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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HISTORY

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Psychology1, 227:of initiation. When the day comes when the history of the mineral kingdom can be grasped by thePsychology1, 273:and the life of discipleship. I deal not with history nor with the details of racial evolution.Psychology1, 279:We live today in a period of the world's history wherein three events of major importance arePsychology1, 280:divine qualities [280] will manifest and change history and civilization. The interest being shownPsychology1, 284:in Nature Yet all periods of the world's history have not been as critical as today, for - apartPsychology1, 284:unique attainment. For the first time in racial history, we have the expression of a true humanPsychology1, 298:There are always those at every epoch in human history who are able to solve the problems whichPsychology1, 339:tendency to vital speed can [339] be noted if history is studied, and the pace at which man nowPsychology1, 339:years ago. The last twenty-five years of man's history have shown a tremendous speeding up asPsychology1, 383:of the world, and their brilliant and colorful history. Be it remembered also that the glory of thePsychology1, 388:part their particular nation must play in the history of nations. Every nation, without exceptionPsychology1, 394:which will give him light upon their strange history. Because of this third ray influence, you havePsychology1, 394:the constant appearance of the goat in their history, and their teaching about the virgin motherPsychology1, 395:of the angels" was a tremendous event in the history of our planet, but was nevertheless only aPsychology1, 395:only a passing and interesting phenomenon in the history of the solar system, and a triflingPsychology1, 397:revolt, laden with their treasures, and thus the history of the wandering Jew began. It isPsychology1, 398:the originators of the Masonic tradition. Their history (and incidentally the history of humanity)Psychology1, 398:tradition. Their history (and incidentally the history of humanity) is embodied in that dramaticPsychology1, 399:He embodies, in himself, symbolically, the history of humanity. The ancient tendency of the Jews toPsychology1, 400:and caused them to trace our modern Western history to the Jews of the Dispersion. It is a far morePsychology1, 400:and dates back into a period that antedates the history of the Jews as it is related for us in thePsychology1, 401:racial world situation lie so far back in the history of mankind that they cannot even prove theirPsychology1, 401:All they are capable of considering is the history of the past one hundred thousand years, andPsychology2, 26:the moon chain, and were the Atlanteans of past history. Workers in the world today should havePsychology2, 53:many corresponding cycles of crisis in the life history of any soul down through the ages, butPsychology2, 90:human being can grasp as he looks back over the history of the planet (as far as modern history canPsychology2, 90:over the history of the planet (as far as modern history can give it to him) is that there hasPsychology2, 95:result of their work, from the angle of ultimate history, is good. This Law of Sacrifice and thePsychology2, 97:beauty through the dark materials of which human history is constructed. When this urge toPsychology2, 106:Laws of Soul or Group Life At this time in the history of the world and its periodical salvagingPsychology2, 143:are more active than at any other time in human history. They are, knowingly and unknowingly,Psychology2, 215:events in the world of men which later form history. The problem before the Hierarchy is twofoldPsychology2, 228:will be brought about when the true meaning of history is grasped, when the wide sweep of humanPsychology2, 237:scientific research, philosophic questionings, history, adventure, religion, mysticism, occultismPsychology2, 254:one basic factor of idealism. Anthropology and history give us an account of the evolution ofPsychology2, 255:upon the plane of appearances. But there is a history which today is slowly being formulated whichPsychology2, 255:today is slowly being formulated which is the history of the seed of consciousness in nature andPsychology2, 255:towards their fulfilment. This is the new history which - as might be expected - is carrying usPsychology2, 259:population of the world. In every phase of human history, the quality of the civilization is thePsychology2, 273:Approaches which is being now attempted. Only as history is made and we learn later the amazingPsychology2, 277:approaches for His people. In so doing and as history proceeds, two great classes of Avatars mustPsychology2, 324:Upon this, humanity can count, and to this, the history of man's development as a knowing beingPsychology2, 327:to the evolution of the indwelling life. In the history of the material aspect of manifestation,Psychology2, 327:upward arc. It is the same in the psychological history of the human being. There too we find aPsychology2, 330:in connection with such episodes in human history as those occurring at the time of the Wesak FullPsychology2, 331:is accounted for in terms of a long preceding history. In this age of intensest separative thinkingPsychology2, 336:lies far behind us today, in a distant racial history. This primitive stage saw the birth of thatPsychology2, 407:The point to be remembered is that in racial history, many of these integrations have already