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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOSPITAL

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AutobiographyThis she did. Even during the last days in the hospital in [X] New York in 1949, she receivedAutobiography, 18:had her own specially built and endowed cottage hospital; she supported missionaries in heathenAutobiography, 77:and selling. My afternoons would be spent in a hospital, usually in the wards where there were noAutobiography, 87:had turned up among the out-patients in a native hospital run by English doctors. Measles wasAutobiography, 107:my three children were born, and only once had a hospital nurse with me. Anyway, when my firstAutobiography, 116:by a tall, pretty woman looking fit to be in a hospital. He said he had brought the baby for me toAutobiography, 116:after this up to San Francisco to the Children's Hospital and see if something could be done.Autobiography, 117:north [117] with the baby. The doctors at the hospital told me that she could not possibly live,Autobiography, 148:the crisis and then she had been moved to a hospital, so that I was left alone in the enormousPsychology1, 365:the proper functioning of a home, of a hospital, or of an entertainment, etc.) is of an analogousPsychology2, 541:of some kind or another (such as a great hospital) is connected with the life which is found in the
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