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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HORSES

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Astrology, 176:what remains to thee, O wise Lanoo, now that the horses of two kinds have left thee and the rider,Astrology, 177:will follow fast upon the shaft I sent. The horses I will leave upon this side of the door, forAutobiography, 28:Victoria (as it was [28] called) with a pair of horses and coachman and footman in livery on theAutobiography, 55:and bolted off the platform. I swore that wild horses could not take me back but in due time and inHercules, 15:yet to prove his strength. Neptune arrived with horses twain and handed them, in leash, toHercules, 15:for he had yet to prove his power to ride the horses twain. With graceful speech and brilliant witHercules, 16:he paused and pondered long; then gave the horses to a friend to hold, the sword to still anotherHercules, 25:From Neptune, the god of the waters, he received horses. The symbology underlying this gift is veryHercules, 25:underlying this gift is very interesting. Horses, as well as Neptune, the god of the waters and theHercules, 26:energy, he was told that he possessed the horses of contact and that, if he would, the bow andHercules, 27:land beyond the Gate, and there he raised the horses and the mares of war, upon the marshes of hisHercules, 27:upon the marshes of his land. Wild were these horses and fierce the mares and all men trembled atHercules, 27:path, and breeding steadily most wild and evil horses. "Capture these mares, and stop these evilHercules, 27:all plans with care, these two followed the horses as they ranged the meadows and the marshes ofHercules, 28:saying: "Abderis, come hither and drive these horses through the Gate". And then he turned his backHercules, 28:dying upon the ground. Again he caught the horses, and drove them through the Gate himself. ButHercules, 28:Teacher looked him o'er with care and sent the horses to the place of peace, there to he tamed andHercules, 30:brood mares were breeding great numbers of war horses, and Diomedes was very concerned with theHercules, 30:always the mares had escaped after killing the horses and men sent against them. But Hercules,Hercules, 30:against them. But Hercules, having caught the horses, gave them to Abderis to hold, whilst heHercules, 30:on ahead, not realizing the strength of the horses, nor their savagery. Before he could take stepsHercules, 34:sun chariot of Apollo is depicted as drawn by horses, and the "princely sign of the Ram" is closelyHercules, 35:comes forth riding upon a white horse. Black horses represent the lower mind, with its false ideasHercules, 37:the brood mares of thought had been breeding war horses and, through wrong thought, wrong speechHercules, 37:of the mind and see to it that no more war horses are bred. Any would-be Hercules can easily proveHercules, 38:in unison were needed to guard these devastating horses. Abderis alone was not strong enough, andHercules, 223:"Dan shall be a serpent... that biteth the horses' heels." Sagittarius, the Archer Joseph "His bowTelepathy, 67:pigeon or the method whereby cats and dogs and horses will find their homes over immense distances.
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