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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Discipleship2, 65:within the three worlds, and - from the angle of human consciousness - life for them is veryDiscipleship2, 66:disciple to react to the harrowing conditions of human suffering and to penetrate the controlledDiscipleship2, 66:Logos is steadily bringing to bear upon human life and upon all forms of physical existence. TheseDiscipleship2, 69:among the many who are also struggling to meet human need in a modern world. As a group of ashramicDiscipleship2, 71:shock - animal, vegetable, mineral, as well as human. This disturbance is a phase of promotion.Discipleship2, 78:the seed or germ may be truly implanted in the human consciousness and thus truly grow andDiscipleship2, 81:sound and which infringed the principle of right human relations. It was a year of decision for theDiscipleship2, 88:Bibles or authorities - only the freedom of the human soul. The teaching matters, not the source orDiscipleship2, 89:may move forward into greater light, better human relations and a newer happiness. The results ofDiscipleship2, 89:on mental levels in the Triangles and for right human relations through the medium of the GoodwillDiscipleship2, 102:unable - under the law of the freedom of the human soul - to work in the world of men without thoseDiscipleship2, 102:work with all of you in order to test out the human capacity in its higher brackets to respond toDiscipleship2, 103:need. You will note that I did not say "human need," for the needs of the planet which theDiscipleship2, 105:reflected energies as resembling the brain of a human being; this brain reflects the impacts ofDiscipleship2, 108:workers and group leaders in any other phase of human thought and procedure. Therefore we ask: HowDiscipleship2, 108:other is concerned and ask them to serve the human race; this of course means, incidentally,Discipleship2, 110:are overlooked and forgotten in the urgency of human need; they do not even penetrate into theDiscipleship2, 110:- measure up to this chance. Fix your eyes on human need and your hand in mine (if I may speak thusDiscipleship2, 137:humanity with the aim in view of expanding the human consciousness. Of this your soul - in its pureDiscipleship2, 138:world and the exoteric rehabilitation of right human relations... The fourth stage of theDiscipleship2, 146:mental substance which is ever playing upon the human consciousness. Sound the OM, thus "closingDiscipleship2, 150:separateness found in the hearts and minds of human beings. These they must overcome and eliminateDiscipleship2, 150:requires the imposition of a power beyond the human. This must be invoked, and the invocation willDiscipleship2, 152:extent of the seven types of energy to which the human mechanism responds. He must be able toDiscipleship2, 156:that they are comprehensible to members of the human family and to members of the Kingdom of God.Discipleship2, 157:beside it which indicates the era or period in human history during which it can and should beDiscipleship2, 157:to the esotericist. It covers every grade of human aspirant from the newly accepted disciple up toDiscipleship2, 158:Hence, my brothers, the intensity of the human conflict - a conflict unparalleled in any otherDiscipleship2, 158:kingdoms their opportunity, and through the human kingdom all superhuman lives have at some timeDiscipleship2, 158:includes the anima mundi, the animal soul, the human soul, and that consummating point of lightDiscipleship2, 159:unaided (except by the divine Spirit in every human being), can the "door where evil dwells beDiscipleship2, 159:to focus and anchor the invoked energies in the human kingdom. That is their task. From that point,Discipleship2, 159:in its approach. This is the first time in human history that this has been done. Hitherto theDiscipleship2, 161:moving onward into [161] greater light of the human consciousness. These "knowable things" are theDiscipleship2, 161:are the sources of all revelation and of all human realizations - cultural and leading to what weDiscipleship2, 161:by the massed invocative appeal of the entire human family at any one period. This appeal has been,Discipleship2, 161:in nature, but that appeal focuses itself in the human kingdom, for that kingdom is the receivingDiscipleship2, 161:receiving and the transmitting agent for every human appeal. Note here the beautiful interlockingDiscipleship2, 163:apparent in a clearer light and the causes of human misery received fresh and keener recognition;Discipleship2, 164:gradual engendering of the divine idea in the human consciousness. Above everything else requiredDiscipleship2, 164:must be evidenced by humanity and affect human thinking and action if the total destruction ofDiscipleship2, 164:of time indeed to produce fundamental changes in human thought, awareness, and direction, but - atDiscipleship2, 165:as a prayer for the strengthening of human responsibility, in order that the recognized evils ofDiscipleship2, 166:reason for events in the various departments of human living, but also to make those revelationsDiscipleship2, 167:intention will no longer be frustrated by human free will and evil - pure Materialism andDiscipleship2, 168:transformed in their lives and the era of right human relations cannot be stopped. This is an eraDiscipleship2, 169:right motives and the way to bring about right human relations, is now a major need; the motivatingDiscipleship2, 169:not be many decades before the idea of right human relations will have become the ideal of theDiscipleship2, 169:apprehension and the use of ideas as applied to human living and as expressing forward movingDiscipleship2, 169:be useful in linking hierarchical intent with human