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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Destiny, 112:still conditioned by it (being a representative human being from the current evolutionary angle)Destiny, 112:our day and period, as a result of transmuting human quality and character in and through itsDestiny, 113:work of the Hierarchy, as it endeavors to expand human consciousness, can be demonstrated to beDestiny, 113:expressing itself, the reaction of the average human being is one of an intense devotion to his ownDestiny, 114:success of [114] the Hierarchy to shift human attention into the world from whence ideas emerge andDestiny, 114:influence is that of taste - taste in food, in human intercourse, in color, in form, in art andDestiny, 114:in art and architecture and in all branches of human knowledge. This discriminating taste hasDestiny, 114:reorientation. The consequent stimulation of the human consciousness towards expansion, leadingDestiny, 115:medium of group work. [115] The apparatus of the human being, which is the mechanism whereby theDestiny, 117:to the rapid perfecting and integration of the human personality, the higher integration betweenDestiny, 119:of expression for the soul, whether it is the human soul or the soul as an expression of the higherDestiny, 119:as this can be done with the cooperation of the human family. This has never been possibleDestiny, 120:over the initiate. Today, so many members of the human family - in incarnation or out ofDestiny, 123:and the adaptability of the animal to human contact. The rays controlling the animal kingdom areDestiny, 124:through the medium of the sixth ray. The human kingdom is governed by the fourth, the fifth andDestiny, 125:through which to work. The relation between the human and the animal kingdoms will becomeDestiny, 125:occurrences of animal mediumship under human inspiration will take place. By means of this, theDestiny, 125:one of the outstanding results of the intended human-animal relationship. There will be, as aDestiny, 125:certain types of animal bodies. Very low grade human bodies will disappear, causing a general shiftDestiny, 131:are employed to bring about results and to sweep human beings into certain forms of mass action.Destiny, 131:followed. Something of this process on a tiny human scale will be seen happening in the coming age.Destiny, 134:of all energy as it expresses itself through the human body upon the physical plane, we shall see aDestiny, 137:speed. The intensification of the life of the human center will proceed apace and this is theDestiny, 138:- the Aryan, as it expresses the first strictly human race, the Lemurian. The third plane - theDestiny, 138:esoterically considered, the vitalizing of the human center (spiritually considered) and inDestiny, 143:we can then look for a very rapid adjustment in human affairs, particularly in connection with theDestiny, 143:been adequate and that the impetus given to the human "spirit of discovery" has served its purpose.Destiny, 144:the tabulation which I gave you in Initiation, Human and Solar, and which you will find in theDestiny, 145:is rapidly emerging. In every field of human expression, men and women are becoming definitelyDestiny, 148:special work was the desire to establish right human relations; it is also the desire - realized orDestiny, 148:the Desire of all nations will come, that right human relations will be found everywhere and thatDestiny, 148:kept as a season of new beginnings, of better human contacts and of happier relations amongDestiny, 149:take place: The Birth Initiation will condition human thinking and aspiration everywhere. TheDestiny, 149:to things spiritual, their interest in human good and human welfare, the perseverance they show inDestiny, 149:spiritual, their interest in human good and human welfare, the perseverance they show in theirDestiny, 149:and desire for a true peace, based on right human relations, implemented by goodwill. This "mind asDestiny, 150:of the world - thirsty for truth, for right human relations and for loving understanding. He willDestiny, 151:is, as you must well know, the symbol of right human relations in which all men and nations willDestiny, 152:of view - will provide no barrier to right human relations. At the center of each of these picturesDiscipleship1- presents a steadily ripening and developing human mind upon which the Master can work. TheDiscipleship1, X:exists, that its Members are interested in human progress and that there is a definitely plannedDiscipleship1, X:offered by them which can lead a man out of the human kingdom into the Kingdom of God; that thisDiscipleship1, X:contacts and to individuals of which the average human being knows nothing. A second reason forDiscipleship1, XII:dedicated to service and to the alleviation of human sufferings. This is the determined goal of allDiscipleship1, XIV:lies hid much of the problem of the evolving human being. The Tibetan tells the members of hisDiscipleship1, 7:to those who know. You know also that I am in a human body, and am a resident of northern India.Discipleship1, 10:cultivate - such is the inherent selfishness of human nature; it is a difficult thing to apply toDiscipleship1, 12:think of each other as souls and not as limited human beings. [13] We have, therefore, theDiscipleship1, 18:express its intentions and they make the [18] human contacts. There are many such disciples andDiscipleship1, 19:time cycle. The present objective is that the human family should now, as a whole, do three thingsDiscipleship1, 19:faculty upon the mental plane; thus the entire human family will be transmuted