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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Healing, 167:network of energies and forces which compose the human organism should be studied. A mental graspHealing, 167:follows: The inability of even the most advanced human mind to grasp themes and subjects as aHealing, 167:holds the promise clear, and the ability of the human eye to function synthetically, to grasp aHealing, 169:time an interesting triangle of energies in the human body and one which is receiving muchHealing, 170:a science of triangles in relation to the human system. But the time is not yet. I but giveHealing, 170:during the period wherein the second great human race was developing. These lower centers are notHealing, 171:sense and is more inclusive than ever before in human history, the situation is one of acute andHealing, 174:vital organs to be found in that area of the human physical mechanism. As I have earlier pointedHealing, 174:a certain point in the higher development of the human being. It is factually then an instrumentHealing, 174:of the heart center. The first members of the human family to become group conscious are naturallyHealing, 176:in the long life of the soul!) and become such a human monster as Hitler and others of his ilk,Healing, 176:and this whether it is the physical form of a human being, the form of an idea, an organizationHealing, 177:between three points in the lower part of the human body: The spleen, the organ of prana or ofHealing, 177:principle, the will-to-live, to all parts of the human frame. These create a great triangle ofHealing, 179:functioning activity in old Lemuria, the first human race; its energy is that of the Holy Spirit,Healing, 179:how the Science of Triangles governs the human frame in all its aspects, as well as the frame of aHealing, 179:of this center is to be found in the gonads, the human organs of [180] generation - viewing them asHealing, 180:in the present dualistic expression of the human being. It must be remembered that this separationHealing, 180:a description either of the everyday, average human being. This is indicated by the fact that theHealing, 185:soul and personality, integrated and alive. The human being who can do this in full consciousnessHealing, 188:of active intelligence, and also to the three human races which are endowed with the power toHealing, 191:with the consciousness of that body in which the human being moves and lives - along sound orHealing, 191:we are dealing with the world body in which a human being lives. Healing, 192:thinking and on the innate desire of the average human being for comfort and physical harmony, andHealing, 197:and glands. These three major systems within the human being express through the medium of theHealing, 201:the regulation of energy, as it conditions the human being, developed. In the meantime, there isHealing, 203:you will have the spiritual aspect of the human being expressing itself perfectly through theHealing, 207:create basic predispositions within the human body: cancer, syphilis and tuberculosis. With theseHealing, 209:major energies or the seven ray forces. In no human being, except a Master, are all the centersHealing, 209:related through intensive radiation; in no human being is the nervous system correctly responsiveHealing, 216:cooperation. This serves to establish right human relations, right group relations, and rightHealing, 220:will eventually succeed in solving many human ills and will bring about the cure of the bulk of theHealing, 221:wisdom. Later I shall point out some basic human conditions which must be changed if the trueHealing, 223:inflow of life into form, thus preserving the human race, providing the bodies for the next tide ofHealing, 224:through a conviction that all men are equal and human, and that the mixture of races would solveHealing, 225:of which involves an area of the body of every human being. One of the aims of the New Age will beHealing, 226:million years ago when men were scarcely human and when they were so closely related to the animalHealing, 229:came about which weakened the stamina of the human body, which greatly increased the demands of theHealing, 230:from Lemuria) stamped out, both in the human family and in the soil of the planet. As the agesHealing, 233:way - and a great step forward was made in the human consciousness. Instinct failed to handle thisHealing, 234:the children is a literal statement anent the human heritage of disease from Lemuria and Atlantis.Healing, 234:and consequently the entire organism of the human body. Much has been done in the last fifty yearsHealing, 234:brought the whole problem to the surface of the human consciousness and the ancient AtlanteanHealing, 235:of the animal and desire natures, these forms of human suffering will disappear, and (no matterHealing, 236:among the more controlled areas of the human family. As the life of God (expressing itself asHealing, 236:its energy lifted to the heart, and the trend of human selfishness will then die out. CompleteHealing, 238:flowing through the heart is employed past all human tolerance in handling human affairs; in theHealing, 238:is employed past all human tolerance in handling human affairs; in the other, the heart centerHealing, 244:mineral kingdom likewise. Death, as far as the human being is concerned, is increasingly due to theHealing, 244:which I can give you is that the soul of all non-human forms of life is an inherent aspect