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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Externalisation, 503:supreme endeavor. These forces include both the human and the angel evolutions. It might be of useExternalisation, 507:not furthered at the expense of any part of the human family. He labors not to exalt one section ofExternalisation, 508:history, and will again enter into the lives of human beings with more power than has lately beenExternalisation, 508:and this they will do by heightening human vibration by interaction with their own. They will giveExternalisation, 508:the efficiency of violet light in lessening human ills and in curing those physical planeExternalisation, 509:can be contacted and known. They will train human beings in the knowledge of superhuman physics soExternalisation, 509:and hence fatigue will be eliminated. In the human control of etheric levels lies the overcoming ofExternalisation, 509:increasingly automatic. They will also teach human beings as individuals and as a race to expandExternalisation, 519:kingdoms, of which the fourth kingdom, the human, is the Macrocosm. The excessive evil, emanatingExternalisation, 519:revelation They definitely influence the tide of human affairs. The Hierarchy directs and controls,Externalisation, 521:and have produced a very real expansion in the human consciousness; also, as one [522] of theExternalisation, 526:dealt with this in some detail in Initiation, Human and Solar, as well as elsewhere [527] in myExternalisation, 532:(of which He remains also a part), and with the human and subhuman kingdoms in nature. As evolutionExternalisation, 535:spite of all fluctuations in the three worlds of human evolution and the remaining two ofExternalisation, 540:and new alignments; problems concerned with human enlightenments and reactions in the face of theExternalisation, 545:been induced by the efforts of the Hierarchy and human invocativeness. The second activity is oneExternalisation, 546:many, many thousands) seeks to promote right human relations with its acute and immediate appeal toExternalisation, 546:establishing, by all means available, of right human relations; this, as it is achieved, will swingExternalisation, 548:release of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein weExternalisation, 548:which all religions are responsible - leading human beings closer to the God of Love. 4. The worldExternalisation, 549:enable them to work whole-heartedly for right human relations and the spread of that simple butExternalisation, 549:angels at His Birth: Goodwill, leading to right human relations, leading to Peace on Earth, leadingExternalisation, 549:simply mean that goodwill will result in right human relations in that center which we callExternalisation, 550:standing, wrong and disastrous attitudes and human separativeness, an inevitable opposition hasExternalisation, 550:fighting all that blocks the expansion of the human consciousness, fighting all that limits humanExternalisation, 550:human consciousness, fighting all that limits human freedom (I said not license) and fighting toExternalisation, 552:is no vision the people perish. [552] Because human expectancy indicates its emerging presence.Externalisation, 552:war would annihilate the greater part of the human race. Because, having a religious basis, theExternalisation, 554:through Him to the waiting world of men - that human center whose eternal mission is to bring lightExternalisation, 554:and externalize itself. It is not possible for human beings to realize the sacrifice and theExternalisation, 554:to humanity. He now finds it possible to permit human beings to know His specific objective; thisExternalisation, 554:the efforts of the Hierarchy to bring out in the human being certain ennobling qualities andExternalisation, 556:in deed and in truth, the first step towards human participation is being made this year. TheExternalisation, 557:that power and that light to the limit of human capacity to use it. I beg you, in closing, to aidExternalisation, 558:ever before, that the work of establishing right human relations may proceed apace, and that lightExternalisation, 560:in relation to man and to the three worlds of human evolution. The interior constitution of theExternalisation, 561:Him, the other two centers are evocative. Today, human beings as a whole are so loudly invocativeExternalisation, 562:It involved, finally, a great awakening in the human family and a major spiritual reorientation.Externalisation, 565:as it does a different mode of adjustment to human demands than that entailed by the admittance ofExternalisation, 566:of the Mysteries. 7. The new orientation of the human family within itself to the concept of theExternalisation, 566:Itself to a much closer cooperation with the human center of life and purpose. Externalisation, 567:and of no moment whatsoever to the individual human being, but which will eventually create aExternalisation, 568:of the Wisdom have all passed through the human experience and are simply men who have achieved aExternalisation, 569:has entirely superseded the more strictly human method. Except in the case of Masters working onExternalisation, 569:financial relationships will be comprehensively human and it will supersede big business andExternalisation, 570:takes place, will work as members of the human family and not as proclaimed members of the kingdomExternalisation, 572:and take high office in all departments of human life. This they will do by the free choice of theExternalisation, 572:as well as objectively - of the direction of human affairs. This direction will be in virtue ofExternalisation, 573:will instill certain basic concepts anent right human relations into men's minds. Their immediateExternalisation, 574:cover and include in its symbolism all phases of human