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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Glamour, 251:of the established rhythm of the developed human being, and present consequently an instrument toGlamour, 260:each form can be evoked into music and each human being has his peculiar chord and all chordsGlamour, 266:Master - freed from the three and five worlds of human and so-called superhuman evolution - has nowHealingthree inner bodies - which today devastate the human frame, cause endless suffering and pain, andHealing, 3:veins and arteries. This constant, individual - human, planetary and solar - circulation ofHealing, 3:of the chitta or mind stuff which an individual human unit can use and impress, constitutes theHealing, 3:a fact. A million years hence, when the focus of human attention has shifted from the emotionalHealing, 5:body of the condition of humanity as a whole. A human being is an integral part of humanity, anHealing, 13:of that form, indicates disaster. When human thought reverses the usual ideas as to disease, andHealing, 13:Disease is not, therefore, the result of wrong human thought. It existed among the many forms ofHealing, 13:among the many forms of life long before the human family appeared on earth. If you seek verbalHealing, 13:and if you want to talk within the limits of the human mind, you can say with a measure ofHealing, 14:capacities and will persist. But in the human family this must eventually give place to the use ofHealing, 16:possible) as to the presence of disease in the human family, and of that to be found also, in part,Healing, 21:the case with which it can be surmounted by human beings. If they could but realize it, they areHealing, 22:and which you seek to understand. Nowhere in human thought is the darkness greater than inHealing, 25:free from all control by the individual human being, and quite unrealized by him because his focusHealing, 28:and good and self-sacrificing group within the human family, is equally true. Forget this not. IHealing, 29:and group - today devastate and destroy the human kingdom. They are agents of destruction and areHealing, 30:of nature and find their expression (for the human kingdom) through the medium of the mind, of theHealing, 32:energizes it. Disease is not the result of wrong human thought. Disease is a process of liberationHealing, 36:The major focal point of energy to be found in human beings is that of the soul, but its potency asHealing, 36:its quality potency. In the earlier stages of human evolution, it is the coherence aspect thatHealing, 36:Seen from the inner side where time is not, the human creature demonstrates as an amazingHealing, 40:the energies which meet and war within the human frame and of the [41] potencies which can be setHealing, 41:externalized and brought to the surface of the human body, can then be known, dealt with andHealing, 42:fact that: It is the body in which the bulk of human beings are today centering theirHealing, 47:the personality, as these subtler aspects of the human being express themselves in consciousness.Healing, 48:physical organism. Electricity, in relation to human ills, is as yet an infant science, but it hasHealing, 49:take their toll of the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, manifesting differently in each, yetHealing, 50:Physical Note: In the fourth kingdom, the human, it is the energy of the fourth ray which,Healing, 52:intended to be suggestive; the complexity of the human equipment and the intricacy of the rayHealing, 52:tabulations. If you bear in mind that every human being is basically an expression of five rayHealing, 53:has to remember is that - for the majority of human beings, for the huge majority - the influencesHealing, 53:further complicate the problem of the advanced human being. This "problem of complication" (if IHealing, 54:from the past history of the person involved. Human taints, inherited because one is a member ofHealing, 54:taints, inherited because one is a member of the human family. Planetary evil, imposed upon allHealing, 55:of the usual comprehension of the average man. A human being is also predisposed to trouble if heHealing, 55:in its various branches. Frequently an advanced human being, such as an aspirant or a disciple, mayHealing, 56:details attendant upon the breakdown of any human organism. I am not going to write a treatise onHealing, 56:grown up from a study of the mechanism of the human being, connected as they are with the frameworkHealing, 56:compose that intricate piece of machinery, the human body. As far as the exoteric science isHealing, 56:in the construction and constitution of the human body; and pathological details, the descriptionHealing, 56:diseases, and the various unpleasant symptoms of human degeneration are unwholesome reading for theHealing, 59:infecting the vegetable kingdom and also the human family. A correspondence to the syphiliticHealing, 62:was the sexual appetite, the normal processes of human intercourse did not satisfy the insatiableHealing, 63:It is a problem which is greatly increased by human ignorance, human refusal to face facts, wrongHealing, 63:which is greatly increased by human ignorance, human refusal to face facts, wrong early trainingHealing, 64:say, rather, that they are not based on wrong human thought, though all evil can be aggravated andHealing, 65:desire was the initiating impulse. What human beings are today and what they suffer is the