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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOPE

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Astrology, 203:sign is divided - a point upon which I shall hope to touch when we come to our study of the ScienceAstrology, 223:present at this time, and in this fact lies the hope of the world and the surety of the ultimateAstrology, 252:of Virgo most accurately is "Christ in you, the hope of glory." There is no clearer or moreAstrology, 373:the new and better civilization for which we all hope. Looking at the world today if you could butAstrology, 401:glamor and confusion and yet holds within itself hope for the struggling man." Constantly in thisAstrology, 511:to a consideration - brief and inadequate but I hope suggestive - of the centers as they areAstrology, 521:is profoundly affecting the world, holding great hope for the future but producing most disruptingAstrology, 528:center to fourth ray energy and in this lies the hope of the race of men. Astrology, 633:III The Outer Court. Humanity. Christ in us, the hope of glory. Form. Appearance. Body.Atom, 17:and interpretation is the only one. [17] I hope in these talks to broaden somewhat our point ofAtom, 17:talks to broaden somewhat our point of view. I hope we shall come to the realization that the manAtom, 26:little about, and is what we often vision and hope for. The third stage lies a long way ahead, andAtom, 40:at least the eternal life which many of us hope for is a reality. In an address given by SirAtom, 45:the same object: man." Do you note what a large hope this concept opens out before us? Not one atomAtom, 90:the Aggregate of all groups. We suppose, and we hope, that we are passing rapidly out of the atomicAtom, 155:to be his, we have for ourselves the promise and hope of future achievement, and the incentive toAtom, 159:shall be revealed in us... for we are saved by hope... for I am persuaded that neither death norAutobiography, 4:which I want to lay the emphasis, and which I hope will emerge into clarity. First of all, the factAutobiography, 60:which St. Paul calls "Christ in you, the hope of glory." Upon that knowledge I stake my eternalAutobiography, 103:I would have chosen for you, Miss Alice, but I hope you will be happy." None of this left theAutobiography, 116:frightfully ill with "cholera infantum" and no hope was held out for her recovery. I remember soAutobiography, 119:my conclusions but am going to do so in the hope that it may help. It is only possible however veryAutobiography, 133:mind for so much which it essentially is not. I hope to show, if I can, what it really is. ThisAutobiography, 177:Mrs. Besant and one wonders what their writers hope to achieve. As far as I can ascertain theAutobiography, 187:a much sounder and more wholesome attitude. I hope before long we shall see coeducation systems inAutobiography, 215:worse. I had to stand by and see them chased and hope they would not be taken in; sometimes theyAutobiography, 235:accept the fact that God is love and blissfully hope that He will make that love apparent inAutobiography, 241:and are definitely getting results. Later we hope to develop certain groups that will use some ofAutobiography, 263:The emergence of these schools remains as yet a hope, but one which has reached the point where dueAutobiography, 295:spoke when he referred to "Christ in you, the hope of glory." It is the demonstration of the divineAutobiography, 296:shall none of us see the world as perfect as we hope it some day will be, nor will we see ourselvesBethlehem, ix:Glory surrounded that once mangered babe, And hope for men who struggled with their loss. But hope,Bethlehem, ix:hope for men who struggled with their loss. But hope, fulfiled, came through my thorny crown AndBethlehem, 11:is it not precisely in this particular that the hope of all religions is fulfiled? - Freedom andBethlehem, 11:the past revelations and indicating the future hope. The world expectancy today shows that we standBethlehem, 16:spoken of by St. Paul as "Christ in you, the hope of glory," (Col., I, 27.) is released in man andBethlehem, 18:also to the nations, holding before them the hope of future world unity and world peace. He came atBethlehem, 21:proves the fact of God and is our eternal hope. Humanity stands at the portals of initiation. Bethlehem, 22:knowledge." Upon that path [22] vision and hope give place to realization. Initiation afterBethlehem, 26:is first of all the phrase "Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Col., I, 27.) This is the stageBethlehem, 41:Christian disciple speaks of "Christ in you, the hope of glory," (Col., I, 27.) the OrientalBethlehem, 46:great dreams, visions and ideals which evoke a hope and a refusal to be defeated and are theBethlehem, 65:example, so that we could be galvanized by the hope that "maketh not ashamed" (Rom., V, 5.) toBethlehem, 83:of God made flesh. This is "Christ in us, the hope of Glory," but as yet only a hope for the massBethlehem, 83:in us, the hope of Glory," but as yet only a hope for the mass of men. Christ is not yet madeBethlehem, 102:factual sense, not just as a deeply spiritual hope, an intriguing hypothetical possibility and hisBethlehem, 129:and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, oneBethlehem, 167:to unite the ancient wisdom and the more modern hope. Keyserling has grasped the wonder of what theBethlehem, 186:in His suffering and die even as He died; in the hope that I may attain to the resurrection fromBethlehem, 189:will of Him who so subjected it; yet with the hope that at last the Creation