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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOPE

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Discipleship2, 314:in your consciousness; is it not so? Your main hope is that as you unfold your latentDiscipleship2, 317:sharing; and, my brothers, in this lies the sole hope of the world. Every initiation to whichDiscipleship2, 336:Masters are doing the same as I am doing. We hope during the next five hundred years to presentDiscipleship2, 355:individual. I know not what you did. I can only hope for your right approach. If - to illustrate -Discipleship2, 367:into the very night of time and demonstrate the hope of the present era." Revelation is bothDiscipleship2, 386:that "area of promise" upon which all spiritual hope, all expectancy and the dynamic intentionDiscipleship2, 387:of the race. They give to the entire, eternal hope (which is the hope of all the sons of mind) aDiscipleship2, 387:give to the entire, eternal hope (which is the hope of all the sons of mind) a material and racialDiscipleship2, 466:thoughts of gratitude, of strength, of faith and hope. On this too you must count. The path of aDiscipleship2, 508:and interest the young people. They are the hope of the future and are coming into incarnationDiscipleship2, 570:profit by my words. I make this preamble in the hope that this time you will waste no time in anyDiscipleship2, 581:(to use a familiar phrase) with simplicity. I hope to make this clear in a statement shortly to beDiscipleship2, 619:who are at work in the world and are the hope of the world at this time. Of your desire to serve,Discipleship2, 634:concern. The way stretches clear before you. The hope of free admittance into the [635] room whereDiscipleship2, 654:many hands demanding aid. With gladness and with hope, I recognize the purpose of the two hands IDiscipleship2, 676:angle. I am not ungrateful to you, my brother; I hope to move you on into a closer relation toDiscipleship2, 686:now a personal meditation which will serve, I hope, to lift the life of the astral body out of theDiscipleship2, 697:Here are the seed thoughts: Looking forward. Hope. Immortality. Radiation. Freedom fromEducation, viii:us, even in our neighborhood libraries. Our main hope of survival in this highly polarized worldEducation, 47:taught the futility of hate and war, there is hope of a better and happier as well as of a saferEducation, 86:constitute an impractical vision or a mystical hope, based on wishful thinking. It concerns anEducation, 120:of sorrowful and fearful expectancy and a feeble hope that some reward (in a desirable and usuallyExternalisation, 22:in the materializing of the idea, then their hope and interest fade out on the mental plane, or -Externalisation, 22:desire - the sacrifice required to bring the hope to birth on the physical plane is lacking or tooExternalisation, 22:of authority. I only appeal to you in the hope of intensifying your effort for the space of theExternalisation, 65:would remind the group members that if they ever hope to have hierarchical standing, they mustExternalisation, 117:at this time, and in their activity lies the hope of humanity. Externalisation, 122:conflict is a definite effect. Let us also hope that it constitutes a climax which will never againExternalisation, 138:for the Forces of Light and in it lies the hope of the future. It is here, however, that the timeExternalisation, 176:to an end all civilized relationships and all hope of an ordered life of beauty, peace and culture.Externalisation, 202:responds instinctively to God, and that the hope of ultimate glory lies hid in theExternalisation, 222:planetary nature of His task, but they secretly hope and pray for His appearing. Still othersExternalisation, 222:appearing. Still others regard such an idea and hope as simply a psychological fulfilment and theExternalisation, 231:the trend of events. I do this because the basic hope of right human relations, of true and lastingExternalisation, 233:and do naught that is practical to justify their hope or aid in the materialization of the desiredExternalisation, 235:cooperation and brotherhood, see all this future hope imperilled. Aggression and the rape ofExternalisation, 240:encouraged to battle to the end on behalf of its hope and its vision. Men pray for peace but willExternalisation, 245:are slowly and ruthlessly killing out love and hope (qualities of the soul) in the conquered landsExternalisation, 247:to summon faith to their aid. They feel without hope. For them, you must think; for them, you mustExternalisation, 259:upon the physical plane, then there will be hope that the embodiment of "the desire of all nations"Externalisation, 271:stood for no factual truth but simply for a hope and for an academic concept; the events of theExternalisation, 289:is the challenge of Deity and the eternal hope of humanity. This is the answer of Life Itself toExternalisation, 295:and light pours in, making the way clear. New hope awakens and fresh determinations are made.Externalisation, 312:for divine intervention and the holding out of hope to the distressed, the doubting and theExternalisation, 312:and the tortured. In His appearance lies hope, and history testifies that it has frequentlyExternalisation, 319:the final destruction of the Nazi tyranny, they hope to see established a peace which will affordExternalisation, 320:demand that right should triumph and a desperate hope that something unexpected will happen thatExternalisation, 320:than it is at this time committed, and who hope nevertheless to share in the benefits of victory.Externalisation, 365:can approach this difficult problem with any hope of making a useful contribution. Still othersExternalisation, 