into a dynamic,Discipleship1, 19:the balancing of forces at either end of the human line of unfoldment. This is to be brought aboutDiscipleship1, 20:and will finally come to naught. Just as every human being struggles through in some one life toDiscipleship1, 20:the love aspect of the Logos - as it affects the human kingdom - is focused through the innerDiscipleship1, 22:that naught can produce in the group the purely human characteristics of separation, of personalDiscipleship1, 23:are very rare. Pure detached devotion in a human being is not rare but to find it in a group isDiscipleship1, 23:is often to be found, for the beauty of the human heart has manifested itself down the ages. ToDiscipleship1, 25:worlds. When the intuition functions in any human being, he is enabled to take direct and correctDiscipleship1, 32:or blending and will mark the initiation of the human family through the achievement of itsDiscipleship1, 32:manifestation the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom. We stand now on the verge of aDiscipleship1, 35:or starting focal points of energy in the human family through which certain energies can flow intoDiscipleship1, 36:between the different aspects of the human being is entirely possible at varying stages ofDiscipleship1, 38:in every nation. They will work in the world of human government, dealing with the problems ofDiscipleship1, 39:and fabricate the outer garment of Deity and the human spirits. You will note here, consequently,Discipleship1, 50:the soul, looking clear-eyed upon the world of human affairs. "In the world, yet not of the world"Discipleship1, 52:used in relation to the awakening of the human consciousness, to the integration of the world ofDiscipleship1, 52:of men; I refer to the activities whereby the human kingdom can become a great station of light andDiscipleship1, 66:need of guidance. The sensitivity of the human race (as the result of economic insufficiency, ofDiscipleship1, 69:this realization which drives the members of the human family to the Masters of the Wisdom. InDiscipleship1, 69:upon the astral plane and had they not done so, human life and conditions would not be so good asDiscipleship1, 70:and bodily ills and will cure the pains of the human physical vehicle. But in connection with this,Discipleship1, 71:being and the three lower [71] worlds of human endeavor and experience. The energy with which theDiscipleship1, 74:and eventually objective. It is wise for human beings to realize that mankind is free. Even theDiscipleship1, 80:the shifting of consciousness of all integrated human beings in increasingly large numbers on toDiscipleship1, 86:the new step in the unfoldment of the pioneering human consciousness, for the revelation - steadilyDiscipleship1, 86:dynamic expulsive power and satisfactorily meet human need in the immediate cycle. He is ready forDiscipleship1, 86:vision as well as upon the levels of practical human affairs. I would suggest that your meditationDiscipleship1, 88:of the intense emotional condition of the entire human family and the widespread fear and terrorDiscipleship1, 92:and he reverts into the life of an ordinary human being, probably for the period of the incarnationDiscipleship1, 95:That is, after all, both natural and human. Some of you are too humble in the personal sense andDiscipleship1, 99:prevent a complete collapse of the structure of human civilization, as it exists at this time. TheDiscipleship1, 100:by life circumstance and the present horror of human existence - may turn to you for warmth andDiscipleship1, 100:you to live simultaneously as an efficient human being and a living, loving soul? It is theDiscipleship1, 100:will demonstrate the nature of the undying human [101] spirit. To all of you I say: My loveDiscipleship1, 101:loyal attitude, the unquestioning response to human need which will enable them to carry moreDiscipleship1, 101:them to carry more easily the heavy burden which human karma has laid upon them and which theyDiscipleship1, 123:of the power to respond to the distant sound of human pain. This I referred to in the words "theDiscipleship1, 123:the mind nature, with consequent detachment from human touch and sympathetic contact. The other isDiscipleship1, 123:that if you "descended to the unhappy ways of human sympathy," you possess a capacity forDiscipleship1, 123:that "both eyes are focused on the world of human pain" is steadily becoming yours. You areDiscipleship1, 123:is of far greater importance than the individual human being. As The Old [124] Commentary says:Discipleship1, 137:the present world debacle and the weight of human pessimism. Against this you must struggle. IDiscipleship1, 141:disciple. More air and sun, less sleep and fewer human contacts are for you the rule in the future.Discipleship1, 146:of our civilization and inaugurate a period in human history in which methods will be tried andDiscipleship1, 192:interested in life and in all that concerns human relations. But your coordination and yourDiscipleship1, 215:Lighted Way of the Lord of Life." You work with human beings and you seek to integrate into thisDiscipleship1, 234:an active understanding of the significance of human suffering, leading eventually to participationDiscipleship1, 234:the true burning ground and a study of the human situation at the present time would indicate theDiscipleship1, 242:of being in the center of your circle of human contacts and have a feeling of resentment - oftDiscipleship1, 269:nature, the whole man in the threefold world of human evolution. One point might here be noted. The
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