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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Fire, 722:cosmic physical plane, our systemic planes, the human avatar has achieved freedom from the fiveFire, 722:has achieved freedom from the five planes of human endeavor. In a strictly technical and lowerFire, 723:Brahma" have passed since They approximated the human stage, and They embody force andFire, 726:the Heavenly Man and therefore upon the units or human Monads, but only indirectly and upon theFire, 728:energy which produces self-consciousness in the human family. The three other kumaras, or the threeFire, 729:be revealed to the unpledged and the profane. 5. Human Avatars. These are fully dealt with by H. P.Fire, 729:existence and manifestation, in terms of human thought, and through the limiting medium ofFire, 730:aspect. It covers the final two stages of the human personality life, and that period of egoicFire, 730:but just as in the animal kingdom, the human mind was latent and instinctive, and just as in theFire, 730:was latent and instinctive, and just as in the human kingdom the buddhic aspect is latent andFire, 730:and instinctive, so during the final cycle of human endeavor, the Atma, or highest aspect of theFire, 732:c. On Incarnation (a.) Cosmic, Planetary and Human We leave now the consideration ofFire, 732:the study of incarnation, cosmic, planetary and human. A hint as to the constitution of these solarFire, 733:active. Let us take up the matter first from the human standpoint, and study pralaya as it affectsFire, 734:There is also the pralaya in connection with human evolution which we call devachanic. It concernsFire, 734:the system and all forms therein, planetary, human and other would cease to be. By an act of willFire, 734:of the Logos, of the Heavenly Man, and of the human divine Ego is turned to other ends, theFire, 734:in. The five types of pralaya which concern the human unit are as follows: (1) The Period ofFire, 735:astral experience. The final stage for the human atom is its withdrawal [736] from the mentalFire, 739:will not deal with it here. 47 This is the great human pralaya. (4) Planetary Pralaya Man, afterFire, 741:types of pralaya, in so far as they affect the human unit; each unit finds its ways eventually intoFire, 741:Ray, and therefore at the great pralaya those human units who have achieved, and who have notFire, 742:planetary standpoint, and not from that of the human family. The student who seeks detailedFire, 743:These entities who sacrifice Themselves for the human Hierarchy (and we must note here the accuracyFire, 744:Elementals and Fire Elementals (c.) Types of Human Rebirth In our study of the building ofFire, 770:He is a part), ascertain the condition of the human units who go to its constitution, so theFire, 774:creation of the fourth spirilla) the fourth or human kingdom can come into being. The wordFire, 779:possible in any scheme when the [779] fourth or human kingdom becomes radioactive; it really marksFire, 779:physical bodies, or from the three worlds of human endeavor. The three groups of AgnishvattasFire, 780:as well as those working in connection with the human kingdom. They embody the energy of substanceFire, 780:as demonstrated in a system, a scheme and a human cycle. There are also in connection with ourFire, 780:Agnishvattas) they have not passed through the human stage; for them it has yet to be achieved, andFire, 780:their present experience in connection with the human Hierarchy has that end in view. It should beFire, 781:sound. I am here dealing with the chord of the human hierarchy as a whole. Within the hierarchyFire, 781:expanded, surrounding with an akashic aura the human animal, with the Divine Principle settledFire, 781:with the Divine Principle settled within the human form. - S. D., III, 494. They are the FireFire, 783:of substance itself; the effect is the same for human, planetary and solar vehicles. The differentFire, 790:body, it should be stated that it appears as a human form, much in the nature of a cross within theFire, 791:felt. At the close of evolution, when the human unit is upon the Path and consciously controllingFire, 796:unrevealed secret. If the radiatory effect of a human being or of a group of human beings upon eachFire, 796:effect of a human being or of a group of human beings upon each other is as yet practically anFire, 798:in connection with an atom of substance, a human being, a planetary atom or a solar atom. We mightFire, 799:organ or unit in which it finds a place. In the human atom this means his group force or influence.Fire, 799:of which any atom is a corporate part. In the human atom this means the influence of the particularFire, 800:agency which has to be considered. [800] In the human atom, this involves the influence of theFire, 800:quality of its life to be demonstrated. In the human atom this concerns those causes which areFire, 800:of rhythm upon the atom in every body. In the human atom, this brings in the influence of the lifeFire, 800:Logos, for that Life imposes rhythm upon every human atom in the system, and does so through theFire, 801:atom of substance, and to some degree with the human atom, is it in any way possible to ascertainFire, 801:in that of the planetary Logos to man, the human unit. It profits not to extend the thought