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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HINT

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Astrology, 13:as "veiling either Vulcan or Uranus." This hint or inference has always been here and astrologersAstrology, 46:and planetary Kundalini, or Serpent fire. A hint lies in the fact that the constellation of theAstrology, 63:but is still believed by many. I earlier gave a hint upon which definite astrological [64]Astrology, 105:along this line but the above will give a hint as to the esoteric significance of these threeAstrology, 197:convey to you. I may, however, give you another hint. These three stars are embodiments of theAstrology, 203:each existing in their three stages may convey a hint to esoteric astrologers as to the purpose ofAstrology, 268:in Aquarius and a world savior in Pisces. A hint is here conveyed to you anent the world periodAstrology, 335:subject under consideration stands. One other hint I will give. It will be from a study of thoseAstrology, 349:a sixfold one, and here you will find a hint as to the resolution of the pairs of opposites -Astrology, 369:the universal or spiritual mind. More than this hint is not at this time possible. In connectionAstrology, 384:its fundamental simplicity? Let me give you a hint. The earthy triplicity has been designated byAstrology, 434:vibrate in unison. A consideration of a hint given earlier as to the symbolism and significance ofAstrology, 487:Scorpio, Taurus and Pisces. Ponder on this. A hint is there conveyed anent our zodiac which is ofAstrology, 622:More I may not say but this will give a hint to the intuitive astrologer. Ray II - Love-WisdomAstrology, 645:a triplicity of forces and herein lies a hint. In the others, the higher group and the middle groupAstrology, 664:mystery lies here." (C.F. 299) "The second hint I seek to give lies in the triangle formed by theAstrology, 682:and words but seem to veil and cloak. Perhaps a hint may be given in pointing out that there is anAstrology, 687:to the three major head centers. The second hint I seek to give, lies in the triangle formed by theAstrology, 690:- Appendix - Suggestions for Students "A hint may here be given to those who have power to see.Astrology, 692:a triplicity of force, and herein lies a hint. In the central list of schemes the middle and lowerDestiny, 44:points which I am endeavoring to make, but one hint I will give. If the societies andDestiny, 69:and in this statement you have a definite hint conveyed. The zodiacal signs relate, but the planetsDiscipleship1In the old days, the Master gave his disciple a hint or a point upon which to ponder and meditateDiscipleship1, X:of humanity for help is so outstanding, the hint has given place to explanation and the disciple isDiscipleship1, 5:on the part of the teacher. I shall convey by hint and symbol that which should be apprehended andDiscipleship1, 16:must be left free to follow a suggestion or a hint as seems wise to him. This entire work might beDiscipleship1, 80:increasingly possible, but in the meantime a hint will have to suffice. It is foundational inDiscipleship1, 93:East would teach his disciple by the giving of a hint. If you have read and studied the ancientDiscipleship1, 96:vision and on time pressures. Here I give you a hint and would ask you to think deeply on theseDiscipleship1, 115:and the suggestion from my mind. Herein lies a hint as to your work in the future for those whoDiscipleship1, 116:speak and this sentence conveys to you a needed hint. Let love pour through you and all is well.Discipleship1, 141:much sleep leads to diminished etheric force. A hint suffices for the wise disciple. More air andDiscipleship1, 154:you those who can be your true cooperators. One hint I will here give you: Look not for those whoDiscipleship1, 156:as major initiations. I am here giving you a hint. For this too you are, as you know, beingDiscipleship1, 172:the creative imagination. Let me here give you a hint. If you use this idea in the planning of theDiscipleship1, 218:of souls and hence into the world of men. One hint only would I give you at this time. YourDiscipleship1, 235:Understanding grows apace in you. One hint, however, I will give. Let it be the understanding ofDiscipleship1, 243:for the soul of others. In this lies for you a hint and your future success. I think you willDiscipleship1, 256:3. This is helpful to know, is it not? [256] One hint I will give you, brother of mine, at thisDiscipleship1, 258:of soul control from soul levels. This is a hint to the way of release for you. However, as youDiscipleship1, 279:to you if you persevere. I would give you a hint anent them which your intuition will reveal. WhereDiscipleship1, 307:and his service handicapped. I give you here a hint. Every link that one makes on earth does notDiscipleship1, 315:you are in many respects well balanced. One hint I would here give to you in this connection and toDiscipleship1, 429:that progress has been made by you. [429] One hint I would give you also for your encouragement:Discipleship1, 463:to point out to you that earlier I gave you a hint that there might arise a need for you to callDiscipleship1, 473:day you receive this communication from me. One hint I will give you as to your personal concernDiscipleship1, 486:much progress can be made. Herein lies a hint to you. Your physical body is upon the third ray butDiscipleship1, 517:vital manner. I can but give you a word and one hint: Let not your physical body dictate to you.Discipleship1, 558:that is entirely your own affair. Another hint I give you and a suggestion which only you willDiscipleship1, 558:my brother, love them not in obedience to my hint or through a display of the magnanimous spirit,Discipleship1, 