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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HISTORY

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Education, 47:importance upon those great moments in human history wherein man's divinity flamed forth andEducation, 48:Reading, writing and arithmetic, elementary history (with the emphasis upon world history),Education, 48:elementary history (with the emphasis upon world history), geography and poetry will be taught.Education, 48:they should emphasize the larger values of history and literature and give some understanding ofEducation, 57:the cultural unfoldment of the race. The true history of humanity, which is long and varied andEducation, 75:figure, and a smattering (rudimentary indeed) of history and geography and good form in speech andEducation, 83:sciences; it gives significance and meaning to history, biography and learning and thus avoids theEducation, 84:nationalistic, selfish presentation avoided. If history is, for instance, presented on the basis ofEducation, 85:and ill-digested items of information. The history of the growth of man's perceptive facultiesEducation, 85:of profound interest. The outstanding figures of history, literature and art and of religion willEducation, 88:only that each has an historical background and history which enables him to contribute somethingEducation, 88:responsibility; no matter what he has to teach - history, geography, mathematics, languages,Education, 89:to bring this about, but it is not impossible as history itself has proved. It will be only commonEducation, 90:and hatred. This has, as we have seen, been the history of the past. Man has been developed from anEducation, 93:forward looking. Information as to the past history of the race will be given to him from the angleEducation, 99:them; they are inevitably conditioned by past history, by national tradition and by racial trendsEducation, 116:upon causes which lie in so remote a past that history knows nothing of them, and they appearExternalisation, 4:[4] The world war marked a climax in the history of mankind, and its subjective effect was far moreExternalisation, 22:futility of such appeals for cooperation. The history of the world of thought evidences the factExternalisation, 70:some of the causes lie in so remote a past that history knows nothing of them. You would find itExternalisation, 72:God is known. Only twice in our planetary [72] history has this Shamballa energy made its presenceExternalisation, 88:and specifically than ever before in the history of the world, under instruction and vital aid fromExternalisation, 105:outgoing love than at any previous time in the history of the race. I say this with deliberationExternalisation, 106:in the world today, and only twice before in the history of mankind has this Shamballa energy madeExternalisation, 110:First of all, a recognition that modern academic history constitutes only one page in a vastExternalisation, 111:a crisis which has had no parallel in human history but which finds a faint reflection in theExternalisation, 118:essential dualism in an early stage of human history, and thirdly, to the growing tendency towardsExternalisation, 133:of many smaller states, duchies and kingdoms. A history of the trend towards fusion in the modernExternalisation, 137:more probable than at any previous time in the history of the race. Externalisation, 161:Who established for the first time in planetary history a [162] contact between the Hierarchy,Externalisation, 171:upon their nationals. Such is the sorry history of what is taking place today. What can be done atExternalisation, 175:other human decision has ever before done in the history of mankind. There have been points ofExternalisation, 175:There have been points of crisis before in history, but not one that involved the entire planetaryExternalisation, 183:no foundation for right political thought. The history of the past is the history of many forms ofExternalisation, 183:thought. The history of the past is the history of many forms of government. Races and nations haveExternalisation, 183:part, have persisted or disappeared. The sorry history of humanity has been one of kings andExternalisation, 184:II - The General World Picture World Anarchy The history of the world has been built around theExternalisation, 199:the exploitation of the weak are part of ancient history. The democracies, with all their presentExternalisation, 213:clearly defined than at any previous time in the history of humanity; secondly, that it is theExternalisation, 222:as a whole, for the first time in racial history. Such people are apt to feel that this embodimentExternalisation, 229:is hidden from many of you. The exoteric outer history of events is known to all of you, and withExternalisation, 244:The past mistakes of the Allies, as history gives them, are facts which they themselves do notExternalisation, 264:all men. Thought, desire, activity - such is the history of human vision and dream. Down the ages,Externalisation, 264:to fail, men look to God. Again and again in the history of the race, the vision has taken form andExternalisation, 270:force. This has happened only once before in the history of the race. Owing to the fact thatExternalisation, 281:they will be en rapport in a manner new in history. The defeat of the oppressing nations and theExternalisation, 286:God, Who ever meets man's need. The witness of history is that always the appearance of man'sExternalisation, 289:Appearances, and inspired Prophets. To all these history unmistakably testifies. The InevitableExternalisation, 292:governments and educational processes. Thus is history made. History is but the record of man'sExternalisation, 292:and educational processes. Thus is history made. History is but the record of man's cyclic reactionExternalisation, 