resultHealing, 66:are right in their basic differentiation of human beings into the two major types - extroverts andHealing, 67:and working out in connection with them in the human frame, are a group of symptoms which areHealing, 69:the first time. The increased sensitivity of the human mechanism is also such that men "tune in" onHealing, 75:real and coordinated rhythm. Each patient or human being, being on some ray, responds differently;Healing, 77:to the whole [77] creative process as the human frame. Congestion in the etheric body, producingHealing, 79:system which forms such an important part of the human mechanism. It is thus definitely, with theHealing, 81:with the Lemurian race, the five planes of human and superhuman expression, the five stages ofHealing, 82:be remembered that the etheric body of the human being is an integral part of the etheric body ofHealing, 83:of that which lies beyond the individual human life can enter. The etheric body is fundamentallyHealing, 83:of impressions, which are conveyed to the human consciousness through the medium of the awakenedHealing, 84:use, will right balance be achieved and the human endocrine system control the physical man in theHealing, 88:that it will only be truly understood when human beings regain the lost power to "see the light" ofHealing, 88:brought about through their contact with human beings, are becoming susceptible to forces comingHealing, 91:wrong thinking. Speaking in terms of the entire human family, the thinking that is done in theHealing, 93:of the planet itself, it is obvious that human thought is not responsible for disease. It antedatesHealing, 93:responsible for this, nor is it the result of human wrong thinking. It provides no answer to theHealing, 106:through the three major divisions of the human entity. The will aspect manifests through the organsHealing, 106:the nervous system. These two departments of the human organism are those which cause the greatestHealing, 107:which is the second aspect, and just as the human being is polarized in the astral body, which isHealing, 107:of the three above mentioned departments of the human organism, the etheric, is the one ofHealing, 109:will be hermaphroditic. E'en though the evolving human Hierarchy is masculine or positive, yet thatHealing, 109:second, there are two dominant evolutions, the human and the deva; there are - as earlier stated -Healing, 109:are - as earlier stated - sixty thousand million human monads. Add to this the feminine evolutionHealing, 110:less useful to the sick, diseased and damaged human being than is the practical physician. TheHealing, 114:embraces individual, group, national and total human karma. If you will pause at this point andHealing, 114:in this life or another earlier incarnation. Human taints and predispositions, inherited in commonHealing, 117:and comprehend the analogies existing in the human consciousness to great unexplored areas ofHealing, 119:reasonableness and its valuable application to human need. Law IV Disease, both physical andHealing, 121:ills to which all flesh is heir at this time in human evolution (for it must be remembered thatHealing, 123:and difficulties for him; these are based on the human relations which he has karmaticallyHealing, 124:cause, but not localized in certain definite human relationships. A disciple serves; he writes andHealing, 125:the significance and esoteric meaning of right human relations. The problem of workers withHealing, 127:whole today, causing the appalling disruption of human affairs, culture and civilization. TheHealing, 128:circulation of all that is required for right human living will characterize the world to be. TodayHealing, 128:of the soul. Exemption from the effects of human ills is no indication of spiritual superiority. ItHealing, 130:breath, the sharing of the air with all other human beings, denotes both an individual center ofHealing, 133:also the major and most important areas in the human body; they have both a physiological and aHealing, 133:clearly than elsewhere the causes of the many human ills and physical difficulties. BeforeHealing, 135:to those who look ever for outlets for human credulity. That, however, concerns me not. Time willHealing, 140:are brought into relation with each other. Every human being is, in reality, like a miniatureHealing, 141:these seven energies through the entire little human system. 2. The nervous system and its variousHealing, 144:existence, and into the art of functioning as a human being. The door into this experience is theHealing, 148:this Hierarchy and fourth kingdom in nature, the human family, are fused and blended. The headHealing, 152:of evolution. There are three centers in the human being which are related to and the majorHealing, 153:[153] has reached such heights through human development and consciousness. It is related to theHealing, 154:importance in the well-being of the average human being of today. Its purpose is to guard health,Healing, 156:Who are responsible for the unfoldment of the human consciousness. It might be truly said, brotherHealing, 157:says: "the love of God is shed abroad" in the human heart, and its transforming, magnetic andHealing, 160:out. This is the first step towards love, right human relations and peace. This goodwill is alreadyHealing, 163:all completing that living organism we call a human being. The head The upper torso, or that part
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