anyFire, 802:and work. It marks the dissociation of the human atom from the rhythm imposed upon him by the lowerFire, 803:go, but enough has been said to show that every human atom is under the dominance of forces outsideFire, 804:in His body, principally those composing the human and animal kingdoms, and produced the apparentlyFire, 804:Here we have a setting of circumstances outside human and even group control, which illustrates theFire, 807:of the man upon the Path. In connection with the human family it covers the first half of the nextFire, 807:when the aggregated units are considered, the human kingdom. (a) Introductory Remarks We haveFire, 810:of that soul, as it manifests through the human family. Therefore, unity is only possible upon theFire, 810:limitations, and which will produce in the human family a collective repudiation of. the presentFire, 810:upon sound, sane and divine lines. 59 Each human being is an incarnation of God. - S. D., III, 449.Fire, 810:can become a God without passing through the human cycles. - S. D., II, 336. Man therefore is likeFire, 811:themselves later be raised, and developed to the human stage. When these three facts areFire, 812:Then will come the time when finer and better human beings will manifest on earth. When alsoFire, 813:the effect of the influence of the fourth, or human, kingdom upon the third, or animal, kingdom.Fire, 814:of egoic control, and as more and more of the human family come under egoic influence, conditionsFire, 815:the elevation of the inner consciousness of the human unit (functioning in the physical body) toFire, 819:the medium of the Ego in the three worlds of human evolution. In fire by friction, the lunar PitrisFire, 821:mysterious Entities whom (when considering the human family as a whole) we call: The Buddhas orFire, 821:its medium of expression in connection with the human kingdom, in the three groups of AgnishvattasFire, 826:and unequipped" Egos, between those units of the human family on earth who have passed out of theFire, 835:system, scheme, globe, kingdom in nature, and human unit. This produces again in every case theFire, 836:towards individualization, - they are nearer the human stage than the substance of the three otherFire, 836:analogous to that which a man holds in the human kingdom (note that I say kingdom, not evolution)Fire, 837:flashes of light on the darkness and mystery of human life, where the struggling Spirit within isFire, 837:divine fire - S. D., II, 81, 82. They evolve the human form - S. D., I, 203. They will eventuallyFire, 837:the egoic body - S. D., I, 237. They develop the human type - S. D., II, 243. Compare S. D., II,Fire, 843:effect was dual, in directions other than the human or the animal. It was the result of theFire, 843:plan of the solar Logos. The evolution of the human race is, for them, but a method. Perfected menFire, 845:groups will become minor planetary Logoi. 6. The Human evolution. To become the solar Pitris ofFire, 845:of the next creation. 8. The Animal evolution Human kingdom. 9. The Vegetable evolution The AnimalFire, 846:sight nor hearing"; he is neither deva nor human in essence. He is occultly "blind," utterlyFire, 847:evolution of three types of consciousness, deva, human and subhuman, in all their many grades andFire, 850:here alone (as regards the three worlds and the human kingdom), becomes possible the establishingFire, 854:become more frequent as more and more of the human race take the fourth Initiation. Certain rareFire, 856:in the Hall of Records in connection with the human Egos certain of the records under symbologicalFire, 856:the lower vehicles and forms, employed by the human Monads and concerns itself with: Their rate ofFire, 860:man a fivefold one, covering the five planes of human unfoldment; and is divided into five stagesFire, 861:cycles. It corresponds to the fifth period in human evolution, that in which man treads the path.Fire, 861:relation to Him as do the physical centers to a human being. All the dense physical centers, suchFire, 862:of some type of energy arising in the human brain or will. The understanding of force, of forceFire, 865:forth his note so as to be heard not only in human but in deva ranks as well. This he does, atFire, 876:and meet before the true Man (whether Logos, or human being) realizes himself as creator. Man atFire, 879:terms. The Pitris who formed the egoic body of a human being do not - alone and isolated - formFire, 881:force currents, first in the three worlds of human endeavor, and then in the solar system. Love isFire, 884:to either the head, heart, or throat center in a human unit. This energy is applied to theFire, 887:the functioning agents in the three worlds of human endeavor. We have dealt briefly with theFire, 887:entities who either have passed through the human kingdom, and therefore have left that stage ofFire, 887:or are at this time the "solar agents" of human manifestation. All these forms of divine existenceFire, 888:the life of the first Logos when the fourth or human kingdom is reached. This Treatise seeks toFire, 889:words they definitely produce effects upon other human beings functioning on the three planes ofFire, 889:human beings functioning on the three planes of human evolution and upon the entire animal kingdom.
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