368:civil war in India, sacrifice all immediate hope of freedom for that country, permit the JapaneseExternalisation, 369:basis of optimism we can look ahead with sure hope to the ending of the war, to the demobilizationExternalisation, 374:attitudes and activities must end and that the hope of the world lies in the spread of right humanExternalisation, 402:- the flower and fruition of the past and the hope of the future. More along this line, I may notExternalisation, 410:in Himself the unfoldments of the past and the hope of the future. A third great Approach is nowExternalisation, 415:that is the result of the transformation of hope into self-proven fact. In between these twoExternalisation, 417:and understand. We shall not just believe, have hope and try to comprehend. We shall speak openlyExternalisation, 417:and to follow the techniques suggested, in the hope that hypothesis may turn to fact. This lastExternalisation, 429:a successful finish because there is no peace or hope or right world relationships as long as twoExternalisation, 434:clear in this world war. It had been the hope of the Christ and the longing of all the Masters thatExternalisation, 456:- a freedom which is as yet a dream and a hope in even the most democratic countries. But behindExternalisation, 457:that which has gone (and gone forever, let us hope) and to over-estimate that which is old,Externalisation, 458:vision which gives incentive to life, and this hope which can restore all nations. At the Full MoonExternalisation, 459:are beginning to be forward-looking and to hope with greater conviction and courage for a betterExternalisation, 510:illumination may be accomplished. I indicate the hope. I do not assert a fact. Its work is intendedExternalisation, 516:as the world has not hitherto seen. Such is the hope. See you to it. Externalisation, 548:to the United Nations for use (or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use) when aggressiveExternalisation, 549:At present, even the first of them remains a hope. The factors of the failure of the religious andExternalisation, 576:eyes of distraught humanity the new vision of hope and of spiritual enlightenment, offset theExternalisation, 589:history, and which presents a true and possible hope for the future. It can be expected that theExternalisation, 591:to the evolutionary process, and the eternal hope of all forms in all kingdoms in nature. This isExternalisation, 592:a new concept: that of Christ in us, the hope of Glory. There is a growing and developing beliefExternalisation, 592:of its freshness; it is an eternal inspiration, hope, encouragement and example. The love HeExternalisation, 596:men in every land; this recognition of a divine hope and background may possibly take people backExternalisation, 616:because those who could recognize Him and who hope and long for His coming are not willing to makeExternalisation, 617:affected; this will be increasingly so as the hope of His coming and the preparation for it spreadExternalisation, 621:the discussion of realities, for the comfort and hope which the thought of Christ's return canExternalisation, 626:was self-protection and self-preservation, the hope of gain, the satisfaction of ancient hatreds,Externalisation, 627:educational foundation who have the answer. What hope is there for them and for the work with whichExternalisation, 639:but it has in it nevertheless the seeds of hope. There is nothing intrinsically wrong in any groupExternalisation, 640:together. [640] The United Nations is still the hope of the world and can remain so; it is a greatExternalisation, 650:This is due to their reaction to spiritual hope, to the expectancy and to the curiously widespreadExternalisation, 662:from the world of men, as expectancy, hope and demand combine to make their united appeal. TheExternalisation, 666:men and women, and in them lies the dominant hope of the future. Externalisation, 698:His coming will provide the germ for all world hope; the reason for this will be that the mostFire, xv:of the real. This treatise is put out in the hope that it may prove useful to all broadmindedFire, 445:very existence, and the source of his future hope. This seventh Ray (fifth) ever manifests in aFire, 455:all on this Ray and all true psychics, who hope through their endeavors to offset the vibrations,Fire, 622:and Fire Elementals The Second Statement. The hope for the devas and for the form aspect lies inFire, 649:The trouble in our planet, and likewise the hope for our planet, lies in this very fact. TheFire, 707:reborn without interruption - yet not without hope of final redemption." See S. D., III, 510, 521,Fire, 797:cyclic pronouncements can be made with any hope of approximate accuracy. This was why H. P. B.Fire, 932:connected with the second secret, and they may hope, as the knowledge of the significance of colorFire, 1017:it becomes a soulless man. In this case there is hope. If without a physical body it becomes aFire, 1126:BE SAID, and in this solar system there is no hope for them. Fortunately, they are little likely toGlamour, 44:forward. The disciple is the victim and, let us hope, the dissipater of both glamor and illusion,Glamour, 98:some of the world glamor. Some day (and let us hope that it will take place before long) this groupGlamour, 112:at the time of their creation constituted the hope of the race. They embodied then the new andGlamour, 181:the stage of the ascertaining of the Purpose. Hope of identification with the purpose lies too farGlamour, 184:them wisely for the use of his fellowmen. The hope of the world and the dispelling of illusion liesGlamour, 184:what is projected, and in this too lies the hope of the race.
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