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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOUR

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Astrology, 100:life in Aries comes to the "crisis of the birth hour," prior to the birth of the Christ, cosmicallyAstrology, 286:do not prove this, it is because the exact hour, moment and day of birth has not been accuratelyAstrology, 571:of woe has come! Come forth, O Mighty One. The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived.Astrology, 610:instance, blinds or veils. The origin of the hour glass is to be found in this diagram of theAtom, 128:day be ours. We shall then know what we do every hour of the day, and not for just about fourteenAtom, 128:shall utilize and employ every minute of every hour of the day. Another purpose of evolution is aAutobiography, X:senior executives and wrote letters. When the hour of death arrived her own Master K.H. came forAutobiography, 10:else; friend calling to friend and a resulting hour of communion and of satisfying contact; someAutobiography, 25:summer or winter; practicing scales for an hour or preparing the day's lessons if it was myAutobiography, 26:we had to lie on a flat sloping board for an hour whilst our governess read aloud some improvingAutobiography, 26:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter I At that hour, we had to go to the bedroom where the nurse or maidAutobiography, 58:Gospel. My first job each morning, after a quiet hour under a tree in the fields with my Bible, wasAutobiography, 74:to come down to the Soldiers Home at a certain hour. For some reason, none of them was on duty andAutobiography, 84:thought of hell. Suddenly at the end of half an hour I discovered I had no audience. One by oneAutobiography, 199:York at that time who charged $500 for a half hour appointment and she had a waiting list. I'llAutobiography, 210:about the things that matter." We spent about an hour talking about things spiritual and the needAutobiography, 251:possibility that the war might even at that late hour be averted. Many will remember that campaignAutobiography, 302:on how we respond to spiritual stimuli in the hour of crisis. It is abundantly clear that God'sAutobiography, 304:for us the most significant fact of the present hour. We do not stand alone. Our efforts areBethlehem, ix:withdrawn, Ye could not watch with me one little hour Until the Dawn! So many sought my crib atBethlehem, 34:Today we stand at the very verge of the birth hour of the racial Christ, and out from the darknessBethlehem, 83:are now alive with potentiality. The hour is upon us. The human soul must hear the challenge of theBethlehem, 152:but slowly and surely emerging. At the present hour a large number of mankind are engaged in theBethlehem, 189:is moaning in the pangs of childbirth until this hour. And more than that, we ourselves, though weDestiny, 122:upon earth. But the time is not yet and the hour for such usages has not arrived. The sense of timeDestiny, 122:of time and the understanding of the correct hour for the carrying out of the Plan in its futureDiscipleship1, 30:work for you need not, therefore keep the exact hour of the Full Moon, unless this is easilyDiscipleship1, 30:for you to make your approach at the exact hour of the Full Moon, though you can at that hourDiscipleship1, 30:hour of the Full Moon, though you can at that hour always - silently and interiorly - lift up yourDiscipleship1, 30:your heart and eyes to the Eternal. But at some hour during the preceding twelve hours, you canDiscipleship1, 55:pay for the opportunity to meet the need of the hour. The hardest organized push of the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 86:unnecessary and inadequate to the need of the hour, and for the reception of the power from on highDiscipleship1, 101:than death and pain. We know that this is the hour of humanity's greatest opportunity and that ifDiscipleship1, 124:you to identify yourself with the problem of the hour, so occupied were you with the Hierarchy, itsDiscipleship1, 124:spiritual possibility in the service of the hour. This you have learnt to do in no small measure,Discipleship1, 143:work and time is needed by the world in this hour of urgency. All problems are susceptible of twoDiscipleship1, 162:taken each morning with regularity at the hour of 8 A. M. would give you not only the joy you needDiscipleship1, 194:my brother, to do this at night, if the hour, fatigue or your duties should render it inconvenient.Discipleship1, 217:whatever for discouragement. Today, in this hour of world stress and need, we are looking forDiscipleship1, 253:only evidence interest in the self during the hour of the evening review which I would ask youDiscipleship1, 281:of each day your servants, exacting from each hour its full quota of work or rest, without theDiscipleship1, 311:For you, the consecrated pen, the dedicated hour, the quickness to seize an opportunity for aDiscipleship1, 313:of the Lord is not for all at the same moment or hour of the day. Each knows his hour. Your hour isDiscipleship1, 313:same moment or hour of the day. Each knows his hour. Your hour is now. So, brother, close the door.Discipleship1, 313:or hour of the day. Each knows his hour. Your hour is now. So, brother, close the door. Remember,Discipleship1, 363:months work only one day at a time, making each hour of each day as beautiful and as selfless asDiscipleship1, 369:played upon the outer plain. And yet at every hour, his thought was focused in the Middle ChamberDiscipleship1, 372:ask you to take much time each Sunday (for an hour at least) in the attempt to contact my aura and,Discipleship1, 384:One day at a time, perfectly lived, with each hour beautifully rounded out, is your soleDiscipleship1, 426:constancy) is of more importance than half an hour