takenPsychology2, 408:of conscious activity and far behind in racial history. The only field in which they can be studiedPsychology2, 408:studied is in those processes of recapitulatory history of infancy wherein one can see the power toPsychology2, 505:life and which, therefore, form the basis of all history. Those dreams which are geometrical inPsychology2, 538:is not possible at this time to trace the true history of the development of the difficultiesPsychology2, 598:moments of almost intolerable difficulty in the history of the race. In the case of the mystic andPsychology2, 602:and delusion are the frequent case history of the purely emotional mystic. When this astral cyclePsychology2, 668:will offset it. At the present point in the history of the race, the groups which foster the spiritPsychology2, 677:longer be tolerated. The time must come in the history of humanity when so large a number of peoplePsychology2, 677:present day humanity for the first time in its history. One of the main functions of the New GroupPsychology2, 678:evolutionary process of the world, and which history and the growth of human consciousnessRays, 16:for the causes in human motives, in past history and in karmic relationships. To these they add theRays, 19:will inaugurate the Aquarian phase of planetary history. Rays, 58:which is but a brief moment in the eternal history of humanity. From synthesis to synthesis theRays, 78:Humanity has become - for the first time in its history - spiritually invocative. Let us nowRays, 87:between the darkness of the war with the evil history of the past, and the appearance of a livingRays, 90:and the Christ. This is the first cycle in the history of humanity when this has been the case. OneRays, 91:love also, and this for the first time in human history. His achievement was made possible by theRays, 139:plane. The doctrine of Avatars. This religious history reveals. The nature of consciousness,Rays, 159:which for the first time in planetary history includes the highest center, Shamballa, is not yetRays, 159:called Humanity by impact several times in the history of the race. But there has been noRays, 185:the human hierarchy. In the early days of human history, thinking and progress had practically noRays, 186:were beginning, at this early period of human history, to desire, and this desire was not, asRays, 189:is greater than at any other time in human history. I have emphasized this point because our secondRays, 230:of the Masters takes place at this time in world history. This is a new hierarchical venture. InRays, 290:place in this era for the first time in human history. The recognition of this emerging synthesisRays, 305:lower concrete mind. They cover a familiar case history and one which is well known to everyRays, 307:those vast plans of livingness which man calls history, with nations and races, with worldRays, 324:energies or rays upon his unfoldment and his history, and (in a briefer manner) upon the world inRays, 327:frequent today than at any other time in the history of the race; for those who have thusRays, 331:ritual and in organized detailed rites, the history of man's moving forward upon the Path ofRays, 378:ray activity. This process lies in the past history of humanity and I shall only briefly touch uponRays, 380:by you. There was a time when (in the early history of the planet) there was no Hierarchy; thereRays, 381:slowly, forward into increasing light. The early history of the Hierarchy falls into two historicalRays, 411:Hierarchy, the entire course of man's spiritual history was most peculiarly altered. This had notRays, 419:the Mysteries of Initiation 5. The Ray Path The history of evolution upon the Earth, from the angleRays, 419:decisions and climaxing crises. Without such a history we should not realize the progress made andRays, 419:and to impressions - mental and spiritual. The history of evolution is in reality and from theRays, 419:in reality and from the occult point of view the history of the freeing of the spirit by the modeRays, 429:the Napoleonic conquests are relatively modern history. Her evil destiny (as she regards it) does,Rays, 473:and an opportunity hitherto unparalleled in history. The need for a due appreciation of this willRays, 477:in the middle period of their racial history), and the interpreting mind revealed nothing to them.Rays, 478:[478] simply lived and felt. Such was their life history. Two of the threads were functioning; oneRays, 478:consciousness. But for the greater part of human history, up to the present, men remained unawareRays, 528:and has done so many times in our planetary history, One Who could meet the need which theRays, 548:you, based on the life of the Christ. The life history and the experiences of the great InitiatesRays, 550:pointed out that for the first time in the long history of human development, energy from ShamballaRays, 559:which remain in the custody of the Masters, history - as we know it and as it expresses theRays, 559:- does not exist. From the angle of occultism, history only covers the emergence of those culturesRays, 559:nomenclature covering a small period of modern history. The Aryan cycle covers the period of theRays, 560:as encompassing practically the totality of history as we have it, the influence of the second RayRays, 566:agitating mankind marks a turning point in human history and indicates the possibility of theRays, 568:implication. At this particular time in world history, seventh ray energy is of a growing potency
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