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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOROSCOPES

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Astrology, 59:(or form nature) is to the soul of man. The two horoscopes are superimposed and the "planetaryAstrology, 59:is. This is in reality the study of two horoscopes, as in the above case; the horoscope of theAstrology, 59:future objective appear with clarity. The horoscopes of disciples. The Masters do not study theAstrology, 59:doing. This involves again the study of the two horoscopes of the disciple under inspection - oneAstrology, 66:as the mass of the people move within their horoscopes and the will aspect is latent butAstrology, 183:of those particular incarnations and their horoscopes wherein [184] the polar opposites both appearAstrology, 197:Astrologers will do well (in connection with the horoscopes of disciples and particularly ofAstrology, 216:There is much confusion over this matter and the horoscopes of the three levels are often muchAstrology, 247:manner and condition the charts of those whose horoscopes are being considered. Libra is related,Astrology, 266:can use when seeking to work with mass horoscopes. Astrology, 282:so specifically from the angle of personality horoscopes. When the planets are rightly related toAstrology, 286:suggest to modern astrologers that they cast the horoscopes of the dominant world figures at thisAstrology, 286:Leo somewhere in a prominent position in their horoscopes or the Sun controlling in some importantAstrology, 286:Sun controlling in some important house. If the horoscopes do not prove this, it is because theAstrology, 305:stars, triangles and squares are found in all horoscopes - human, planetary, systemic and cosmic -Astrology, 318:In the future horoscopes of disciples, this significant interplay of forces will be recognized asAstrology, 347:only become of importance when considering the horoscopes of advanced human beings or esotericAstrology, 412:in their interpretations of group or individual horoscopes. I am bringing this point up as theAstrology, 647:Themselves specifically with "casting the horoscopes" of the various great lives who inform... theAstrology, 647:point 35 above)... They progress these various horoscopes [648] for the next stated cycle and TheirAutobiography, 231:stars. They will do the unpredictable and their horoscopes will prove inaccurate and have noAutobiography, 231:their stars completely condition them and their horoscopes will therefore be entirely accurate fromFire, 1057:make accurate computations or to draw accurate horoscopes. Within the Hall of Wisdom, there existsFire, 1057:Themselves specifically with "casting the horoscopes" (thus [1058] ascertaining the nature of theFire, 1058:They may not go. They progress these various horoscopes for the next stated cycle, and TheirHealing, 277:who at this time spend much time "casting" horoscopes (seeking to interpret their usually erroneousHercules, 7:time supersede the ordinary kind, dealing with horoscopes, is that synthetic presentation of cosmicHercules, 8:which will have no relation to the casting of horoscopes. It will concern itself with the twelveHercules, 122:full moon meditations and our use of individual horoscopes. "The point I seek to make here", saysMagic, 439:will eventually find it necessary to cast three horoscopes or three charts: - one purely physicalPsychology2, 102:done in conjunction with a consultation of their horoscopes. This will be discussed more at lengthRays, 253:when astrologers who are dealing with the horoscopes of advanced people and disciples will use the
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