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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Glamour, 20:glamor of the present time, and has its roots in human pride and satisfaction. Maya is oft regardedGlamour, 21:of the activity - in time and space - of the human mind. The activity of MINDS! Ponder on thisGlamour, 22:the word I seek to use) in which the majority of human beings seem always to live. The Dweller onGlamour, 23:spiritual understanding and a reorganization of human values, and this is part of the processGlamour, 24:more general contribution will help in the wider human issues. The acuteness of the intellect, andGlamour, 26:of force. It is essentially the energy of the human being as it swings into activity through theGlamour, 30:has been to cause a general division of the human race into varying schools of thought (philosophy,Glamour, 31:veils. The emanatory astral reactions which each human [32] being initiates ever surround him andGlamour, 32:and illusion were relatively unknown from the human standpoint. There were no mental reactions andGlamour, 32:and slowly emerging into recognition in the human consciousness and this is a real point gained,Glamour, 42:Atlantean times. Illusion arose among advanced human beings in later Atlantean days and will be aGlamour, 42:with the forces of life on the three planes of human endeavor, plus the principle of life itself.Glamour, 61:come into the world consciousness and into the human mind direct from the intuitional levels. TheGlamour, 61:direct from the intuitional levels. The stage of human development today does not yet permit this.Glamour, 66:illusion, as it can be understood in the human family, disappears. The man stands free. TheGlamour, 66:been overcome, the astral body fades out in the human consciousness. There is no desire left forGlamour, 70:(or light years as they are called) until the human eye registers them and records the existence ofGlamour, 71:lighten, and therefore straighten your way: Each human being stands in an environing world ofGlamour, 71:racial glamor, using the word race to mean the human race. This constitutes a very ancient glamorGlamour, 71:potent aspirations of some kind and definitely human-made forms which - fluidic, enveloping andGlamour, 72:of truth, and distorting a very large number of human values. This fog, this glamor which envelopsGlamour, 73:itself, that it is most difficult for a human being to become aware of it or to understand it; itGlamour, 73:it; it is the result of the agelong activity of human desire. It is a corporate part of a man's ownGlamour, 77:of love and service, which characterizes so many human relationships such as those existing, forGlamour, 87:place in the animal kingdom. In this process, human beings act as the agents of discipline, and theGlamour, 87:animals, which are forced to conform to human control, are wrestling (even if unconsciously fromGlamour, 87:wherein the seed of personality is sown. On the human battlefield, the kurukshetra, the higherGlamour, 88:to dominate, producing the process of divine-human integration which we call "initiation." PonderGlamour, 88:generalization, it might be said that for the human family en masse this dense physical-ethericGlamour, 88:the Path of Probation of a very large number of human beings, owing to the purging and purificationGlamour, 88:of mystery and of difficulty in the sequence of human unfoldment. The individual aspirant is apt toGlamour, 90:of Return." This return is the objective of the human family and the culminating goal of the fourGlamour, 90:kingdom Illusion. 4. Personality alignment Human kingdom The Dweller on the Threshold. TheseGlamour, 91:the third aspect of divinity as expressed in the human mechanism, and this third aspect mustGlamour, 97:between this pair of opposites in the field of human affairs and in the field of individual averageGlamour, 97:affairs and in the field of individual average human living. It is, however, this conflict - foughtGlamour, 106:path (I speak symbolically and in terms of human experience) He is among the "imperfect Gods."Glamour, 107:people, those who are among the lowest human types, and those who are little more than activeGlamour, 109:his own soul. [109] As time went on, the entire human family became aware of the new emergingGlamour, 112:evolutionary way, with the lowest layer of the human race definitely Lemurian in theirGlamour, 120:and the results of their impact upon the human mechanism is, as yet, in its infancy. I have,Glamour, 125:or started this life. To all of these, every human being is prone and for many lives proves himselfGlamour, 130:is a true idea which has its part to play in human or planetary service; and each of them is soGlamour, 130:its effects are not only interpreted in terms of human thought-forms and human idealism, but theyGlamour, 130:interpreted in terms of human thought-forms and human idealism, but they are also to be contactedGlamour, 131:to the idealism. They are only in touch with the human interpretation of the idea, as formulated byGlamour, 132:of the Christ consciousness is the goal of the human family, but when it is interpreted in terms ofGlamour, 134:(the idea) through training in right human relations (the ideal). This is the immediate goal ofGlamour, 147:both these divisions of your brothers in the human family. See to it that before you begin yourGlamour, 153:within humanity as a whole does [153] the great human Dweller on the Threshold appear as