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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HINDRANCES

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Patanjali, 369:30. When this stage is reached then the hindrances and karma are overcome. 31. When, through thePatanjali, 369:overcome. 31. When, through the removal of the hindrances and the purification of all the sheaths,Patanjali, 422:These reflections are of the nature of hindrances and the method of their overcoming is the same.Patanjali, 422:neophyte. In Book II the methods whereby the hindrances and obstacles could be overcome and negatedPatanjali, 426:30. When this stage is reached then the hindrances and karma are overcome. The two verses we havePatanjali, 427:- Illumination 31. When, through the removal of hindrances and the purifications of the sheaths,Patanjali, 427:man to do. The dual work is accomplished. Those hindrances which are the result of ignorance,Psychology1, xx:of the entire world, and the elimination of hindrances; there would be the making of realRays, 30:it produces a blazing fire which burns up all hindrances in a steady, sequential process. WordingRays, 85:destructive aspect of the basic energy, and all hindrances are destroyed with expedition. This isRays, 289:their application, its phenomenal effects, the hindrances to be met, the energy (that of love) toRays, 305:of spiritual unfoldment. The effort to remove hindrances within oneself, such as those implied inRays, 312:the unfolding initiate-consciousness may find no hindrances and obstacles. Service to the Plan,Rays, 354:of the fourth initiation and overcame the final hindrances offered by His perfected personality. HeRays, 418:This Jewish coloring is today one of the main hindrances to the full expression of MasonicRays, 440:complex, imprisoning, limited and subjected to hindrances, and in that world the disciple and theRays, 651:energy, and offering no obstructions or hindrances from within himself, as a personality, he is inRays, 702:effort; They have detached Themselves from all hindrances; They have left hell behind and the termRays, 729:it, nor (so free is the Master from all possible hindrances) is there any desire to turn back orRays, 766:the feet must pour the blood that dissolves all hindrances. In the bloodstained feet and theReappearance, 166:be frustrated by them; they must be aware of the hindrances (many of them financial and based onReappearance, 166:in action and such business acumen that these hindrances will be overcome; they must walkReappearance, 171:goodwill. We come now to the second of the major hindrances: the lack of financial support for theTelepathy, 196:values and a greater readiness to relinquish hindrances to service. The plans of the Christ for
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