563:as a high grade personality. Herein I give you a hint, and you care enough, I know, to take it. AsDiscipleship1, 606:this, seek greater and more rapid alignment. One hint I will give you. When tempted to descend intoDiscipleship1, 638:I will help you to express your aspiration. One hint, symbolically, I will give to you. The musicalDiscipleship1, 665:of your work that I never give more than a hint or a clear suggestion, or point out a possible lineDiscipleship1, 665:as may seem best to you. I seek to give you a hint as to your ray influences, so that certainDiscipleship1, 668:saviors. I have given you here a deeply esoteric hint. Stability or steadfastness, which is theDiscipleship1, 686:to cite. Has the disciple to obey the slightest hint which the Master may give? Must every requestDiscipleship1, 760:and of synthesis. Herein lies a potent occult hint of special use to workers. He is aware of theDiscipleship1, 764:which underlies the entire process, you have a hint as to the structure and activity of the HeartDiscipleship2, 182:I have here given you a most valuable hint and item of information. In this connection it isDiscipleship2, 247:of the formula under his consideration. Just one hint however in this latter connection I may give.Discipleship2, 257:as well as debits. [257] Here also I gave you a hint in stating that true humility is based onDiscipleship2, 264:results naturally and simply happen. Here is a hint as to the need for occult obedience. I have theDiscipleship2, 266:initiation. I have here given you an occult hint. Secondly, I would have you note how this formulaDiscipleship2, 269:of the Will aspect. When I say this I give you a hint, reminding you that the candidate forDiscipleship2, 269:of hints, and by extracting from a hint its true significance. The will is not, as so many believe,Discipleship2, 273:exoteric symbol of the flag to convey to you a hint as to the esoteric meaning of this very simpleDiscipleship2, 277:your particular point of development. The first hint dealt with the changes wrought by the workDiscipleship2, 278:Upon [278] the basis of the light in this hint, you can for yourselves infer much. The second hintDiscipleship2, 278:you can for yourselves infer much. The second hint I gave indicated that mankind had evolved soDiscipleship2, 278:make its presence felt. Have you followed this hint? Have you realized that the uprisings of theDiscipleship2, 278:the inspiration of the spiritual Will. The third hint I gave you was intended to suggest that itDiscipleship2, 278:I shall ever indicate to you when I give you a hint, and upon these hints I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 301:acts and works upon the hinted suggestions, the hint becomes a clear direction and a luminous areaDiscipleship2, 301:brother of mine, and not by the Masters? A hint ever evokes a question, and it is in the answeringDiscipleship2, 302:knows because he works. Christ gave the same hint to his disciples when he told them that if theyDiscipleship2, 303:A key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies in its with the idea of direction inDiscipleship2, 303:my brother, in the above sentence I give you the hint which I have in mind for your considerationDiscipleship2, 303:take on divine significance. Here is a second hint on the same theme. You will recollect that in myDiscipleship2, 317:have said above has a close connection with the hint given on pages 302-3. I suggest that you lookDiscipleship2, 319:the Master would say to a disciple: "Here is a hint" and, having stated it, he would proceed toDiscipleship2, 319:only then, could he return for a consequent new hint. Today, this method is no longer being used,Discipleship2, 319:Age. The modern disciple has to recognize the hint which is related to his point in consciousnessDiscipleship2, 319:in the current teaching; from this isolated hint he has to abstract the significance, afterDiscipleship2, 319:techniques which make revelation possible. The hint, for instance, with which you can work untilDiscipleship2, 319:world. Have you asked yourself (in studying this hint), Why the disciples? That human worldDiscipleship2, 320:initiate knows because he works. What does this hint mean to you? A key to the correctDiscipleship2, 320:to you? A key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies in its with the idea ofDiscipleship2, 327:a moment of supreme tension. The only possible hint I can give you in connection with thisDiscipleship2, 341:prone to make; they are apt to believe that a hint is so carefully veiled and so cautiouslyDiscipleship2, 341:most persistent search. Such is not the case. A hint is usually quite obvious, and should be;Discipleship2, 341:Take, for instance, the obviousness of the hint (on page 319) in which even the paragraphs where itDiscipleship2, 341:where it was to be found were indicated. The hint which you were intended to take as a guide is toDiscipleship2, 341:words that the disciple must "... recognize the hint which is related to his point inDiscipleship2, 341:ideas emerge for the disciple as he studies this hint: Recognition - Of what? His own point inDiscipleship2, 342:all apt to forget as you hunt feverishly for the hint, and that is: it is a hint for the searchingDiscipleship2, 342:feverishly for the hint, and that is: it is a hint for the searching disciple. It is not of generalDiscipleship2, 343:this last sentence I have given you the seventh hint. It is through the medium of a hint that theDiscipleship2, 343:the seventh hint. It is through the medium of a hint that the Master in any particular groupDiscipleship2, 343:his desire for the disciple. In past times, the hint given was obvious and clearly stated by the
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