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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Atom, 83:and is as follows: Man is "an individual of the human race," and then follows a long list ofAtom, 84:of evolution, and we will then find that the human being is the logical sequence that grows out ofAtom, 85:the stupendous combination and consummation, the human being. He synthesizes and blends the threeAtom, 86:other atoms in the formation of a group, so the human atom equally has to find his place within aAtom, 86:is the method of the evolutionary process for a human being. We have seen that in him the threeAtom, 87:appear. You will have, in the early stages of human evolution, that which we might call the atomicAtom, 88:and of the utilization ever more potently by the human atom of its own internal atomic force. TheAtom, 88:of its own internal atomic force. The infant human being rebels against the enforced guardianshipAtom, 88:begins to make itself felt. Thus the human atom finds its place within the group, the larger unitAtom, 90:What is, therefore, the goal for the human atom, who is already self-conscious, who is alreadyAtom, 91:may some day achieve the consciousness of a human being? May it not be that this is what BrowningAtom, 92:of the Heavenly Man, is the goal for the human being, so for him, also, there may be a goal, andAtom, 92:atom and all atomic forms; secondly, the human atom; then, the planetary atom; and [93] finally,Atom, 93:the higher animals, then that life which we call human, that of man, the thinker; next, theAtom, 93:the gradual expansion of the consciousness of a human being into something greater and vaster inAtom, 98:holds [98] the form unified. Then we studied the human being, or man, and noted how in him all theAtom, 98:form, and showing the quality of mind; but the human atom may also be considered as a centralAtom, 98:the atom, if we were right in considering the human being as an atom, then we might extend thisAtom, 100:consciousness, and from the standpoint of the human being is the consciousness of God, Who containsAtom, 100:have seen that we must consider the atom in the human body as a little entity, a tiny, intelligentAtom, 101:be predicated not only of the animal and of the human being, but that it must be recognized also asAtom, 102:and to murder it, much as you can murder a human being. The fact that flowers have consciousness isAtom, 103:not all life and consciousness is similar to the human," and it also emphasizes the fact that "vastAtom, 103:evolutionary development of consciousness in a human being is but a repetition on a higher turn ofAtom, 104:In the world at present can be seen the human family at the atomic stage of manifestation, leadingAtom, 104:to thought currents of various kinds in human affairs, and conscious of contacts of every kind;Atom, 104:form stage, and see how the consciousness of the human being develops, bearing ever in mind [105]Atom, 105:develops, bearing ever in mind [105] that in the human atom is stored up all that has been gainedAtom, 105:the attainment of self-consciousness. For the human being the goal is a greater Consciousness, andAtom, 105:it is the stage in which the majority of the human family find themselves. In it we pass throughAtom, 106:and one of essential value to every unit of the human family. The realization of this, therefore,Atom, 109:evolutionary development of consciousness the human atom has likewise to reach a point where itAtom, 109:This is the stage which a great number of the human family are now approaching. Men are realizing,Atom, 109:realizations which will prove invaluable to the human race. The indication is therefore to be foundAtom, 115:of the animal expanded into that of the human being, still another great initiation took place. AllAtom, 115:an expansion of consciousness. Ahead of the human family lies now the fifth, or spiritual kingdom,Atom, 121:life which goes to the constitution of the human form, we had a correspondence to theAtom, 121:correspondence to the self-consciousness of the human being; that the life of the physical body,Atom, 121:and its relation to man, the thinker, to the human atom, regarding it as a unit within a stillAtom, 122:are on the eve of profound revelations. In the human being, as he evolves and develops, these twoAtom, 123:we consider the affairs of the world as due to human activity. The world war, for instance, isAtom, 123:is frequently regarded as the result of human mistakes and frailties. Perhaps this is so, forAtom, 123:is so, for undoubtedly economic conditions and human ambitions may have been very largely concernedAtom, 124:may be expected as the consciousness within the human atom evolves. I should like to center ourAtom, 124:I should like to center our attention upon this human type of consciousness, as it is the centralAtom, 125:manifested during a life cycle, whether solar or human. That is true of you and it is true of me;Atom, 125:four types of atoms - the atom of substance, the human atom, the planetary atom, and the cosmicAtom, 127:of sleep or immediately after death. Very few human beings can function on the mental plane inAtom, 131:energy. Then paralleling the evolution of the human being again, we can look for man to dominateAtom, 133:interesting happening in connection with the human family to take place, for the moment groupAtom, 135:To be capable of being inspired means that a human mind has reached a stage in his evolution whereAtom, 143:the atom of