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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOURS

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Magic, 301:at once recognizes as not new. In his sleeping hours he has developed a field of active service andMagic, 301:functions in it for the entire twenty-four hours (talking in terms of physical plane time) insteadMagic, 301:plane time) instead of for his usual few hours of earthly sleep. As time progresses and before theMagic, 423:of man's being during the entire twenty-four hours of the day. As yet this is far from being theMagic, 424:is no real awareness of existence during the hours of sleep. The dream life as related is as fullMagic, 477:is at its height, and we have speeches at all hours of the day and night; we have the utilizationMagic, 494:are apt to forget that every night, in the hours of sleep, we die to the physical plane and areMagic, 499:Is it impossible to vision the time when the hours spent on the death bed may be but a gloriousMagic, 581:or unknowingly, throughout the twenty-four hours of the day. The field of our occult training isMagic, 590:the centers there should be the possibility of hours of seclusion and of freedom from interruption.Magic, 621:undue suffering and those painful cleavages and hours of agony which attract more attention thanMeditation, 2:only at intervals, - in moments of stress, in hours of needed humanitarian effort and in times ofMeditation, 60:through hardly won victories, and the bitter hours that succeed defeat - adjusts himself to theMeditation, 105:problem more carefully, if they took the needed hours of sleep with more determination, and if theyMeditation, 113:the careful following of specific forms for many hours each day for many days. The occidental hasMeditation, 127:entity may be supposed to be absent during the hours of sleep. These mantrams will call the realMeditation, 138:body physical, and play whenever possible. In hours of relaxation comes the adjustment thatMeditation, 190:is the thing needed in this one of the darkest hours of the Kali Yuga. The knowers are as yet few.Meditation, 316:reminiscence of work undertaken during the hours of sleep, and the recovering of the memory of pastMeditation, 326:be likewise divided into set times, the earlier hours being those in which the more abstract andMeditation, 327:his final year he will be expected to give five hours a day to meditation. When he can do this andMeditation, 327:It is the great test and mark of readiness. The hours of the school will begin with sunrise and endMeditation, 335:By sleep. This should be always between the hours of ten in the evening and five in the morning,Meditation, 345:that each day contains but twenty-four hours and that his capacity contains but the expenditure ofPatanjali, 262:work is done at certain specific and stated hours are of exceeding value, particularly in the earlyPatanjali, 278:are events and happenings and not the individual hours and seconds. Through the instinctual life.Patanjali, 420:of reflection, all affirmative exercises, all hours of recollection of one's true nature are meansProblems, 66:man power from the grueling labor and the long hours today required in order to provide a livingProblems, 76:going on; gains are steadily being made; shorter hours and better pay are constantly being demandedPsychology1, 188:of your money so that others can. Give of your hours and minutes of leisure so as to set othersPsychology2, 74:it is carried over a period of years instead of hours. This thought merits consideration. ThisPsychology2, 452:than the average person can do in two or three hours of time. An upheaval in the personality lifePsychology2, 489:quite ignorant) is remembered in the waking hours of consciousness and interpreted by the neophytePsychology2, 499:is usually found present only in the first two hours of sleep and for about one hour prior toPsychology2, 500:concerns, etc., etc. of the waking [500] hours are still agitating the brain cells, but thePsychology2, 500:of the sights and sounds encountered in the hours of sleep upon the astral plane. It is on thisPsychology2, 502:a sight or experience which was witnessed in the hours of sleep but with which the man has no realPsychology2, 502:to pursue ordered activity at night or in the hours of sleep. Then the man can impress the physicalPsychology2, 503:have been recorded by the brain, during waking hours. They are, nevertheless, only partial recordsPsychology2, 503:in the experience of the man during the hours of sleep. The ability of the subject to bring throughPsychology2, 506:presentations of teaching received in the hours of sleep by aspirants and disciples in the Hall ofPsychology2, 508:friend's mind but is often only recovered in the hours of sleep and is brought through in thePsychology2, 509:soul contact. They can express themselves in the hours of sleep and also during the meditationPsychology2, 609:soul withdraws the consciousness aspect in the hours of sleep and the consciousness aspect plus thePsychology2, 693:for the public at some time during the eighteen hours which precede and include the time of thePsychology2, 693:at some time during the preceding eighteen hours, thus laying the foundation for and aiding in thePsychology2, 694:Festival, and intensified during the twenty four hours preceding the full moon, there can grow theRays, 545:of Initiation Occasionally in the disciple's hours of meditation, at a moment of great tension orRays, 696:of a protracted nature, its last "three hours" according to the Bible story, typifying the threeReappearance, 9:and at every great human crisis, always in the hours of necessity, at the founding of a new [10]Reappearance, 53:are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hours of the Christ was not that spent upon theReappearance, 76:Messengers Who - from time to time, in the hours of human crisis - have come forth from the secretReappearance, 167:so much time to the care of himself that the hours which could be given to the Master's work areReappearance, 168:with taking care of themselves, and so waste hours of the time which could be given to the serviceReappearance, 168:Path of Discipleship should release those many hours spent in needless self-care into the serviceReappearance, 168:it is responsible for the loss of millions of hours of world service. There are other alibis, butReappearance, 168:would bring to the service of the Christ so many hours and so much overtime endeavor that the task
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