are apt to hinder, but the visualization indicated will prove helpful.Discipleship2, 231:else the meditation work which you will do will hinder and not help. The task of the group of WorldDiscipleship2, 525:These, however, are not the things which hinder an easy contact with you. What do hinder are theDiscipleship2, 525:which hinder an easy contact with you. What do hinder are the results in your consciousness, atDiscipleship2, 538:karma. They draw to the disciple that which can hinder him as well as aid him; his aura - which isDiscipleship2, 602:there and it is mainly your racial faults which hinder you. I would add also to the above - which IDiscipleship2, 602:separate barriers; otherwise they remain and hinder, as I hinted elsewhere to S.C.P. This isDiscipleship2, 661:of good courage and let not physical liability hinder your inner life and joy. Seek closer contactDiscipleship2, 679:personality faults or weaknesses which seriously hinder your work for me, and in the Ashram, andExternalisation, 17:Then will cease the present attempts to hinder each other's work by comparison of methods and ofExternalisation, 17:fanaticism and intolerance. These two qualities hinder the student far more than [18] can wrongExternalisation, 78:work or your wrong idealisms and thoughts may hinder the group work. You must recognizeExternalisation, 314:psychic, emotional or physical) which might hinder your future usefulness. Thirdly, plan togetherExternalisation, 314:to permit no personality misunderstanding to hinder their usefulness and their group interrelation,Externalisation, 451:(at its present total point of development) to hinder the Forces of Light, prevent the attainmentExternalisation, 493:activity of the dark forces. This attempt to hinder the planned progress constituted a definiteFire, 115:up the matter of the various causes which may hinder the desired progress, and prevent theFire, 524:the Earth from elements which would tend to hinder the evolutionary process. As the cycles passFire, 927:of the Logos is coordinated, and nothing now can hinder the Work of evolution. The three groups ofFire, 953:of warmth and light, that which has served to hinder no longer is." 87 The Solar Gods are theFire, 1002:one. It proceedeth under the law, and naught can hinder now the work from going forward. The manFire, 1117:sometimes called. Naught in time and space can hinder, for every form being simply an expression ofGlamour, 20:forces are interested sufficiently to attempt to hinder their fine work by submerging them inGlamour, 80:which a man encounters upon the Path, which hinder his progress and which spoils the service toGlamour, 106:the soul from emancipation but they can and do hinder and delay. It is useless for men to speculateGlamour, 214:to eliminate out of their lives all that could hinder others or increase world deception throughGlamour, 229:begin by dealing with one of the glamors which hinder aspirants and will pass on from these toGlamour, 270:veil and when the forces of maya can no longer hinder. Discrimination, dispassion and indifferenceHealing, 22:and unreleased and unawakened brain cells also hinder man from correct realization. This fact isHealing, 69:condition of the patient do either help or hinder. Many are already admitting that. That in itselfHealing, 97:a use of the mind processes can arrest and hinder the healing work. Thought has to condition theHealing, 386:lines of thought and of desires which could hinder the inflow of spiritual force - a force whichIntellect, 199:them, freeing them from the obstacles which hinder their course to perfect Contemplation." MichaelMagic, 65:and the presence of emotional unrest will hinder. Long patience those on the inner side need inMagic, 121:one. It proceedeth under the law, and naught can hinder now the work from going forward. The manMagic, 148:all "proceedeth under the law and naught can hinder now the work from going forward." Note theseMagic, 149:stabilized in the spiritual life. Naught can now hinder. Magic, 186:to be found states of consciousness which would hinder usefulness and act as obstacles. TheseMagic, 207:build or destroy the physical body, and aid or hinder its right functioning, so do breathingMagic, 403:grades of hierarchical workers still greatly hinder the work. You might here ask and rightly so:Magic, 428:out of one's life of all that can possibly hinder, the giving of all that one has until it hurts toMagic, 560:for criticism to exist between workers. They hinder each other and they hinder the work. I haveMagic, 560:between workers. They hinder each other and they hinder the work. I have upon me at this time aMagic, 630:two potent factors in the life of service, and hinder many. Those who are beginning to work inMagic, 636:faults inherent in his nature and permit them to hinder his work and come between him and theMeditation, 88:that may lead him along paths that will hinder development, and that may build up vibrations thatMeditation, 131:body. All kinds of means are employed to hinder the usefulness of the disciple through disease orMeditation, 132:Master but which are but subtle suggestions that hinder and help not. It takes a wise discipleMeditation, 295:be demonstrated in his stars, and naught can hinder or delay. Equally, naught can really hasten, soPatanjali, 12:manifest. These are the externalities which hinder the light of the inner God from shining forth,Patanjali, 12:different from that of the Inner Man and they hinder his progress and self-realization. He becomesPatanjali, 75:the inadequacies present, of the obstacles which hinder and of the difficulties which must bePatanjali, 128:and flourish and grow up to obstruct and hinder the real man. These seeds must be destroyed, and inPatanjali, 190:no darkness and no [190] time element can hinder, is a man permitted to become the disciple of somePatanjali, 190:brought out. He says: "When transgressions hinder, the weight of the imagination should be thrownPatanjali, 192:be realized that they are inimical to yoga; they hinder the at-one-ing process. 4. ContraryPatanjali, 208:Obstacles are overcome, and barriers no longer hinder. The purified one becomes the great receiverPatanjali, 417:door to direct illumination. Nothing need now hinder the downflow of spiritual force and wisdomPsychology1, 115:the individual are noted and handled which would hinder the growth of the group life andPsychology1, 115:own souls. We who teach would break a law and hinder their development if we attempted to enforcePsychology2, 31:such that language serves only to blind and to hinder true understanding. The consciousness of thePsychology2, 47:who wrestles blindly with the two who seek to hinder and to blind, sees the Way free. It standsPsychology2, 109:people), nor misunderstanding of motive will hinder their cooperation with each other as disciples,
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