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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HINTS

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Astrology, 7:in completeness. I can, however, give you some hints and suggest some lines of approach, and these,Astrology, 91:only to give certain spiritual implications and hints and to convey a general idea of the effect ofAstrology, 98:offer to you as suggestive considerations and as hints related to the Science of Triangles, whichAstrology, 103:of them with a universal mission. It is from hints such as these that the astrologer of the futureAstrology, 167:kingdoms in nature. From the above few points, hints can be gathered together as to theAstrology, 195:to and more advanced than our solar Logos. A few hints may, however, be of service to the trulyAstrology, 242:the two lower aspects of the Mind of God. These hints should serve to show you one of the greatAstrology, 246:ability to carry through. I have here given you hints which can be fruitful of result ifAstrology, 320:I have in the above ideas given you several hints of vital importance. One of the symbols of anAstrology, 341:of the path are trodden. Therefore, only a few hints are possible. Two planets are exalted in thisAstrology, 344:You will find, I think, that it is these hints and suggestions which are of the most importance inAstrology, 347:of Triangles. The generalizations and the hints in connection with the twelve signs of the zodiacAstrology, 454:In the first volume of this treatise, certain hints were given anent the planetary centers and theAstrology, 532:research and self-ascertained. The clues and the hints have been given in the Ageless Wisdom. TheAstrology, 682:not be permitted to do more than convey a few hints as to the truth. The fact is one of the mostAstrology, 687:- Appendix - Suggestions for Students Some Hints on the Science of Triangles "Two hints can here beAstrology, 687:Some Hints on the Science of Triangles "Two hints can here be given for thoughtful consideration.Atom, 45:scheme could be interpreted. If, as Einstein hints, our entire solar system is but a sphere,Autobiography, 275:and mantrams, breathing exercises, mysterious hints as to the raising of the kundalini fires, theDestiny, 88:aspect of the Leonian influence. In the above hints you may find much that is explanatory and muchDestiny, 106:research and self-ascertained. The clues and the hints have been given in the Ageless Wisdom. TheDestiny, 122:of old magical patterns, the digging up of hints and indications of crystallized and worn-outDestiny, 136:of the major initiations to these centers. These hints constitute a new line of thought. In thisDiscipleship1, 41:those forces and use them correctly. The hints given below as to the centers which these ten groupsDiscipleship1, 46:understanding the way that my suggestions and my hints should be utilized. I do not interfere.Discipleship1, 93:some of them?) you will have noted that these hints fall into two categories: Hints anent personalDiscipleship1, 93:noted that these hints fall into two categories: Hints anent personal character in relation toDiscipleship1, 93:to reality and preparation for initiation. Hints anent the Oneness of Deity and man's relation toDiscipleship1, 93:revealed in any way. The few possible symbolic hints and meanings have been investigated and theDiscipleship1, 99:somewhat obsolete - and the giving of those hints which will lead you to understand the nature,Discipleship1, 114:This is interesting and reassuring. It is in hints such as the above that the real teaching isDiscipleship1, 114:you your next instruction; study with care the hints given to you and to your co-disciples. Discipleship1, 235:to you modes of unfoldment and to give you hints as to capacity. Beyond that I have no function.Discipleship1, 267:given back) will suddenly come revelation. A few hints at this point may prove useful to you: InDiscipleship1, 353:of the hands in healing. I have given various hints in my different [354] books and there is muchDiscipleship1, 407:More I will give you later, but the above hints will give you that which you need, if you ponderDiscipleship1, 424:again, may call forth turmoil. I give you these hints, because when you have absorbed theDiscipleship1, 504:If you [504] can then avail yourself of the hints which I seek to give you, you can be of definiteDiscipleship1, 537:thoughts suggested below will give you needed hints upon the mode of climbing. 1st month - Lift upDiscipleship1, 538:yet the methods whereby you may conform to the hints I seek briefly to give you are not by anyDiscipleship1, 545:in my group. I only seek to suggest. I give hints in the ancient occult manner, leaving it to youDiscipleship1, 743:really comprehend what I say and profit by the hints. Discipleship2, 18:now becoming somewhat obsolete, and give you hints as to the nature and methods of educatingDiscipleship2, 18:that it is my intention to give you such hints. This I shall do from the angle of initiation and inDiscipleship2, 18:for preparation - a much earlier stage. These hints I will convey to you in the ancient symbolicDiscipleship2, 19:in expanding his consciousness, certain definite hints. These hints have, in the past, been givenDiscipleship2, 19:his consciousness, certain definite hints. These hints have, in the past, been given withoutDiscipleship2, 19:calling attention to the fact that they are hints. The disciple either recognized them for whatDiscipleship2, 19:somewhat and I shall let you know which are the hints I give, so that together the group may profitDiscipleship2, 59:eternity. I am giving you here certain needed hints and much upon which to ponder. I give you of myDiscipleship2, 100:work, though there were several significant