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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOURS

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Atom, 111:man, or the professional man, who, during his hours of work, is one-pointedly centered upon theAtom, 127:is active when out of the physical body, in the hours of sleep or immediately after death. Very fewAtom, 128:hour of the day, and not for just about fourteen hours out of every twenty-four. At present weAtom, 128:of where the real thinking entity is during the hours of sleep. We do not know what his activitiesAutobiography, 9:joy and of uneventual peace and happiness. Our hours of stress and strain appear to affect ourAutobiography, 9:agent of all events) far more than do the untold hours of ordinary living. If we could but realizeAutobiography, 9:could but realize it, those placid, uneventful hours always, in the last analysis, predominate.Autobiography, 9:in the last analysis, predominate. They are the hours, days, weeks and months in which characterAutobiography, 10:back over my childhood, it is not the countless hours of uneventful happiness, the moments ofAutobiography, 10:in my memory, but moments of crisis and the hours when I was utterly miserable and the times whenAutobiography, 28:very real culture. There was time to read and hours for interesting conversation. In the autumn, weAutobiography, 33:do know that I kept them out of mischief for two hours each Sunday morning. During those days andAutobiography, 76:interfere. I played hymns on the harmonium for hours and these I could almost play by heart. I hadAutobiography, 93:next thing I recollect was waking up seventeen hours later to find Miss Schofield's face on oneAutobiography, 97:the lace curtain and laughing. We talked for two hours and she told me to leave the matter to her,Autobiography, 98:that he could for me, sitting up sometimes for hours looking after me, but I got so ill that theAutobiography, 127:a neighbor, I went out into the woods alone. For hours I lay on my face wrestling with my problemAutobiography, 135:me very well) that I never needed more than four hours sleep a night and he was entirely right. ToAutobiography, 137:little as people may realize it. I regard the hours of study that I expended over it as some of theAutobiography, 137:I expended over it as some of the most valuable hours of my life and the background and knowledgeAutobiography, 167:for the Tibetan, I had to write at regular hours and it was clear, concise, definite dictation. ItAutobiography, 191:to meet every Tuesday afternoon after business hours to talk about the things that mattered, toAutobiography, 204:on this point. But I often regretted my lost hours of sleep. The three girls never gave me any realAutobiography, 207:ill in England some years ago and within a few hours she cabled me 500 as she knew I was ill andAutobiography, 222:they live and what [222] they do at different hours of the day. So we were going to stroll aboutBethlehem, 219:"darkness on the face of the earth" for three hours. This is a most significant interlude. From theBethlehem, 219:the perfect Man, hung upon the Cross for "three hours," and in that time each of the three aspectsBethlehem, 219:perfection and realization. Then for three long hours He wrestled in the dark with the problem ofBethlehem, 222:and there was silence and darkness for three hours. Then was uttered that stupendous Word whichDiscipleship1, 30:for the next few years to keep the twelve hours prior to the Full Moon of each month open forDiscipleship1, 30:so that at any time during that twelve hours, the world servers and disciples can make an attemptDiscipleship1, 30:But at some hour during the preceding twelve hours, you can make your approach. When you do soDiscipleship1, 141:etc. You may find that in the coming years, your hours of sleep will be less. This will be good,Discipleship1, 143:to lay upon the need for sun and air. Too long hours of sleep increase the drainage of vitality.Discipleship1, 143:and fits it for the next day's work, but eight hours' sleeps each night suffices you. Your trueDiscipleship1, 194:aware of the dreams and experiences in the hours of sleep. Remember ever, however, that these alsoDiscipleship1, 194:it inconvenient. Do it once in the twenty-four hours and do it with care. Disciples everywhere haveDiscipleship1, 196:long as you do it once within each twenty-four hours, taking one or two of the questions in theDiscipleship1, 256:with its high moments, its dark and depressed hours (I speak not in terms of emotional reaction butDiscipleship1, 269:moments when the uniform activity climaxes into hours of dynamic crisis. Then one cycle of workDiscipleship1, 281:Be the ruler of your time and make the hours of each day your servants, exacting from each hour itsDiscipleship1, 285:from me subjectively [285] and during the hours of sleep. That which you can bring through intoDiscipleship1, 288:to conserve and organize the fifth gift of days, hours and minutes (those priceless gifts!) is yourDiscipleship1, 324:value and of as true usefulness as e'en those hours when the technique of the Presence entered intoDiscipleship1, 346:dynamic, rhythmic contact every twenty-four hours. Then the momentum set up should suffice to carryDiscipleship1, 351:That the group, could meet - at certain stated hours on [352] certain stated days, sitting aloneDiscipleship1, 392:each newborn day, which holds within its sealed hours ordered responsibility, each morn I stand. IDiscipleship1, 417:understanding will do more true good than long hours of talk. See as many people but give them lessDiscipleship1, 432:descend upon you. Your task is to fill the hours of other people with indicated