of intense meditation. Bear this in mind.Discipleship1, 479:world's need and in the magnitude of humanity's hour, take hold of your problem; learn to love andDiscipleship1, 489:and difficulty. So now, my brother, in this hour of strenuous world tension and of bafflingDiscipleship1, 505:your way. You have to make the realization of an hour, the habit of a lifetime. As you know,Discipleship1, 507:therefore upon love. Say to yourself each hour - if you can develop that time consciousness - IDiscipleship1, 507:you. Sit still every day without fail for one hour, [508] refusing to interrupt that hour's silenceDiscipleship1, 508:for one hour, [508] refusing to interrupt that hour's silence and stillness. Simply relax, rest,Discipleship1, 508:may be more potent than you think. It is an hour for thinking love; for pondering upon the sourceDiscipleship1, 510:B.) Be more strict in the keeping of your quiet hour. Build then your tower of ivory and may theDiscipleship1, 513:in a practical manner. For a while it will be an hour by hour and day by day fight; but the powerDiscipleship1, 513:manner. For a while it will be an hour by hour and day by day fight; but the power of your soul isDiscipleship1, 568:horizontal and expandingly inclusive, for the hour of the world's emergency is upon us and who canDiscipleship1, 592:by brief and potent contacts, making each hour spent with them to count and to be of value, andDiscipleship1, 620:moment in human history and its darkest hour. Be thankful you have got a vision but waste not timeDiscipleship1, 719:to do with their groups of disciples in this hour of world crisis. This is a matter of paramountDiscipleship1, 783:faint possibility that the war even at that late hour might be averted. Many will remember thatDiscipleship2, 15:to that of May. I ask you, at no matter what hour the [16] full moon each month may fall, toDiscipleship2, 16:each month may fall, to endeavor to keep half an hour free so that you can attempt to enter into myDiscipleship2, 26:at the noonday recollection, and at the sunset hour of contact. This means - if you followDiscipleship2, 26:and that you do it consciously. Then at some hour in the day of the full moon, but prior to theDiscipleship2, 26:the day of the full moon, but prior to the exact hour if that hour is not possible, follow theDiscipleship2, 26:full moon, but prior to the exact hour if that hour is not possible, follow the procedure outlinedDiscipleship2, 29:no sign of its immediate lessening; the darkest hour of human life is upon us and it frequentlyDiscipleship2, 42:daily and in all relations - to the need of the hour and to the service of mankind; it takesDiscipleship2, 44:his affairs and his time to the need of the hour, particularly during a phase of group, national orDiscipleship2, 489:facility in doing this exercise is achieved, the hour of death will find you automatically andDiscipleship2, 547:the clock of time look for the sounding of the hour. What hour is that? As the minutes tick awayDiscipleship2, 547:of time look for the sounding of the hour. What hour is that? As the minutes tick away the passingDiscipleship2, 547:is that? As the minutes tick away the passing hour, watch for the minute when My voice is heard.Discipleship2, 598:is quite correct when she says that your major hour of opportunity is now upon you as slowly sheDiscipleship2, 639:is your affair), and make your life count in the hour of humanity's need. I have the followingDiscipleship2, 647:before rising. At noon. At sunset, whatever hour that may be. On retiring at night. At the time ofDiscipleship2, 648:fear. Through it, I may not pass. And from this hour and henceforth upon the Way, I seek to Be. IExternalisation, 7:path and the path of discipleship. It is the hour wherein a clarion call goes forth to man to be ofExternalisation, 7:deliverance is on the way. But it is also the hour of danger and of menace for the unwary and theExternalisation, 79:Trend of Human Destiny Wesak, May 1939 In this hour of crisis, anxiety and suspense, it has seemedExternalisation, 173:to our planet. Great Forces are awaiting the hour when They can function as the Liberators and theExternalisation, 184:would leave humanity defenceless in its hour of need and hand men over to the rule of Hitler;Externalisation, 228:being called to the service of the race in an hour of urgency. It concerns the organizing ofExternalisation, 243:and the man of vision awakens to the need of the hour and comes down from the world of dreams, ofExternalisation, 249:of woe has come! Come forth, O Mighty One. The hour of service of the Saving Force has now arrived.Externalisation, 269:it is esoterically called), waiting until His hour comes around again and He can then issue forthExternalisation, 278:here to be evoked out of the human soul, in this hour of need, is the ability to know the Plan andExternalisation, 279:They are the ones who can and do hold back the hour of liberation. A spiritual fluidity, aExternalisation, 295:grips. Humanity stands apparently at its darkest hour. But the cry is going forth for aid, forExternalisation, 321:precedent, all bear constant witness. His hour is near, provided the needed steps in preparationExternalisation, 353:a dream but not often a fact. Today, in the hour of the world's need, aspirants and disciples whoExternalisation, 354:country and for your fellowmen in humanity's hour of need. There must be steadiness, selflessnessExternalisation, 381:mobilizing all his forces for the service of the hour. A truly compassionate heart is notExternalisation, 381:great as we are led to believe, if this is the hour of man's extremity, if the issues are so greatExternalisation, 404:Today the Christ and the Buddha wait until the hour strikes. Then Their united effort, plus the
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