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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Astrology, 331:will differ in every sign, thus rounding out human development. Here again is a point whichAstrology, 333:of the opposites Balance attained. Divine Love Human love Devotion and aspiration Understanding 8.Astrology, 334:the zodiac and these all definitely affect the human family and the unit in that family also. AAstrology, 335:clearer understanding: Of ordinary, individual, human beings. Of group beginnings. Of theAstrology, 336:- vast as in a solar system, microcosmic as in a human being, and minute as in an atom or a cell -Astrology, 340:the soul in the three worlds of experience and human expression. The power of Venus in this signAstrology, 345:of a solar system, of a planet and of a human being. The field of development for the lower threeAstrology, 345:sometimes makes the sixth month of physical human gestation so critical. Pisces - This is the lifeAstrology, 347:when considering the horoscopes of advanced human beings or esoteric groups, but eventually - whenAstrology, 348:eternally remain from the point of view of human reason, but to the initiate whose intuition isAstrology, 350:of the planet, of a kingdom in nature or of a human being. Mercury plays a part in this. The FixedAstrology, 353:will come and true healing in all departments of human living through a proper understanding of theAstrology, 353:life, analyzing and distinguishing between the human self and the not-self and emphasizing the "meAstrology, 355:kingdom in nature, thus producing the fourth or human kingdom. Between these two the influencesAstrology, 355:and purpose in connection with both the major human crises: Individualization and Initiation. ItAstrology, 358:self, between the form-consciousness (planetary, human and subhuman) and the soul within all forms.Astrology, 359:our present point of planetary development and human consciousness. Its true significance will notAstrology, 360:itself. This initiates the struggle which, in a human being, is consciously realized as beingAstrology, 361:effect of both these clarifications will be human liberation. These facts are being slowly realizedAstrology, 363:effect) of the ray influence, just as in the human being the physical body is the effect of theAstrology, 368:- Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio Are strictly human signs with their recognition of duality,Astrology, 370:This fact is, as yet, an impossible one for the human consciousness to grasp. The complexityAstrology, 371:it in The New Testament, was the effort of the human will (hitherto animated by, or expressedAstrology, 372:and the demand, so universally voiced, that human conditions may be more truly enlightened, moreAstrology, 372:between the great center at Shamballa and the human center is a steadily growing fact, registeredAstrology, 373:anxiety and distress can lead to a reversal of human orientation upon the wheel of life, just as itAstrology, 374:and the new modes of expressing world synthesis, human interests and the world religion, soAstrology, 374:reversal of the wheel of life for those in the human family who are ready (and their numbers areAstrology, 377:and which indicates also the secret of right human relations. One reaction produces the onward rushAstrology, 378:of the outer body of humanity, viewing all human beings as a unit. Again, gold is the symbol whichAstrology, 382:sign for humanity and [382] the one in which the human being reaches the depths or attains theAstrology, 383:may prove eventually to be lies beyond ordinary human understanding but some idea of it may beAstrology, 383:of the Earth's alter ego to the world of human life will only be revealed at the third initiation,Astrology, 385:place, down in the crypts of the Temple - the human being goes. But into that same place, the newAstrology, 385:expression of the natural world (from the human angle). He is the one who goes down into the depthsAstrology, 386:"the depths from which supply must come," under human control. In the present war, Vulcan isAstrology, 386:in which the mineral kingdom is used against the human. Humanity had gone down into the caves andAstrology, 389:also merit consideration. [389] The average human being may consider desire as subjective becauseAstrology, 407:The Triangles and the Centers - planetary and human. I have analyzed here the point reached in ourAstrology, 408:present world crisis - though precipitated by human [409] error and sinfulness, by past Karma andAstrology, 411:and expansion. The careful student of human affairs will note this as he studies the events whichAstrology, 413:a planet, the fourth kingdom in nature, or a human being. I would add here a sixth reason for theAstrology, 413:present strain and stress in the response of the human family in this world crisis because it isAstrology, 424:that intricate relation which unites the human atom to the great Lives Who are the sumtotal of thatAstrology, 424:of That in which all forms - including the human - live and move and have their being is to beAstrology, 425:which engrosses the attention of the evolving human units. This is the case even when other factorsAstrology, 426:involving the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the Human Hierarchy. 