hints if you had the intuition to grasp them. I have,Discipleship2, 130:of the old system of training and give you hints and brief injunctions, leaving you to do your ownDiscipleship2, 130:at the meaning of your personal injunctions, hints or instructions (for that is what they may proveDiscipleship2, 131:his soul's concern and mine. Many of the hints given and the sentences in which they are embodiedDiscipleship2, 190:many years to come. I have given you only a few hints in the above analysis, but you can arrive atDiscipleship2, 247:emphasis upon visualization and given you some hints connected both with initiation and theDiscipleship2, 247:formulas of integration, and one or two hints may here be imparted. Formula One concerns, as I haveDiscipleship2, 253:indicating those which embody important hints and showing you, this one time, with what care IDiscipleship2, 255:in past centuries and up until the year 1875: Hints as to the changing of personality character asDiscipleship2, 267:me (as by all the Masters) in three ways: 1. By Hints. These - if seen and followed - will evokeDiscipleship2, 269:by the recognition and the interpretation of hints, and by extracting from a hint its trueDiscipleship2, 275:which that service demands. From these few hints you can grasp the nature of this symbol and theDiscipleship2, 276:which are now used, and not the exercises. On Hints The hints a Master earlier gave were concernedDiscipleship2, 276:now used, and not the exercises. On Hints The hints a Master earlier gave were concerned largelyDiscipleship2, 276:of the chela. These no longer constitute hints to the modern disciple; he knows enough by himselfDiscipleship2, 276:rule for the majority of aspirants today. The hints such as I will give you are superficially easyDiscipleship2, 277:type. In my last instruction I gave you three hints, and it might be useful if we brieflyDiscipleship2, 278:how good it may appear to be. In these three hints lie much scope for individual education andDiscipleship2, 278:and it is in the right use of these hints that the disciple learns to serve with adequacy andDiscipleship2, 278:to you when I give you a hint, and upon these hints I would ask you to concentrate. I shall notDiscipleship2, 301:of his Ashram; he gives him occasional hints, and as the disciple acts and works upon the hintedDiscipleship2, 301:New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part V On Hints I have been working with all of you in thisDiscipleship2, 301:Up to the present time, I have given you four hints which might be summarized as follows: That theDiscipleship2, 302:to you? You will note that all of these four hints or seed ideas (for much expanded thinking,Discipleship2, 302:these group instructions) giving you individual hints as to your own lives. This I have done in theDiscipleship2, 302:therefore, a gradual cessation of personality hints. In the future, the true method will be toDiscipleship2, 302:underlies the system of instructing by means of hints. It is apparently a slow technique, but thereDiscipleship2, 303:by the mind in the form of seed thoughts, hints or presented themes and concepts. The deliberateDiscipleship2, 304:and all analysis and application of occult hints. I wanted you to realize the essential simplicityDiscipleship2, 317:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VI On Hints I have continually laid the emphasis upon theDiscipleship2, 318:I can make upon you. A consideration of these hints should teach you much, for they are not whatDiscipleship2, 318:do not convey teaching through the medium of hints which could be safely given in a more open form.Discipleship2, 319:he must learn and profit from its meaning. The hints given at this stage are related to the themeDiscipleship2, 319:tops the line of their spiritual horizon. Five hints have already been given to you, and I wouldDiscipleship2, 321:its hidden significance. In line with the hints given in connection with the other four formulas,Discipleship2, 324:work. What I have to say grows out of certain hints I gave you in the preceding pages. These hintsDiscipleship2, 324:hints I gave you in the preceding pages. These hints are good illustrations of that method ofDiscipleship2, 341:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VII On Hints There is one mistake which esoteric studentsDiscipleship2, 342:considered it in that light? You now have six hints which can be summed up for you in the form ofDiscipleship2, 343:would involve constant ashramic contact. These hints are therefore intended for the guidance of theDiscipleship2, 343:who receive these teachings. You now have seven hints which are capable of a dual interpretation,Discipleship2, 343:concerned, for the effort to apply these seven hints to your daily life of service will train youDiscipleship2, 354:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII On Hints Thus far I have given you - for yourDiscipleship2, 354:you - for your searching consideration - seven hints. I intend to give you no more than theseDiscipleship2, 354:and is therefore in line with the ancient use of hints by the Masters of the Wisdom. But the deeperDiscipleship2, 354:a series of questions relating to the subject of hints, but I did not tell you that they were inDiscipleship2, 354:have truly understood what I have indicated re hints) you must have wondered why the questions wereDiscipleship2, 355:your instruction, I propose to take these seven hints and - in this instruction and the next - IDiscipleship2, 356:waste your time attempting to assign the seven hints to the seven ray influences or to the sevenDiscipleship2, 356:Disciples on all the rays can work with these hints in terms of the seven rays, if they so choose;
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