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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

(page 22 of 71)


Externalisation, 432:from the understanding of the most advanced human being that it is useless for me to enlarge uponExternalisation, 432:process itself. A point can be reached in human development where acceptance of deception isExternalisation, 433:involving humanity has its source not only in human weakness and selfishness, but in a situationExternalisation, 433:ideas impinge powerfully at this time upon the human consciousness. One is embodied in the lyingExternalisation, 434:in which love, brotherhood and right human relations are governing factors, those essential stepsExternalisation, 434:did what it could to change the trend of human living and thinking, awakening the consciences ofExternalisation, 435:goodwill, a driving desire for [435] right human relations and peaceful conditions. But theExternalisation, 436:the Christ is faced is well-nigh - from the human angle - insoluble. He will require the unitedExternalisation, 437:do so in the midst of those conditions wherein human receptivity and sensitivity are at theirExternalisation, 438:three times during the entire history of the human kingdom. At other times, it makes its impactExternalisation, 438:was implanted. This was the birth hour of the human soul. In Atlantean days when the power of theExternalisation, 438:faced the Hierarchy and the destruction of the human soul. Shamballa then interfered, and the worldExternalisation, 439:and religious forms were stultifying the human soul and handicapping all progress. The second phaseExternalisation, 440:the seven groups of Masters Who work with the human and subhuman kingdoms will (in response to HisExternalisation, 440:increase also. Men will desire and demand right human relations - a result more general than thatExternalisation, 440:aspect of devotion and idealism) will become a human characteristic - a sublimation of the basicExternalisation, 442:time, energy and money to the enormous task of human salvage? [443] On these points I shall notExternalisation, 443:wipe out humanity - as happened once before in human history. I would here refer you to a parable,Externalisation, 444:sane methods of establishing goodwill and right human relations precede the discussion of peace.Externalisation, 445:who have no knowledge of occult matters or of human fate or of the effective enterprise of humanExternalisation, 445:of human fate or of the effective enterprise of human free will [446] (esoterically understood)Externalisation, 446:what will happen and towards which goal or goals human thinking and planning will be directed. TheExternalisation, 446:to take those steps which will establish right human relations. The Hierarchy stands - no longerExternalisation, 446:the hands of Their workers in every field of human activity (political, educational and religious)Externalisation, 446:may take right action and correctly influence human thinking. A powerful first ray activity - theExternalisation, 447:the spiritual effort (for the first time in human history) is to bring all of them, as functioningExternalisation, 447:not that divine energy must make its impact upon human minds; these minds are the only availableExternalisation, 448:The long cycle of ecclesiastical rule has biased human thinking so that the nature of spiritualExternalisation, 449:will have given a trend to world affairs and to human thinking which will work out in a clearerExternalisation, 449:worked this way because they correctly sensed human need. They were and are handicapped by the factExternalisation, 449:they are far more handicapped by the facts of human selfishness and national greed and by theExternalisation, 449:national greed and by the general low level of human attainment - viewing humanity as one whole.Externalisation, 451:accomplished, must include the three worlds of human evolution - mental, emotional and physical.Externalisation, 451:use the press and the radio in order to distort human thinking; [452] they present half-truths,Externalisation, 452:forces of evil, working upon the inner side of human affairs and dealing mainly with theExternalisation, 452:can emerge with clarity and dominate human affairs. Out of the [453] immensity of planetary evil,Externalisation, 453:which will aid men's effort to attain right human relations, with its resultant effect - peace;Externalisation, 453:growing in strength through the impact of human necessity. [454] The fight will then spread toExternalisation, 454:will precipitate themselves into the realm of human thinking and planning. Men will then findExternalisation, 454:selfish interests - banded together to prevent human freedom. If the conferences to be held in theExternalisation, 454:mankind is truly striving to bring about right human relations, the forces of evil can then beExternalisation, 454:these desirable ends without infringing on human freedom of thought and action. It is with thisExternalisation, 454:decisions will have been made on the basis of human demand. Humanity will by then have indicatedExternalisation, 455:to sacrifice in order [455] to stabilize human living, and to rid the world of separativeness andExternalisation, 455:On the side of the Hierarchy and in response to human demand (in degree and in kind, according toExternalisation, 455:the Four Freedoms, and with the problem of right human relations, as it will express itself throughExternalisation, 455:relations, national parties and general human affairs. It is not for me to tell you what humanity,Externalisation, 456:is to arrive at a right orientation as regards human affairs. Let us therefore look at the threeExternalisation, 456:These Forces of Restoration are concerned with human vision, human integrity and human relations asExternalisation, 456:of Restoration are