anGlamour, 153:situation, which is in itself the guarantee of human progress toward its destined goal as well asGlamour, 155:negative in their effects in the three worlds of human endeavor. Then there is a period ofGlamour, 156:zodiac is in the nature of an incarnation of the human family, and each great race is a somewhatGlamour, 156:latter is, however, of more importance where the human understanding and consciousness isGlamour, 158:racial crisis (which was also a complete human crisis), the history of which is perpetuated for usGlamour, 159:has been wisely held in leash since the human race came into being). They all have auras, if youGlamour, 159:predisposing factor. It is this powerful human emanation which constitutes the major glamor in theGlamour, 161:illusions and mayavic impressions" of the human soul into a state of awareness wherein they can seeGlamour, 162:upon the belief of the innate rightness of the human spirit, in the divinity of man, and upon theGlamour, 166:and no nation either, and that the goal of all human effort is loving understanding, prompted by aGlamour, 166:anew in the lives of men today, in the world of human affairs, in the realm of human thinking andGlamour, 166:in the world of human affairs, in the realm of human thinking and in the arena of daily living, theGlamour, 168:the meaning of the words "transfiguration of a human being" is gained, the realization will comeGlamour, 168:the dissipation of glamor and the release of the human spirit from the thralldom of matter; it willGlamour, 170:is for a true experience of goodness, of right human relations and of spiritual enterprise amongGlamour, 173:individual illusion also. The unfoldment of human awareness has been progressive down the ages, andGlamour, 173:The factor of the gradual development of the human mind through the processes of evolution itself.Glamour, 173:but it is also - during the later stages of human unfoldment - capable of registering the nature orGlamour, 174:impacts which are related to the three worlds of human evolution, except in so far that (whenGlamour, 174:which are supernormal from the ordinary human angle but entirely normal from the spiritual. [175]Glamour, 176:a triple nature: To gauge the unfoldment of the human consciousness and to meet its constant appealGlamour, 177:Today we have reached a crisis in the field of human apprehension and can now enter into a new eraGlamour, 184:to precipitate their intuition into the world of human thought, there must also be the steadyGlamour, 184:there must also be the steady development of the human mind so that it can grasp and apprehend whatGlamour, 185:and factual expression and thus truly meet human need? I would point out that the two greatestGlamour, 185:simple revelations to humanity: The cause of all human suffering is desire and personalGlamour, 185:to gain the whole world and lose his soul. Every human being is a Son of God. There is a way ofGlamour, 185:which has led men from the primitive state of human existence to the complex state of modernGlamour, 187:religion, but both have been prostituted to meet human demand. The era is [188] close at hand whenGlamour, 188:of manifestation or for some means to alleviate human suffering, a revelation comes. The effort ofGlamour, 194:with nothing whatsoever in the three worlds of human experience but only with the perceptions ofGlamour, 196:swinging out into the world of glamor and of human struggle from what one Master has called "theGlamour, 199:freedom from glamor and which can transform human living, and so bring in the new civilization andGlamour, 200:very ancient origin and which are the result of human activity, human thinking and of human error.Glamour, 200:and which are the result of human activity, human thinking and of human error. They embrace all theGlamour, 200:result of human activity, human thinking and of human error. They embrace all the forms which theGlamour, 203:line of demarcation between the animal and the human has become increasingly apparent and the firstGlamour, 206:which, [206] like all else in the world of human experience, unfolds before the eyes first of allGlamour, 208:not exist. It is the phantasmagoric creation of human desire down the [209] ages and its falseGlamour, 220:in its entirety and through the activity of the human family, is being redeemed and drawn upwardsGlamour, 220:descending thought-forms which the developing human being is always creating and [221] drawingGlamour, 221:instinctual demands from the lower aspect of the human unit and from humanity as a whole, meet at aGlamour, 228:which is [228] still regarded as of value to the human family as a whole - particularly to theGlamour, 240:it opens up, making practical - as it does - all human living, and indicating likewise the stepsGlamour, 240:stood mute before Pilate who symbolized the human intellect; He knew that no reply could conveyGlamour, 241:and terrible potency, owing to the strength of human nature to identify itself with the astralGlamour, 242:a threefold expression in the three worlds of human living. This is an occult truism. The outerGlamour, 243:is this cosmic indifference which has led to the human glamor concerning the "inscrutable will ofGlamour, 243:the occultist works in the world of forces. All human beings live and move and express themselvesGlamour, 247:ideas and thoughts, emanating from other human beings or is it to be motivated and spurred into
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