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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HOUSES

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Astrology, 6:to the various planets as they govern the houses in his horoscope and he believes that his lifeAstrology, 15:from their different "stations" in the twelve houses of his horoscope. There are two ways in whichAstrology, 26:rays and the planets as they govern the twelve houses of expression. As we ponder and think and asAstrology, 30:by the position of the planets in the twelve houses. Average intelligent humanity and those nearingAstrology, 51:that the twelve planets, governing the twelve houses, concern primarily the physical planeAstrology, 54:we live) and pour into the symbolic "twelve houses" through their medium. It is for this reasonAstrology, 83:fights for his spiritual life, in all the twelve houses and all the twelve constellations,Astrology, 89:by the position of the planets in the twelve houses and they are, in their turn, conditioned byAstrology, 90:of planetary influences in the twelve houses. I question whether there is any living astrologerAstrology, 112:the personality career and the twelve planetary houses are of dominant importance. Later theAstrology, 186:case we have Mercury and Jupiter. The twelve houses governed by the planets are likewise of primeAstrology, 209:easily to the planetary influences in the twelve houses of his personality horoscope than does theAstrology, 302:reincarnation - the repositories or the storing houses of the experiences undergone during life inAstrology, 464:soul, the paramount consideration of the twelve houses (which are now of such importance) will beAstrology, 464:up the theme of the three Crosses. The twelve houses concern the personality. The four arms of theAstrology, 480:of the soul. This will eventually supersede the houses in the horoscope and the 12 arms of theAstrology, 480:the three crosses will take the place of the 12 houses when casting the horoscope of the soul. IAstrology, 506:into consideration (when dealing with the twelve houses or mansions of the soul) whether the planetAstrology, 507:the first, the fourth, the fifth and the eighth houses in the lesser zodiac. Our Earth is also aAstrology, 508:to passing on to the Probationary Path. The four houses, governed by the four non-sacred planetsAstrology, 508:non-sacred planets (not counting the Sun) are "houses of the personality, mundanely oriented" andAstrology, 508:reason is not far to seek. The seven remaining houses, governed by the seven sacred planets are notAstrology, 509:Neptune are rulers of the eleventh and twelfth houses, and govern Aquarius and Pisces. TheAstrology, 509:to you. It is not my intention to deal with the houses in detail. Modern astrologers have workedAstrology, 510:out relatively [510] satisfactorily, for the houses concern the prison of the soul and itsAstrology, 510:to the material realities for which the houses stand. For instance, I will give you some idea ofAstrology, 511:correspondences in connection with the first two houses: First House: Physical body or form - TheAstrology, 511:- Acquisition of spiritual powers. The other ten houses you can work out for yourselves. It isAstrology, 513:man lives within the limitations of the twelve houses. 7. The horoscope built up around the risingAstrology, 514:the esoteric planetary rulers via the twelve houses. 8. The Sun sign, governed by the rulingAstrology, 539:an amazing manner, plus an appreciation of the houses in which these effects will primarily beAstrology, 540:which are influenced by the rulers of certain houses. The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order orAstrology, 637:specially connected with the Earth and twelve houses, but the possible combination of their aspectsAstrology, 642:specially connected with the Earth, and twelve houses, but the possible combinations of theirAutobiography, 13:I visited for weeks at a time in many great houses; yet I have worked as a factory hand to supportAutobiography, 24:do not. Moor Park was one of those large English houses which should not be homey in any way andAutobiography, 44:this. I had gone to stay at one of the great houses in England, taking my maid with me. Needless toAutobiography, 107:that prominent white men and congressmen in both Houses and parties left off yelling for democracyAutobiography, 111:a small, six-room bungalow between two larger houses, one of which housed twelve children and theirAutobiography, 217:in Europe and elsewhere. She had these lovely houses, this lecture hall and these beautiful groundsAutobiography, 226:the girls behind in England where we rented houses when needed and where one house, Ospringe PlaceAutobiography, 248:she tell you the names of the planets and the houses which they rule. I am, therefore, entirelyDiscipleship1, 780:she tell you the names of the planets with the houses which they rule. I am, therefore, entirelyExternalisation, 301:of all old and limiting forms and of that which houses evil. Their work will, therefore, fall intoExternalisation, 427:but of stupid thinking. These men - in the houses of legislature in the various United Nations, inExternalisation, 437:the Christ must deal. Several of them are as houses divided against themselves. Such are Poland,Healing, 183:column (from the angle of the esoteric sciences) houses a threefold thread. This is theInitiation, 54:and the sixth root-race comes into being. The houses in which they both dwell are close together,Magic, 523:ultimately be released. All books are prison houses of ideas, and only when speech and writing areMagic, 534:lives on into ever more educational prison houses. Finally the time arrives when the Principle ofPsychology1, 50:indeed known in its true nature as that which "houses" the Light. Thus the Shekinah will shineReappearance, 97:is an artificer in timber or a builder of wooden houses. This is the true meaning of the BiblicalTelepathy, 177:(another form) is probably one of many similar houses, placed the one on top of another or else
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