2. Five signs related to theAstrology, 426:to the unfoldment, in time and space, of the Human Hierarchy. These five signs are of majorAstrology, 426:Life what five major endocrine glands are to the human being. They are related to five centers. AllAstrology, 427:the transit of energy from a major center to a human being and when the energy is finally groundedAstrology, 427:make the dominating energies, controlling the human being, to number eighteen; this holds the clueAstrology, 427:of energies in relation to the individual human being upon the planet. You have, therefore, theAstrology, 429:humanity itself is concerned. It is of value for human beings to realize that there are otherAstrology, 429:divine triple whole which we call man. When the human being is manifest but is not yet trulyAstrology, 430:horoscope. In some unusual manner (from the human angle), all that concerns the development ofAstrology, 431:one within the greater Whole (the individual human disciple. A.A.B.) likewise responded to theAstrology, 436:and relates the inner spiritual man to the outer human being in such a way that their future unityAstrology, 437:The active intelligence of man, latent in the human center. The initiatory activity of Capricorn.Astrology, 438:this resolution he shifts his focus out of the human kingdom into the fifth kingdom, the HierarchyAstrology, 438:and brotherhood will be manifest in all human relations. [439] Astrology, 439:- the hierarchical center greatly so and the human center gradually so. This first or fundamentalAstrology, 440:from Shamballa is finding direct entry into the human center instead of indirectly via theAstrology, 440:and aspirants of the world as they struggle for human liberation and to [441] bring about divineAstrology, 441:significance and also unusually emphasized in human consciousness. [442] Saturn, through whichAstrology, 443:conditions today - precipitated as they are by human greed and ignorance - are neverthelessAstrology, 444:of matter still governs in the three worlds of human experience and - "fire by friction" must burnAstrology, 447:that Leo marks the height of achievement for the human soul, and this is today stimulated by theAstrology, 449:been dealing refer to and produce changes in the human consciousness. Another series of trianglesAstrology, 450:the entire story - past, present and future - of human evolution. It accounts for the changingAstrology, 450:via Mercury, will have a dominant effect in the human kingdom - itself a planetary center. TheAstrology, 452:to say about the response of the centers in the human being to the activity of the planetaryAstrology, 452:of cosmic, zodiacal, systemic, planetary and human interplay which in its turn constitutes a greatAstrology, 453:trained initiate takes the place of the present human awareness, [454] then these debated pointsAstrology, 454:to the one at the base of the spine in the human being will not be awakened until the seventhAstrology, 455:awakening. The focal point of personality. The human kingdom, the fourth kingdom in nature. ThroatAstrology, 456:of the deva, or angel, line which parallels the human and to which I referred in A Treatise onAstrology, 457:who are dealing with and influencing current human affairs in this time of momentous crisis. TheseAstrology, 459:aspiration and orientation of the entity (human or national); it can express soul purpose orAstrology, 460:or an individual or one of the centers in the human etheric body. A close study of these energyAstrology, 462:or secondary triangle in the three worlds of human endeavor (or in the five worlds in the case ofAstrology, 467:relation to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human, and to our Earth in this fourth round. InAstrology, 469:these influences are playing upon that aspect of human life which we call the Monad; they will,Astrology, 470:and increasingly with the unfoldment of human consciousness in three main aspects. There is theAstrology, 471:into one sign. Then as the dualism of the human spirit (spirit-matter) became a fact in theAstrology, 471:through and producing effects upon those in the human family who not only respond to the Leo forceAstrology, 472:seven great crises in connection with the human being upon the path of evolution; they cover theAstrology, 472:are not so intimately concerned with the mass human crises but are more definitely and specificallyAstrology, 472:the seven constellations which produce the great human crises; it also completes the final unitedAstrology, 473:formation of groups in every department [473] of human living and so laid the foundation for theAstrology, 475:enable the disciple to escape out of the human kingdom into the kingdom of souls. We haveAstrology, 477:the needed changes for that expression, and human consciousness is brought into the required stateAstrology, 478:the need for the approach of the integrated human being to this science because only the man who isAstrology, 481:and transform our Earth (through the agency of human thought, reacting to zodiacal influences) intoAstrology, 483:rays and the three minor rays which condition a human being in manifestation. These are the fiveAstrology, 484:which affect the consciousness aspect of the human being, and condition the personality life. ThisAstrology, 484:and in this world cycle producing effects in the human consciousness. These effects are of twoAstrology, 486:changes and giving a tremendous push onward to human unfoldment. Astrology, 487:past the crisis of individualization. Later in human history, when the point of balance wasAstrology, 492:effort, as I earlier pointed out. Throughout human evolution, this major triangle governs theAstrology, 492:and the approach of that Hierarchy to the human center of energy. Let me recall to your attention
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