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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HISTORICAL

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Problems, 86:a profound ignorance of the true facts, of the historical values and of the various relationshipsProblems, 86:trouble. The difficulty again may be largely a historical one and based upon certain essentialProblems, 89:up with the problem of nationalism, of color, of historical process and of future purpose. It is aProblems, 91:their own at any cost, and all possessing an historical past and local tradition which conditionPsychology1, 4:mankind, and therefore hold the clue to any true historical survey. Such a survey still remains toPsychology1, 18:family is concerned, through the medium of the historical Christ. This psychological Entity canPsychology1, 43:formulations of ideas, and in the tracing of historical developments - national, racial, human andPsychology1, 91:a few buildings, and, later, traces of their historical influence; later still, we note what theyPsychology1, 95:mind of Christ, the cosmic Christ, of Whom the historical Christ is - upon our planet - thePsychology1, 285:the Gospel story is a dramatic symbol, and the historical Christ is the guarantee of its truth andPsychology1, 362:conveyed to men the ability to recognize the historical Christ, and to evolve the structure of thePsychology1, 362:will enable man to fulfil the command of the historical Christ to permit his light to shine forth.Psychology1, 382:lost to sight. Much could be written about the historical influence of the rays during the past twoPsychology2, 94:of a World Savior. This is the theme of the [94] historical romance of all those great Sons of GodPsychology2, 262:the determining factors, psychologically, in any historical period. It is they who set the pace andRays, 77:of its words in connection with this particular historical cycle and in relation to the truthsRays, 89:this service by some final act which becomes the historical nucleus whereby later generationsRays, 381:early history of the Hierarchy falls into two historical eras in the process of its becoming aRays, 381:intelligence - was so strong that the second historical phase became essential. Second: The timeRays, 382:and the Mysteries of Initiation These two historical periods (not events, except in so far that allRays, 382:ever before, and ready now to enter into a third historical period. In this coming cycle we shallRays, 596:Hitherto cleavages have been noted during an historical retrospect. Today, all men everywhere areRays, 605:subject exceedingly brief, or as brief as its historical importance will permit and its definitiveRays, 626:its own internal conflict, conditioned by its historical tradition, its national emphases, and itsRays, 627:national politics. The quality of the British historical retrospect has been predominantlyRays, 657:research into all the known and the unknown historical periods and cycles, plus a consideration ofRays, 665:This, therefore, is our starting point. The historical process can (and will) reveal the gradualReappearance, 65:community. It is not the accepting of any historical fact or theological creed which places us enReappearance, 109:a church is, after all, only one of degree and historical inception; it is one of interpretation,Reappearance, 129:of great and fundamental ideas. That is the next historical presentation. The production of theReappearance, 165:base itself upon belief in the veracity of the historical records which bear witness to the manyTelepathy, 147:development of the etheric body falls into two historical stages: That in which the etheric energy,Telepathy, 178:computations; it is the playground of all historical cycles - cosmic, systemic and planetary and is
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