service, which isDiscipleship1, 513:which leaves you no time for the moments and hours of suspicion which blight so many lives. TheseDiscipleship1, 563:Do you not know that the minutes mount into hours, as the disciple wrestles with himself in orderDiscipleship1, 563:Ask A. A. B. She knows the meaning of those lost hours and can help you there. Remember, also,Discipleship1, 603:which I have accomplished during the past few hours, has it been clearly understood by me? Have IDiscipleship1, 604:thus analyzed the activities of the past few hours, then dedicate them to the service of theDiscipleship1, 609:that work for us embraces many things, e'en hours of relaxation, and it most certainly necessitatesDiscipleship2, 54:in the light." Then, there were the twelve hours on the day of the full moon, wherein a consciouslyDiscipleship2, 488:whom they have been associated) in [488] the hours of sleep; there is still the reception ofDiscipleship2, 489:the heart is not involved. The aim is, for a few hours and whilst clothed in the astral and mentalDiscipleship2, 547:to Disciples - I.B.S. August 1942 As the hours of service pass around the clock of time look forDiscipleship2, 563:of withdrawal, [563] for the space of several hours as we count them on Earth, from his body ofDiscipleship2, 692:processes. Hence, another reason for the long hours by yourself which characterize your life atDiscipleship2, 696:in the Ashram you so much love. In your hours of loneliness, and when you realize that life for youExternalisation, 19:following of intensive meditation processes for hours at a time, or against practices which haveExternalisation, 19:a fanatical diet, the curtailing of the hours of sleep or undue interest in and emphasis uponExternalisation, 19:work. Let them refrain from prolonged hours of study and of meditation. Their bodies are as yetExternalisation, 81:and fresh definiteness and to hold it during the hours of service which lie ahead each day. ThisExternalisation, 289:the ages and at each human crisis, always in the hours of necessity, at the founding of a new race,Externalisation, 381:time for themselves, or they waste many valuable hours doing those things which yield no realExternalisation, 391:armies, factories working in shifts twenty-four hours a day, seething migrations and deportationsExternalisation, 606:are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hours of the Christ was not in those spent upon theExternalisation, 620:so much time to the care of himself that the hours which could be given to the Master's work areExternalisation, 621:with taking care of themselves, and so waste hours of the time which could be given to the serviceExternalisation, 621:the Path of Discipleship to release those many hours spent in needless self-care into the serviceExternalisation, 621:it is responsible for the loss of millions of hours of world service. Externalisation, 621:use the language of the labor union) so many man-hours and so much overtime endeavor that the taskExternalisation, 684:are ceaselessly glued to the printed page at all hours of the day or night; the ears of otherFire, 111:seasons which correspond in the planet to the hours of man's temporary repose, or pralaya. TheFire, 939:from the centers, and functions for a few hours in the etheric double. This in turn is devitalized,Glamour, 70:immersion in glamor and fog, alternating with hours of clarity and vision. Healing, 441:it impossible [441] to vision the time when the hours spent on the death bed may be but a gloriousHealing, 444:people are apt to forget that every night in the hours of sleep we die to the physical plane andHealing, 447:at once recognizes as not new. In his sleeping hours he has developed a field of active service andHealing, 447:functions in it for the entire twenty-four hours (talking in terms of physical plane time) insteadHealing, 447:plane time) instead of for his usual few hours of earthly sleep. - Pages 300-301. A Treatise onHealing, 470:body, thus bringing about the release in a few hours instead of a few days; it also is a muchHealing, 484:The family of the dead person need a few hours in which to adjust themselves to the fact of theHealing, 485:cremation should follow death within thirty-six hours; where no reason for delay exists, cremationHealing, 485:cremation can be rightly permitted in twelve hours. It is wise, however, to wait twelve hours inHealing, 485:hours. It is wise, however, to wait twelve hours in order to ensure true death. [486] Healing, 563:[563] responds - even when unconscious in the hours of sleep - to astral control. The cure, as youHealing, 702:for the healing task by a minimum of five hours of most careful preparation, related to his mind,Healing, 702:mind, the thinking apparatus. I mean not five hours of consecutive mental control and reflection,Hercules, 215:diurnal course, when the divisions marked the hours of the day and night." Astrology, the LinkHercules, 217:set, a new sign being on the ascendant every two hours on an average; so, as the result of theInitiation, 64:disciples and those on probation, between the hours of ten and five every night in all parts of theInitiation, 64:as in the big Universities, - classes at certain hours, experimental work, examinations, and a [65]Intellect, 233:will carry the aspirant much farther than hours of effort given three or four times a month. It hasMagic, 18:at death, partially withdraws in the hours of sleep or of unconsciousness, and which seems to useMagic, 170:brain as it has been participated in during the hours of sleep. Magic, 239:practical question: How many of the torturing hours have been expended on realities and on tangible
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