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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HISTORICALLY

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Bethlehem, 3:to service and sacrifice. Is the Gospel story historically true? Is it a mystical tale of greatBethlehem, 88:spectacular public career. How true this may be historically, who can say? It is of no realBethlehem, 179:human being today? Are the facts of His life historically true; and was there a period in ourBethlehem, 200:that we are saved by the living risen Christ - historically presenting to us a goal, and present inEducation, 101:of world conditions - taught geographically, historically and economically - and are supposedExternalisation, 131:placing of power in the hands of those who are historically unprepared to rule and of those whoseExternalisation, 225:are facts in the natural processes of evolution, historically proven and known through TheirExternalisation, 290:masses of men to the continuity of revelation - historically proved - cannot be denied. It is theExternalisation, 291:and later an achievement. This is the historically proven process and testifies eventually to aExternalisation, 367:resources, and a recognition of [367] a general historically-proved guilt in relation to the war,Externalisation, 370:upon the restoration of territorial limits, historically determined, will fail to end strife,Externalisation, 590:and with varying missions, are to be seen historically leading humanity along the path of divineHealing, 265:from the long range vision (looking backward historically as well as forward hopefully), theHercules, 100:that one of his labors which is the best known historically, for the slaying of the Nemean lion hasIntellect, 5:no means consciousness in general, but rather a historically conditioned, and geographicallyProblems, 25:are of ancient origin; the Italian state is historically of very recent date. The accusation ofProblems, 158:of humanity by its recognition of a divine Plan, historically proved. Scientifically appliedPsychology1, 8:the influence of the personality ray which is historically in manifestation at the time, we areRays, 603:upon the astral plane, though fought out historically upon the physical plane; it resulted in theReappearance, 7:need. These statements are statements of fact, historically proven. Beyond this we know relativelyReappearance, 110:and the so-called heathen have demonstrated historically less of the evil of vicious conflict than
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