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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HINDERED

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Astrology, 146:but uses them both for spiritual ends. He is hindered neither by earth nor water (Capricorn andDiscipleship1, 85:so ready today to precipitate but which is being hindered from so doing by the idealists of theDiscipleship1, 312:the disciple is to reach a point where he is not hindered or held back by any human being and yetDiscipleship1, 371:and which your executive work has cramped and hindered. You have [372] seasoned occultDiscipleship1, 451:worn out and too exhausted and too retarded and hindered by a retrogressive materialisticDiscipleship1, 531:which is very unusual, but which as yet is hindered from all outer expression by your inhibitingDiscipleship1, 560:stop you. Remember, my brother, that we are oft hindered by the unexpected, and not by that whichDiscipleship1, 614:But this activity you have delayed. You have hindered the work in the group up to date and thisDiscipleship1, 616:any longer permit your group brothers to be hindered in their group work from your constantlyDiscipleship1, 628:which hinders integration. Other disciples are hindered by the reverse of this attitude and byDiscipleship1, 685:can see, therefore, that a Master can be greatly hindered or aided in his work for humanity by hisDiscipleship2, 109:serve humanity as they desire have been greatly hindered by these foolish thought-forms and by theDiscipleship2, 514:study of your soul contact, that you will not be hindered. I ask myself what I can do for you andDiscipleship2, 692:astral body? It conditioned you unduly and it hindered you from seeing all around the picture ofExternalisation, 113:doing They would have broken an occult law and hindered the true development of mankind. This TheyExternalisation, 125:of discretion, should not be handicapped and hindered by coercion and undue safeguarding but shouldExternalisation, 257:on earth. Curiously enough, they are often hindered today by the idealists, who love their idealsExternalisation, 334:the precipitation of the crisis of love will be hindered. Externalisation, 403:[403] and the misrepresentations. They have been hindered by the Organization, oft despised by theExternalisation, 476:of these Forces. His work has been greatly hindered by the sweet sentimentality of the unthinkingExternalisation, 477:particularly in the United States. He has been hindered also by those individuals who [478] seek toExternalisation, 637:work of all disciples was in many ways greatly hindered and handicapped, though not from the longHealing, 71:that his vision is narrowed and his group hindered. Remember that there is group selfishness asHealing, 341:and frequently swept by uncontrolled desire, are hindered, over-stimulated, and psychically upsetInitiation, 83:apply the law; their progress will be seriously hindered, much time being lost in which they mustMagic, 134:to be done, the work of the Lodge is often hindered. The point reached at this time might beMagic, 315:or they lower its standard so that progress is hindered and [316] the work of drawing downwardsMagic, 317:with me are hurt thereby or helped? Are they hindered or aided? A close study of one's emotionalMeditation, 89:much, and that the race can be more seriously hindered by the misapplication of powers gained byMeditation, 194:of the use of this Word that has crippled and hindered the efficiency of all the present esotericMeditation, 236:developed souls will come in who are at present hindered by the low rate of vibration andPatanjali, 426:stage of adept to that of the Christ. All that hindered, veiled or prevented the full expression ofProblems, 139:lives are pure and aspiring. It will be hindered by the fundamentalists, the narrow-minded and thePsychology1, xxv:and useful service. That none of you may be hindered by the past or by the present, but may live asPsychology2, 44:A great deal of present right activity is hindered by the speech interplay between disciples, andPsychology2, 108:have gone astray and more workers have been hindered by criticism than by any other major factor.Rays, 200:initiate stands free from much that has hitherto hindered his progress; the world of form, ofRays, 582:mounts, but is at the same time limited and hindered by the strength of his devotion to some sensedRays, 582:out, and the disciple can now work without being hindered by constant astral disturbances. TheRays, 752:synthesis, which have created cleavages and hindered right understanding. Reappearance, 12:of right human relations. This the church has hindered down the centuries, and has not helped
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