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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Externalisation, 81:that basic goodwill which is one of the deepest human characteristics and our divine inheritance.Externalisation, 84:But the time has now come for the shift of the human consciousness into the world of true andExternalisation, 85:centers, as have all forms of existence from the human and animal upwards, and it is an interestingExternalisation, 86:which we regard as emanating from the strictly human center, the third ray type of energy, is ofExternalisation, 90:founding of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom, the process is spoken of in theExternalisation, 91:the heavens; they brought to seeding point that human seed which has within it that which is not ofExternalisation, 92:soul - head center 4th Kingdom - Intelligence - human soul - throat center 3rd Kingdom - Instinct -Externalisation, 93:ends of Deity - inscrutable as far as the human consciousness is concerned. They remain inscrutableExternalisation, 93:the Heart of the Sun. The purpose ahead for the human family upon the Path of Light. Esoterically -Externalisation, 94:the seven rays, expressing themselves in the human family through the seven ray types, are now atExternalisation, 94:which will work in all the nine major fields of human expression. These I outlined when indicatingExternalisation, 94:study the problem of the best way of helping the human family through this crisis. Bear in mindExternalisation, 96:They are the more advanced members of the human family, sensitive to hierarchical inspiration andExternalisation, 96:sensitive to hierarchical inspiration and to human need and to spiritual unfoldment as aExternalisation, 97:or in postponement - with sad results to the human family and an inevitable break in the tensionExternalisation, 98:of God" which was effectual in producing the human family was intellectual, and the self-consciousExternalisation, 102:separative and protective nature of the ordinary human consciousness. It is this sense of union andExternalisation, 106:The inner objective of all this was to bring human beings closer together upon the outer plane ofExternalisation, 106:briefly. The first time was during the great human crisis which occurred at the time of theExternalisation, 107:love) that tremendous crisis - imminent in the human consciousness - which we call the secondExternalisation, 109:warrants the building of a better vehicle for human and racial expression. Upon the karmic causesExternalisation, 110:to hold, as always, the key to the study of human affairs as a whole. Just as the aspirants andExternalisation, 111:That great spiritual center of force, the Human Kingdom, has now reached a point of such potencyExternalisation, 111:a crisis which has had no parallel in human history but which finds a faint reflection in theExternalisation, 111:the formation of a new kingdom in nature - the human. As I have earlier told you, this presentExternalisation, 111:about by the at-one-ing of the two centers - the human center and the Hierarchy. One of the majorExternalisation, 112:the exoteric expression of a solar Logos or of a human being, and the object of this constantlyExternalisation, 112:For the first time since its inception, the human family is in a position to note for itself theExternalisation, 112:of this crisis as it assumes its place in the human consciousness. Many lesser crises, initiatingExternalisation, 112:is the first major international crisis in human affairs and covers a period of twenty-eight yearsExternalisation, 114:are analogous to a particular, individual, human incarnation with its inception, its progress andExternalisation, 114:of incarnation of humanity. In all fields of human expression, crystallization and deteriorationExternalisation, 115:is indeed true, just as it is true today that human beings by their wrong thinking, foolish habitsExternalisation, 118:by this essential dualism in an early stage of human history, and thirdly, to the growing tendencyExternalisation, 118:incarnation of the spiritually self-conscious human being which is the inciting cause of theExternalisation, 118:spirit and matter which was established in the human kingdom), had the spiritual entities which areExternalisation, 119:of the first. Matter and spirit, focused in the human family and expressing their basic qualitiesExternalisation, 120:made of these basic and controlling factors of human existence, dispersion or decentralization, andExternalisation, 122:the elements, but none of it was the result of human understanding, knowledge or effort. The mindsExternalisation, 123:catastrophe which wiped hundreds of thousands of human beings off the face of the earth. ThisExternalisation, 125:the relatively low stage of the [125] universal human intelligence at the time that they were givenExternalisation, 125:by the formula, "Thou shalt not," thus turning human attention to the material expression ofExternalisation, 125:now been carried through into another field of human expression, that of the mind and - as the raceExternalisation, 125:the race has progressed and the personalities of human beings have reached a high stage ofExternalisation, 127:free and with a clearer understanding of right human aims, right relationships and man'sExternalisation, 129:hold back the evolution and development of the human consciousness. Forget not that the real issueExternalisation, 129:progress, leading to the liberation of the human spirit, and reactionary activity, leading to theExternalisation, 129:activity, leading to the imprisonment of the human consciousness and the restriction of its freeExternalisation, 129:express the will-to-good, the right to express human relationships, untrammeled by territorialExternalisation, 130:of personality achievement - that time