of theHealing, 245:plants and trees, animals and the forms of human beings for untold aeons, and yet our planet is notHealing, 245:man, death takes on two aspects of activity; the human soul differs from the soul in the non-humanHealing, 245:the human soul differs from the soul in the non-human forms in that it is itself a full and - onHealing, 245:and spatial necessity - its entrance into human form and its exit therefrom. Once this exit hasHealing, 246:activity produces death - as we know it from the human angle. It is necessary here to point outHealing, 246:animal or a tree, and the many diseases of the human being are all brought about by the pull of theHealing, 247:of the planetary life; it is true also of the human form as it reacts to the call of the soul toHealing, 247:the life cycle of all subhuman forms, and in the human form likewise when the soul is simply anHealing, 248:you well know, the great distinction between the human kingdom in the three worlds and the otherHealing, 249:Such epidemics have a serious effect upon the human race after the war cycle is over and after theHealing, 253:and by those who work scientifically with the human body is as God-given as their, as yet, unprovedHealing, 254:at an understanding of the true wonder of the human being. We shall some day have hospitals inHealing, 255:medical curriculum and method; the risks to the human subject are too great, and the goodHealing, 257:lesson much needed today in every department of human thinking. [258] We shall now proceed to dealHealing, 261:of the French Republic with its emphasis upon human liberty. The Declaration of Independence andHealing, 261:of the Slaves. The spiritual idea of human liberty, which had become a recognized ideal, became aHealing, 261:- the slaves were freed. Like all things which human beings enact, perfection is non-existent. TheHealing, 262:the Atlantean) to the liberation of millions of human beings, enslaved by the forces of evil, byHealing, 262:It has involved the entire three worlds of human evolution, and for this reason the Christ can nowHealing, 262:the Christ can now lead His forces and aid human beings to liberate mankind. What has really beenHealing, 262:is now a proven fact and a recognized factor in human thinking. The question "Why?" so frequentlyHealing, 262:of environment are efforts to explain existing human conditions; qualities, racial characteristics,Healing, 263:somewhere, on some level at some time, by human beings, both individually and en masse. Karma isHealing, 263:- as a nation, down the ages - the depths of human evil and the heights of human divinity. TheirHealing, 263:- the depths of human evil and the heights of human divinity. Their aggressive history as narratedHealing, 264:through the mazes of the three worlds of human evolution, and gazing with longing eyes towards aHealing, 265:and if both groups would emphasize the fact of human stock and cease thinking of themselves inHealing, 268:Jehovah for a distinct unit within the fourth or human kingdom. St. Paul summed up the attitudeHealing, 270:accepted as a major conditioning factor in the human consciousness, not only on a large scale butHealing, 275:or war) lie these three main tendencies in the human body. This is a basic and important statement.Healing, 276:occupied with the anatomical necessities of the human frame; medicine will shift its focus ofHealing, 279:has come - karmatically and from the angle of human evolutionary development - for a study of theHealing, 279:of the ages to man's knowledge of the human organism, its interrelations and its care, cure andHealing, 280:their undoubted ignorance of the nature of the human body, their attack on existent medicalHealing, 280:has taught in connection with the healing of the human body. It will be through the collaborationHealing, 280:is the result of the God-given gifts of the human mind; it is a proven divine expression and a mostHealing, 280:most beneficent force in the world, in spite of human weakness, commercial exploitation and manyHealing, 282:upon the mind, its idealistic presentation of human nature, [283] its expectancy of man's capacityHealing, 286:The safeguard from the strictly legal and human angle will be that the patient will be in the handsHealing, 291:distress indicates the extent and success of human unfoldment and is a most hopeful and promisingHealing, 292:of karma as it produces the many types of human ills, including disease - only one of itsHealing, 292:Ray Causes of Karma These carry the cause of all human difficulties, including ill health andHealing, 292:nearer solar divinity than the most advanced human being is near to planetary divinity. They areHealing, 293:a karmic condition over which the individual human being has absolutely no control, but withinHealing, 294:quota of force to the equipment of every single human being. Every man appropriates this energy toHealing, 296:for the majority of ills which attack the human frame. My purpose is, however, sound. TheHealing, 297:during this world cycle, and not only for the human kingdom but also for the three subhumanHealing, 298:of His joy; the "weary pilgrims" are the atoms (human or otherwise) in His body, and they areHealing, 300:its imperfections demonstrate profusely in the human tendency to disease. Glamor results from theHealing, 304:the seven types of energy as they play upon the human body. All physical ills emerge out of the
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