unfoldment. The story of mankind will beExternalisation, 574:recognition of light in all departments of human living. This is inferred in the first stanza ofExternalisation, 575:as an attitude governing all phases of human experience. Externalisation, 575:and has acquired a certain measure of right human relations. His coming in the air might beExternalisation, 576:be as the new generation assert their hold over human thinking. But it is not the event or theExternalisation, 576:world (which means, in this case, preparing the human consciousness) for the presence in physicalExternalisation, 576:the new ideas, incite to better methods of human relations, help dissipate the aftermath of war,Externalisation, 578:ended and the sciences of cooperation, of right human relations and of correct adjustment to lifeExternalisation, 578:Master M. Their work lies in the field of right human relations and in the production of thatExternalisation, 579:with the new ethics, the new science of right human relations, and who recognize as a basicExternalisation, 580:to the development of atomic energy on behalf of human welfare, national currencies will have beenExternalisation, 581:control, even though greatly lessened, of human selfishness. This "pull" is regarded esotericallyExternalisation, 581:for untold aeons, engrossed the attention of the human being, to the exclusion of all true values.Externalisation, 581:fourth ray is, however, the constant ray of the human family, its influence is consistentlyExternalisation, 581:equally constantly aware of and influential in human affairs; it will come into full expressionExternalisation, 581:into full expression when the intuition of the human being, emanating as an energy from the fourthExternalisation, 581:fourth or buddhic plane, has been evoked by the human soul and is a recognized asset in humanExternalisation, 581:by the human soul and is a recognized asset in human consciousness. The fourth ray will come intoExternalisation, 582:and conditioning wisdom. The implementing of human affairs to bring about this unfoldment inExternalisation, 583:predilections, find their way into that field of human activity wherein they are intended to workExternalisation, 584:and a determination to aid in the cause of human welfare. One interesting distinction will laterExternalisation, 584:their days and efforts solely to the relief of human necessity. All phases of human living -Externalisation, 584:to the relief of human necessity. All phases of human living - politics, finance and science, asExternalisation, 584:will emerge out of all these experiments which human thinking is at this time evolving. These areExternalisation, 585:and whole-heartedly that section or phase of human effort in which their lot and life-trend appearExternalisation, 585:bringing about changes in the branch of human endeavor with which they are concerned, thus liftingExternalisation, 586:intention are directed entirely to the cause of human betterment. In this attitude he is coming toExternalisation, 587:talks and instructs along the new lines of right human relations. The disciple, occupied withExternalisation, 587:of higher sensory perception which expand the human consciousness and enrich its content. AccordingExternalisation, 588:idea (by this time permanently present in the human consciousness everywhere) and good sense alsoExternalisation, 589:through a study of the evolution of the human family, through a close consideration of historicalExternalisation, 589:This approach of the central fact of human evolution - the steady growth of divinity and theExternalisation, 590:of the evolutionary development of the human consciousness (mental, emotional and physical,Externalisation, 592:in nature, expressing innate divinity through human beings and - two thousand years ago -Externalisation, 592:is nearer to humanity than at any other time in human history; He is closer than the most [593]Externalisation, 594:transformation of the divine will-to-good into human goodwill and resultant peace on Earth. [595] AExternalisation, 595:spiritual attitude which will lead to right human relations and eventual world peace. Today anotherExternalisation, 595:in the deep seated conviction, innate in the human consciousness, that some great Teacher, someExternalisation, 595:the world of spiritual realities, because of human need and human demand. Always, down theExternalisation, 595:spiritual realities, because of human need and human demand. Always, down the centuries, at theExternalisation, 596:and more selfless than at any other time in human history, because it is based on clearer thinkingExternalisation, 597:of the Spirit of God. This Spirit works in every human heart and in all groups. It works throughExternalisation, 597:concept of a returning Son of God in response to human need has its place in the teaching of theExternalisation, 598:but those of love, of right speech and right human relations. This unknown organization hasExternalisation, 598:in the Externalization For the first time in human history, the demand of the people of the EarthExternalisation, 598:will evoke recognition in every department of human thinking. The symbolic prophecies found in allExternalisation, 600:of life. They want love in daily living, right human relations, and an understanding of theExternalisation, 600:as to Their work and Their interest in human welfare, and the unconvinced, yet hopeful, wishfulExternalisation, 600:some stupendous planetary event which will force human beings everywhere to say: Lo! He is there!Externalisation, 601:scale - of the Christ consciousness in the human heart. This has already been done, and with mostExternalisation, 601:world distress and to the establishment of right human relations are the undeniable expression.
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