in which human beings, having achieved integration and aExternalisation, 131:by justice and a growing understanding of human need. This, in its turn, is the result of theExternalisation, 132:with its almost extravagant emphasis upon human values and the will-to-rule creatively is theExternalisation, Esoter:life, and emphasized increasingly the wider human values. The men who inspired the initiatingExternalisation, 134:the world statesmen, and the outstanding human beings in all lands as well as by groups which areExternalisation, 135:training. But all these leaders are simply human beings and like other men - idealistic, mistaken,Externalisation, 136:the spiritual values as the dominating factor in human affairs) is identical with the conflictExternalisation, 136:with the conflict which takes place within a human being's consciousness when he has reached theExternalisation, 137:esoteric records of the Hierarchy. The inherent human [138] qualities which have led to theExternalisation, 138:deep psychological and unavoidable changes in human thought and action. This must be consciouslyExternalisation, 139:at this time. The astral or emotional bodies of human beings (which constitute the astral body ofExternalisation, 139:and animated by a desire for permanent right human relations. Externalisation, 139:peoples must be educated in this expression of human synthesis and human interrelation. ItExternalisation, 139:in this expression of human synthesis and human interrelation. It involves, however, an emphasizingExternalisation, 141:of the new era of goodwill and of right human relations. Secondly, to keep up a steady process ofExternalisation, 143:which are pledged to some form of effort towards human betterment, of goodwill effort, and ofExternalisation, 143:effort, and of endeavor of some kind towards human welfare. Now is the time for much work to beExternalisation, 146:goodwill, individual harmlessness and right human relations. Nevertheless, for your encouragement,Externalisation, 147:remind you that for the purpose of developing human will and human freedom of action, motivated byExternalisation, 147:for the purpose of developing human will and human freedom of action, motivated by groupExternalisation, 151:the response to love and understanding in human hearts and minds as the result of the invocation ofExternalisation, 153:to the resurrection or to the release of the human consciousness into higher realms of spiritualExternalisation, 154:and of burning away the barriers which human beings have set up to the expression of theExternalisation, 159:a close rapport, blending and fusing the human and the hierarchical centers. When this has takenExternalisation, 161:to take all the needed steps to restore right human relations. The nature of the activities whichExternalisation, 161:It is essentially the establishing of right human relations, of synthetic rapport with itsExternalisation, 164:the expression of the Hierarchy pours into the human consciousness, irradiating all dark places andExternalisation, 165:subhuman kingdoms through the medium of the human; peace, as the expression of the will ofExternalisation, 165:system. Theologians ever think in terms of the human mind and not in terms of the divine mind.Externalisation, 166:a faint and dim manner, the present keynote of human effort? In spite of a real inability to thinkExternalisation, 167:Age will be abundantly realized with its truly human civilization and a culture which will embodyExternalisation, 169:center found, above the diaphragm [169] in the human body and the phrase which awakens it (bothExternalisation, 169:When used wisely and intelligently by human beings, many of the blended potencies which the firstExternalisation, 169:Its utterance by man throws the weight of human appeal and desire behind the age-old efforts of theExternalisation, 169:humanity and to stimulate the potency of the human planetary center so that its vibratory activityExternalisation, 169:to what goes on within the consciousness of a human being who - having reached the stage ofExternalisation, 170:of spirit) are thereby related within the human being; the "marriage in the heavens" takes placeExternalisation, 170:of God, which is the kingdom of souls, and the human kingdom as mutually expressive andExternalisation, 171:unless the higher values which should govern human civilization emerge with clarity and power. IExternalisation, 175:months will condition the future as no other human decision has ever before done in the history ofExternalisation, 177:the world - those who are on the side of right human relations and those who are on the side ofExternalisation, 177:aggressive; the powers which are battling for human liberty and for the rights of the defencelessExternalisation, 177:to the wall, facing the strongest display of human might that the world has ever seen. The nationsExternalisation, 178:a non-separative attitude and the need for right human relations. We endeavored to make clear thatExternalisation, 178:systems were right and possible, provided that human beings lived together in goodwill andExternalisation, 178:in the minds of those who were in touch with human affairs; immediately certain nations took sidesExternalisation, 179:taken up by the democracies who [179] stand for human rights and liberty. Because of the decisionExternalisation, 180:the thwarting of the divine purposes of the human spirit, the negating of all spiritual teaching,Externalisation, 181:past tendencies, of underlying pressures and of human decisions. The new world order. This we willExternalisation, 181:values to the lower have been deeply rooted human habits for ages. Of these ancient habits ofExternalisation, 182:and Spirituality There are today three major human trends: First of all, a trend towards a
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