293:as the revealer of divinity, so in the history of the race of men, the same great illumination mayExternalisation, 297:recognition for what they truly were; only history, at a later date, laid emphasis upon theirExternalisation, 297:I shall not deal. They embodied ideas and made history - not the history of conquest but theExternalisation, 297:They embodied ideas and made history - not the history of conquest but the history of progress. IExternalisation, 297:history - not the history of conquest but the history of progress. I seek to consider with youExternalisation, 299:to humanity, for the first time in human history, an aspect and a potency of the nature of GodExternalisation, 312:the tortured. In His appearance lies hope, and history testifies that it has frequently happened atExternalisation, 317:distress, at the most difficult moment in human history, at a point of crisis and - in the case ofExternalisation, 346:might become a monster of wickedness. In the history of the race, one or two advanced personalitiesExternalisation, 374:All nations have made this selfish attempt, as history, ancient and modern, goes to prove. TheirExternalisation, 374:resources, their national genius, their past history, their mineral and agricultural products,Externalisation, 374:and territorial goals color all the past history of mankind in both hemispheres, and have laid theExternalisation, 375:of progress who live in the memory of their past history and boundaries and who look back upon whatExternalisation, 375:it would profit not. The intelligent student of history (who has no nationalistic bias) knows wellExternalisation, 379:constructive? How can I offset my ignorance of history, of society, of political and economicExternalisation, 387:We can rest back upon the realization that the history of the human race has been one of a steadyExternalisation, 393:the Hierarchy in the Immediate Future The past history of the relations existing between theExternalisation, 394:more slowly, but always inevitably. In modern history, two such Approaches are recognized asExternalisation, 405:out before aspiring men stretches the Way. The history of the human soul is the history of theExternalisation, 405:the Way. The history of the human soul is the history of the search for that Way and its discoveryExternalisation, 408:and civilizations find their motivation. History has demonstrated that again and again theseExternalisation, 408:of Their influence can be traced throughout history in great declarations and pronouncements suchExternalisation, 408:has been attained by man. Back in the early history of the race these Approaches were rare indeed.Externalisation, 409:Two major Approaches are to be found in the past history of the race, and both are of suchExternalisation, 409:to note them here. They lie so far back in human history that we have only myth and monument toExternalisation, 420:and revelation. Thus has it ever been in the history of the spiritual unfoldment of the world andExternalisation, 423:that we are reaching a climaxing period in human history; in this period the Lords of Karma areExternalisation, 423:and the planned cleaning of the slate of human history. When He Whom all disciples serve was onExternalisation, 438:been loosed only three times during the entire history of the human kingdom. At other times, itExternalisation, 439:destroyed. This period is recognized in modern history as the time of the Great Flood. Today, onceExternalisation, 443:out humanity - as happened once before in human history. I would here refer you to a parable,Externalisation, 445:in time of major significance in our planetary history. I refer to the Easter Full Moon, celebratedExternalisation, 447:spiritual effort (for the first time in human history) is to bring all of them, as functioningExternalisation, 449:leader and this will increasingly be recognized. History will justify their actions, because theyExternalisation, 451:hemispheres, are still basically ignorant of the history of the nations from which they spring,Externalisation, 451:laid the emphasis upon their relatively brief history and have been brought up on a biased and oftExternalisation, 452:reasoning, its basic ignorances of factual history, or of nations and their psychology; humanity isExternalisation, 479:in evolution attained. In the Middle Ages of history, and earlier, it was the churches and theExternalisation, 507:of the tide of its civilization been reached. History holds much glory for England and America whenExternalisation, 508:The angels have ever been active in Biblical history, and will again enter into the lives of humanExternalisation, 567:is, therefore, the most amazing period in the history of humanity. Added to this, it must be borneExternalisation, 567:happening and full of import in our planetary history; it is a coincidence of which our planetaryExternalisation, 567:and adjusted for the first time in planetary history. Even if this be only temporarily so,Externalisation, 569:in all educational subjects - in modern history, for instance, or the newest scientific procedures,Externalisation, 589:century after century, integrating not only history into one complete story of the revelation ofExternalisation, 589:has its roots in the past, can be proven by history, and which presents a true and possible hopeExternalisation, 592:to humanity than at any other time in human history; He is closer than the most [593] aspiring andExternalisation, 595:see Him." The religious livingness or spiritual history of mankind can be summarized for us by aExternalisation, 596:more selfless than at any other time in human history, because it is based on clearer thinking andExternalisation, 598:the Externalization For the first time in human history, the demand of the people of the Earth is
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