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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOLLAND

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Autobiography, 121:I have not found it so in Great Britain or in Holland. The Gentiles have frequently treated theAutobiography, 194:with Headquarters in England also and in Holland, Italy and Switzerland. Today, apart from theAutobiography, 241:next five years we went at different times to Holland, to Belgium, to France and to Italy, andAutobiography, 242:would act as my [242] interpreter and when in Holland the head of our work there, Gerhard JansenAutobiography, 242:Prior to the war he did a fine piece of work in Holland. Practically all his school papers wereAutobiography, 242:large and earnest body of students. The work in Holland and the work in Spain were two very brightDestiny, 68:2nd First. Greece Virgo 6th - Capricorn 10th - Holland Aquarius 11th - Cancer 4th - India Aries 1stDiscipleship1, 441:ex-Jesuit priest and a Frenchman. He resided in Holland. The last two communications from theDiscipleship1, 441:by him shortly after the Germans entered Holland. This gives great significance to the Tibetan'sExternalisation, 231:empires as those of Great Britain, France and Holland, and with indication as to how the UnitedExternalisation, 236:forces of evil have swept over France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Poland, Finland and Romania.Externalisation, 236:in her thousands to truth and liberty), Poland, Holland, Norway and Belgium - all represented inMagic, 418:world - such as Switzerland, the United States, Holland, Germany and Great Britain. From theirProblems, 96:this has been less marked in Great Britain, Holland, France and Italy than elsewhere, and
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