concerned with human vision, human integrity and human relations as theyExternalisation, 456:concerned with human vision, human integrity and human relations as they underlie the entireExternalisation, 459:they are all working together, because in the human family there are those who are at every stageExternalisation, 460:bring about, to the best of their ability, right human relations. This attitude of responsibilityExternalisation, 461:those who are seeking to establish the entire human family in a sounder way of life thanExternalisation, 462:school of thought, working in every field of human betterment; they work upon and through all whoExternalisation, 462:suitable living, and for a method whereby right human relations can be established. They present aExternalisation, 462:and offer Them opportunity to change the ways of human thinking; they are being mobilized by theExternalisation, 463:His Four Noble Truths exposed the causes of human trouble and pointed to the cure. His message canExternalisation, 465:various organizations and groups dedicated to human betterment, and by representative [466]Externalisation, 466:put the responsibility of establishing right human relations upon the shoulders of the men andExternalisation, 467:cooperation, and in the establishment of right human relations. Throughout the month of April,Externalisation, 472:point. The Hierarchy itself is the result of human activity and aspiration; it has been created byExternalisation, 472:it has been created by humanity. Its members are human beings who have lived, suffered, achieved,Externalisation, 473:of consciousness and awareness - subhuman, human and superhuman. This inclusive development enablesExternalisation, 475:humanity was faced: the danger arising out of human selfishness and greed, plus the danger whichExternalisation, 475:Hierarchy could not and would not infringe upon human free will, the evil which humanity itself hadExternalisation, 476:centuries, and had simply been a fight between human groups and nations, the Hierarchy would haveExternalisation, 476:powerful forces were taking advantage of human stupidity to intrude into world affairs, and thatExternalisation, 477:find its way into the ranks of those fighting human freedoms, for it stimulates the minds and theExternalisation, 477:openly taking Their stand upon the side of right human relations. They did not dare to doExternalisation, 477:and more calculating than those fighting for human freedom. It is this distinction and itsExternalisation, 478:those steps which will eventually lead to right human relations. Temporarily, the German people andExternalisation, 479:all propaganda that tends to bring about right human relations, all modes of acquiring realExternalisation, 480:now come about because of the high level of the human mass intelligence and the fact that scienceExternalisation, 482:and they will also give a sense of proportion to human thinking, plus an appreciation of theExternalisation, 483:The energy which will lead to the restoration of human aspiration, right idealism and fixedExternalisation, 484:concern themselves with the reorientation of the human psyche and with the inevitable consequencesExternalisation, 484:of the vision which will bring about right human relations. This will be largely done by theExternalisation, 484:relationship which should distinguish human affairs in the future. Those who will be directlyExternalisation, 485:ready to precipitate Themselves into this human world of chaos, confusion, aspiration andExternalisation, 485:of what has never yet truly existed - right human relations. Externalisation, 486:for a cooperative economic life, for right human relations in all departments of human experience,Externalisation, 486:for right human relations in all departments of human experience, for clean political activity, forExternalisation, 487:under the direction of that great divine yet human Leader, the Christ. The Christ has passedExternalisation, 487:the Christ. The Christ has passed through all human experiences, and has never left us; with HisExternalisation, 487:establishing goodwill, of bringing about right human relations and of restoring a true spiritualExternalisation, 489:separativeness found in the hearts and minds of human beings. These they must overcome andExternalisation, 490:the imposition [490] of a power beyond the human. This must be invoked and the invocation will meetExternalisation, 491:place since the fourth kingdom of nature, the human kingdom, appeared. I refer to the release ofExternalisation, 492:war began, involving the entire three worlds of human evolution and a consequent activity of theExternalisation, 493:made every possible arrangement to withdraw from human contact for an indefinite [494] andExternalisation, 494:for the establishing of true knowledge and right human relations were aided. The trend of the powerExternalisation, 495:or impelled by Those Who were seeking the higher human values and the spiritual good of mankind.Externalisation, 496:of spiritual values and the death of the human spirit - as was the goal of the Axis effort. ForgetExternalisation, 496:largely by fear and the innate mobilizing of the human spirit against slavery, reached such a pitchExternalisation, 497:(its possession and its non-possession), and the human family will recognize universally its statusExternalisation, 498:about such a revolutionizing of the modes of human experience that (from one angle alone) it willExternalisation, 498:in forms of right living, if motivated by right human relations, will produce beauty, warmth,Externalisation, 498:underground, and will bring to an end all human slavery, all need to work or fight for possessionsExternalisation, 499:upon a steady determination to further right human relations and to prevent selfish control,
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