substance, then we studied the human atom, and later we applied what we knew about bothAtom, 144:to show itself, and that when we arrived at the human atom, we had three aspects demonstrating -Atom, 145:is consistently evolved by each atom; that the human consciousness is distinguished from all otherAtom, 145:the world between the different thinkers of the human family. These differences are founded largelyAtom, 147:purely atomic period, for the atom, and for the human atom, then again for the atom of the planet,Atom, 147:analogous to this in the evolution of the human atom, and that there is a period preceding [148] itAtom, 148:in the world today. A large percentage of the human family is in the atomic stage, but we mustAtom, 148:one; it is passed through by every unit of the human family in the process of finding its placeAtom, 148:In the world today there are also units of the human family who are passing into the second stage,Atom, 148:difference between them and other atoms of the human family is that they are now group conscious,Atom, 149:the evolution of the atom of substance, and the human atom, these two stages, if they are the basisAtom, 150:We must bear in mind also, that, though we human beings consider ourselves as the highest andAtom, 151:their energy on down through [151] groups of human atoms to the various kingdoms of nature, andAtom, 154:it not? This thought can be extended to the human atom, to the planetary atom, and you can furtherAutobiography, XI:otherwise have been the case. We are all very human and she was very human too. Why did she suffer?Autobiography, XI:the case. We are all very human and she was very human too. Why did she suffer? Because her chosenAutobiography, 1:among other things, to show how the world of human beings opened up to a very class-consciousAutobiography, 2:Christ, living men, and ever present factors in human affairs. Those are the things which are ofAutobiography, 4:definitely influencing mankind and raising the human consciousness. I want to point to some of theAutobiography, 4:ideas which are coming out into the world of human thought from the inner group of Masters andAutobiography, 5:I can imagine nothing more blighting to the human spirit than the theology of the past with theAutobiography, 5:I would like to do is to show how wonderful human beings are. I have lived on three continents andAutobiography, 5:A. Bailey - Introduction In the long range of human history and placed along with the world's greatAutobiography, 7:is the fundamental interest. The broad sweeps of human progress from the primeval age to the dawnAutobiography, 9:were in reality. There is a curious trait in human nature which loves to record and emphasize theAutobiography, 10:and of satisfying contact; some beauty of the human soul emerging triumphant in the face of [11]Autobiography, 40:glory of the Lord. I grasped - faintly - that human beings needed the Christ and the Buddha and allAutobiography, 50:I have also a staunch belief in the fact of the human soul and of the ability of that soul to leadAutobiography, 57:and then to put them at their ease by being just human. I have never attempted to lecture. I justAutobiography, 57:I just talk to an audience as I would to one human being. I take them into my confidence. I neverAutobiography, 61:to [61] Him. I know that the Christ life in the human heart can lead all men from death toAutobiography, 61:we are saved by His life. But I question our human techniques very often and I believe that God'sAutobiography, 66:in a continent where I did not know one single human being and I had to change not only myAutobiography, 66:At the Bombay railroad station I had a very human and educational experience. This experience goesAutobiography, 66:This experience goes to show how wonderful human beings are, which, if you will note, is one thingAutobiography, 68:idea that I would some day discover that I was a human being. He was at that time in deep watersAutobiography, 73:one afternoon and telling the soldiers how the human being naturally and normally turns towardsAutobiography, 101:to work spiritually) a greater capacity to meet human need, and to be "a strong hand in the dark"Autobiography, 109:had [109] done nothing but who was just straight human and kind and I got another peek into theAutobiography, 110:No, it was not that but simply that average human beings are kindly inside and like to help. Don'tAutobiography, 112:that I had forgotten to be Alice Evans, a human being. When Mildred was born I was very ill and itAutobiography, 123:of what he thinks God means. But it is a human, finite brain that does the thinking and has doneAutobiography, 123:has done the thinking down the ages. Hence other human and finite brains can appear and give other,Autobiography, 130:this expressed the spontaneous kindness of the human soul to people in similar difficulties toAutobiography, 130:which expresses even more fully this attitude of human kindness. One day when the lunch bell went,Autobiography, 137:and the teaching it contains has revolutionized human thought, little as people may realize it. IAutobiography, 138:I understood what it was that was happening to human thought through the publication of "The SecretAutobiography, 139:glory of God. I found that race after race of human beings had appeared and disappeared upon ourAutobiography, 141:truth. This posits an inscrutable God Who sends human souls into incarnation for one life and,
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