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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HINT

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Meditation, 64:The dominant or fifth. The ultimate seventh. A hint may here be given along the line of analogy.Meditation, 78:body and meditation lies hid in the following hint: it is through the rapid whirling andMeditation, 83:to indicate certain things, though more than a hint is not possible. This matter has been difficultMeditation, 101:with the moon. I give you quite an occult hint here. I would like also to give you here a veryMeditation, 114:In concluding this subject, I seek to give a hint: The Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law or Order (theMeditation, 129:force matters and dire disaster results. One hint here I give: In meditation [130] it is literallyMeditation, 133:of the dangers encircling the aspirant, and I hint at them solely for the purpose of warning andMeditation, 140:clear. The teacher gives an indication, drops a hint, and touches some high light. The pupilMeditation, 161:that a general beginning has been made. One more hint on this matter I give: Through the variousMeditation, 201:and moving under certain rhythmic laws. One hint only can I give here but I think you will find itMeditation, 224:has not been sufficiently apprehended. One hint I give for your wise consideration. Some of theMeditation, 227:If justly interpreted, you have here a hint of the correspondence between the microcosm and theMeditation, 230:3. The factor of the point in evolution. One hint may here be given. At a low point in evolutionMeditation, 287:yet be comprehended [287] by you, but the above hint holds for the student much of value. This isPatanjali, 15:and treads the Way of the Kumaras. Herein lies a hint to the more advanced students of this sciencePatanjali, 20:sum total of the "great illusion!" Herein lies a hint to the earnest aspirant. That thought formPatanjali, 26:sentence should be emphasized; [26] it conveys a hint to those capable of taking advantage of it.Patanjali, 70:the results of those conditions. They contain a hint as to the method whereby liberation from thePatanjali, 270:Brahma aspects, corresponds to the past (hence a hint as to the nature of evil). The second aspectPsychology1, 88:mystery and not easily understood. [88] Some hint towards its solution will be found hidden in thePsychology1, 106:They offer opportunity and give an occasional hint. Each of Them has a few, a very few,Psychology1, 386:angle the transmitters of first ray force. A hint is here given. It is for this reason thereforePsychology1, 394:with true unanimity; hence (and herein lies a hint) our Earth is not one of the seven sacredPsychology2, 6:planetary Logoi. But at this point we can only hint at a great mystery, which is that all that thePsychology2, 29:He has no choice and no escape. Herein lies a hint upon the working of karma in the human kingdom;Psychology2, 65:later on in the racial development. A hint can here be found as to the excessive sensitivity of thePsychology2, 101:length of time through these three schemes. A hint is here conveyed as to the prevalence of thirdPsychology2, 142:the intellectual third ray types. In this lies a hint for many of the third ray personalities to bePsychology2, 166:in the form of seven stanzas which will give a hint (if one is an aspirant) of the technique toPsychology2, 241:and react to the principle of continuance. A hint is here given as to the true and future purposePsychology2, 282:In all the above information there is given a hint as to what will take place when humanPsychology2, 282:seek to serve. There has here been given a new hint upon one of the more esoteric aspects of thePsychology2, 282:work of the New Group of World Servers, and a hint at the same time as to the reason that thisPsychology2, 421:[421] It is not possible for me to do more than hint at these various explanations and so startPsychology2, 491:that which is intended for a group or a hint given by a Master to a disciple. 9. Guidance alsoPsychology2, 552:of the vagus nerve which controls it. I can but hint at possibilities at present because the basicPsychology2, 589:are of a different nature. One other practical hint may be useful here. When the psychic is at thePsychology2, 684:of our planetary life. May I give here one hint without proceeding to elaboration? This hint can bePsychology2, 684:one hint without proceeding to elaboration? This hint can be accepted or rejected according to theRays, 115:by Christ in The New Testament story gives us a hint as to the nature of the exalted consciousnessRays, 224:its life and possibilities. Forget this not. One hint I can give you upon this difficult subject.Rays, 242:That is as far as I may go in giving you a hint, and you can see from this that in order to graspRays, 247:inner synthesis will we arrive at the merest hint of the nature of that exalted consciousness whichRays, 260:the mystery inevitable. This should give you a hint and much food for thought. More I cannot say,Rays, 267:of its significance. To convey any faintest hint of its meaning is incomparably difficult for meRays, 271:function of triangles is a prime necessity. A hint lies here for students in the political realm,Rays, 274:which is so close to my heart a new and useful hint. This work must go on. It is because the entireRays, 290:Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation A hint lies here. This high point of attainment ofRays, 329:In these words I have conveyed a basic hint. Love and light are the great revealers, and if theRays, 342:and not simply the work of H.P.B., gave a hint to aspirants of that time when He said that so manyRays, 350:intelligently created by them. You have here a hint as to the nature of evil and a clue to a partRays, 367:will be understood by my use of the word "hint" in reference to what I have earlier written on theRays, 533:term symbolic representation, find their first hint in the sublime third degree, that of MasterRays, 548:idea upon which you could well ponder. [548] One hint I will give you, based on the life of theRays, 661:tell you. All I have done is to give you a hint as to the significance of the initiations,Rays, 694:wildest flights of your imagination. The first hint of the growth of cosmic consciousness comesRays, 701:fourth initiation, is devoid of suffering. A hint as to the purpose for which our little planetRays, 708:Plays in Inducing Revelation You will get a hint as to what I have to say if you will refer back toSoul, 81:The Nature of the Soul and its Location We get a hint of the relation between these three, spirit,Telepathy, 15:I have above conveyed to you, I have given you a hint. [16]
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