itself would be setBethlehem, 198:recognized as embodying in Himself an eternal hope for the race, He was incorporated into theBethlehem, 204:deal with it as moral disease, for their one hope of treating such moral disease successfully restsBethlehem, 204:this appeal cannot be made, there is no human hope of a cure. The key to psychological healing liesBethlehem, 213:all, and to serve in behalf of this faith and hope, so far is there fellowship between him and usBethlehem, 224:and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, oneBethlehem, 232:All that had been lost of confidence and hope and purpose was restored, and the first few centuriesBethlehem, 232:was crucified they had lost the last glimmer of hope that he might prove to be the Christ. When heBethlehem, 232:It is not that there is some faint return of hope among a few of them. All are completely certainBethlehem, 239:forth, strengthening our belief, endorsing our hope, and guaranteeing to us the eventualBethlehem, 243:of belief, and this wrestling with an inherent hope must go on until assurance has been gained,Bethlehem, 245:in the words: "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." (IBethlehem, 265:for guidance; they demand right leadership; they hope to be led in the way that they should go; andBethlehem, 278:and superseded by Christ as the life and hope in all of us. It is only the uniquely significant whoBethlehem, 280:with our own individual salvation and our own hope of heaven that the really unique things whichBethlehem, 281:lost sight of their own individual salvation and hope of heaven because they know that unlessBethlehem, 281:express itself here and now it is but a futile hope. They are occupied with the processes ofDestiny, 73:comes to full flower in Pisces. Here lies the hope of France. You will remember perhaps that someDestiny, 83:which leads them to regard their country as the hope of the world have in reality little to chooseDestiny, 96:world and the United Nations; this holds great hope for the future. It is for the reason that NewDestiny, 102:center to fourth ray energy and in this lies the hope of the race of men. [103] Destiny, 147:and through the work of the Son of God to bring hope to humanity. The Christmas season is regardedDiscipleship1, XV:prepare the Tibetan's books for publication. I hope all who read this book will receive theDiscipleship1, XV:that we who have prepared it have received; I hope also that their confidence in the Hierarchy andDiscipleship1, 173:stage by stage. [173] Go forward with courage, hope and joy, plus understanding, my brother. TrainDiscipleship1, 183:that I give you your instructions, in the hope that they may pronouncedly condition the groupDiscipleship1, 195:other point I seek to make, my brother, whom I hope to see drawn into a closer relation of service.Discipleship1, 272:will have to be met in some other way. Let us hope that this will not be needed but that it will beDiscipleship1, 286:to you: Stand steadily and know (not believe or hope) that all things are working towards yourDiscipleship1, 302:companions. This is but a suggestion and a hope to be tested out by both of you, if you so will.Discipleship1, 341:and in their subsequent clear thinking lies the hope of world regeneration. So think and, myDiscipleship1, 385:or with [385] foreboding, nor even with hope, which is but a form of optimistic speculation. LiveDiscipleship1, 409:the meditation or the personal teaching which I hope sometime to give to you. This is not owing toDiscipleship1, 487:outside help) to hold the ground gained and to hope, somewhat hopelessly, that the time will comeDiscipleship1, 487:to face the future - no joy, no optimism and no hope of real betterment of conditions. Yet you doDiscipleship1, 550:reality in your life and not only a belief and a hope. The way to that knowledge is throughDiscipleship1, 732:correctly, unanimously and unerringly? What hope is there for the outer world if the inner circleDiscipleship2, 37:from which I will choose: Go in peace. Faith, hope and charity. God keep you. God bless you. EnterDiscipleship2, 46:with the Ashram; your attitude is largely one of hope, coupled with the idea that it is yourDiscipleship2, 63:the potencies of discipleship. They are the hope of the world. This outpouring of directed energyDiscipleship2, 85:all of [85] you see them, and in that lies the hope of the work's persistence, for most of you areDiscipleship2, 89:be flooded with the information and through the hope and expectancy thus engendered may moveDiscipleship2, 89:service and a deepened humility, is the hope and prayer of your friend, collaborator and Master.Discipleship2, 95:this platitude remains a mental proposition. You hope some day to arrive at this basic sense ofDiscipleship2, 96:of the Masters' Ashrams, so that what I hope to say in the next instruction may mean more to you.Discipleship2, 128:word together and shall continue so doing in the hope that the group [129] will move forward with aDiscipleship2, 159:alone lies the promise of the future and its hope and opportunity. Here and here alone can all theDiscipleship2, 165:they will send it forth on the wings of hope - hope for light and love and peace, for which theyDiscipleship2, 165:they will send it forth on the wings of hope - hope for light and love and peace, for which theyDiscipleship2, 174:to all true and ancient beliefs; it holds out hope for the future, and it is of present import andDiscipleship2, 202:The point which I seek to emphasize, and which I hope will remain in your minds, is that this
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