aspiration; such should be the work of allDiscipleship2, 169:by will. That time has not yet come, but if human timing is correct and right desire is potentDiscipleship2, 169:desire is potent enough, for the first time in human history this destiny can be publiclyDiscipleship2, 169:spiritual development and impart a synthesis to human thinking which has hitherto been lacking. AsDiscipleship2, 170:mental perception, they can be made objects of human desire. Ideas are simply channels for new andDiscipleship2, 171:minds with certain ideas which are necessary to human progress. People recognize the presentDiscipleship2, 172:performance of duty, and the desire to safeguard human rights. Few men were heroes, as theDiscipleship2, 172:it in all simplicity as a prayer that the human will can be brought into conformity with the divineDiscipleship2, 172:Council Chamber of Shamballa) seeks to influence human will, it is an expression in hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 172:in hierarchical terms as the will-to-good and in human terms as [173] goodwill, as lovingDiscipleship2, 173:or as a fixed intention to bring about right human relations. Discipleship2, 174:evil open will give place to a longing for right human relations, to a determination to create aDiscipleship2, 174:sheer weight of public opinion and through right human desire. Nothing can possibly stop it. ThusDiscipleship2, 180:- as a motivating radiance - became a point of human focus. One of the first fruits of suffering,Discipleship2, 184:The use of the Invocation will likewise relate human beings within the ring-pass-not of humanityDiscipleship2, 184:of humanity itself; it will bring the human center en rapport with the Hierarchy, creating a freeDiscipleship2, 185:basic divine ideas; in this manner they mould human ideals and consequently in time create itsDiscipleship2, 186:them into the concepts which will condition human thinking in the cycle just ahead. The secondDiscipleship2, 188:establishing and maintaining right spiritual and human relations. When in the attitude ofDiscipleship2, 192:that he must go down into the very depths of human life in order to prepare the masses for theDiscipleship2, 195:to the personality in the three worlds of human evolution. I would ask you to ponder on theseDiscipleship2, 197:for transforming the desire of the ordinary human being upon our planet into the spiritual will,Discipleship2, 202:World Servers are gathered from all branches of human enterprise, of which organized religion isDiscipleship2, 204:of the reflective spirit along some line of human understanding; it requires also the power toDiscipleship2, 205:humanity and a compassionate recognition of human need. The unthinking man or woman, or thoseDiscipleship2, 205:rhythm which is like the action of the human heart in its beat; it is both receiving andDiscipleship2, 209:refer to the law as it affects the individual human being because of such individuals the CouncilDiscipleship2, 209:Earth, have been, are or will be in the future human beings, thereby establishing and demonstratingDiscipleship2, 213:to the subhuman kingdoms in nature. From the human family, all divine Lives and Beings have come;Discipleship2, 215:will include the desires of the lowest types of human beings through all intermediate types up toDiscipleship2, 215:as you may realize it, all these expressions of human meditation or concentrated thought - whetherDiscipleship2, 216:the strictly material. The other three stages of human meditation are as follows: 5. Worship. ThisDiscipleship2, 216:Meditation. This is based upon the evocation of human response to the higher spiritual values; itDiscipleship2, 218:leading to a complete reorganization of human living and to a fresh reorientation of humanDiscipleship2, 218:of human living and to a fresh reorientation of human thinking, is taking place. What, therefore,Discipleship2, 219:world is thereby greatly enriched, and the whole human family is transiting out of a pronouncedDiscipleship2, 220:to bear upon this creative period in modern human history. It is interesting to have in mind theDiscipleship2, 220:is happening most rapidly. For the first time in human history, the lines of demarcation betweenDiscipleship2, 220:spiritual values (the essential freedom of the human spirit) and that which is wrong (theDiscipleship2, 220:and that which is wrong (the imprisonment of the human spirit by materialistic conditions) areDiscipleship2, 220:of the world scientists in all fields of human interest; in their hands the form of the newDiscipleship2, 221:is being brought to bear upon all phases of human life by the scientists of all the many schools ofDiscipleship2, 222:in process of externalization. The effect of human meditation at this time is to change conditions,Discipleship2, 223:presented Plan, and this for the first time in human history. I would have you note this. Men canDiscipleship2, 226:also needed to bring about the reconstruction of human affairs and thus purify and beautify ourDiscipleship2, 226:resources of the world in the many fields of human betterment and uplift, the Christ will beDiscipleship2, 232:of all men everywhere. In all these spheres of human thought and activity, the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 232:These are the areas of thought within the human family wherein the preparation for the coming ofDiscipleship2, 232:but strictly with the angle of the betterment of human relationships. The Christ himself (twoDiscipleship2, 234:of World Servers, and thus to the whole of the human family. I would like you to grasp the trueDiscipleship2, 234:the need of all possible groups and grades of human beings; and that - more important still - it
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