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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOSTS

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Bethlehem, 70:unique event had happened in the cosmos, and the hosts of heaven did honor to it. This question ofExternalisation, 259:might be unavoidable. There are also sleeping hosts which may be evoked for the aiding of theExternalisation, 652:will open and - to use a Biblical phrase - the Hosts of the Lord will issue forth. The Christ WillFire, 29:constellations, [29] gathered their lesser hosts, the darkest spawn of hell. They darkened all theFire, 239:other evolutions. On one side of him are ranged hosts of beings who are more than human, and who,Fire, 240:stage where man now is; on the other side are hosts of the subhuman evolutions who in future kalpasFire, 930:on the dense physical plane. They exist in vast hosts and are omnipresent; they gather and buildIntellect, 16:world. They speak of meeting with angelic hosts; they refer to the great cloud of witnesses; theyMeditation, 177:will teach him that cooperation with the deva hosts which will be so essential towards the latterMeditation, 182:evil purpose. They called [182] the elemental hosts to perpetuate their vengeance on their enemies;Meditation, 188:[188] The fire elementals and their various hosts in the bowels of the earth, on the surface of thePatanjali, 34:and superhuman), which expresses the life of hosts of sentient beings. Meditation upon the qualityPsychology2, 323:isolated appearance of a human being, making up hosts of human beings, variously equipped, greatly
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