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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Healing, 441:lives and is only misunderstood by human beings, who are the most glimmered and deluded of allHealing, 448:the second planetary center, into which all human beings achieving initiation are "withdrawn"Healing, 451:more adequate forms of life and of more correct human attitudes, plus a sounder orientation toHealing, 455:direction of the Ego, no matter how unaware a human being may be of that direction. The processHealing, 455:is non-existent for the illumined seer. In the human body, as you know, we have an underlying,Healing, 455:and the nerve ganglia. In two places in the human body there are orifices of exit, if I may use soHealing, 456:case of mental types, of the more highly evolved human units, it is the web at the top of the headHealing, 456:for the astrally polarized, physically biased human being, and therefore of the vast majority, andHealing, 456:the mentally polarized and spiritually oriented human being. This is the first and most importantHealing, 456:man, whilst the other concerns the low grade human being who has scarcely advanced beyond theHealing, 460:which leaves the man free to stand as a human soul within the ring-pass-not of his astral vehicle.Healing, 471:no true relation, being created entirely by the human soul and not the divine soul. "Our God is aHealing, 477:This thought-form exists in the case of every human being, and must be destroyed before the secondHealing, 483:and which will finally inaugurate that cycle in human affairs wherein disease and ill health willHealing, 483:fire, all forms are dissolved; the quicker the human physical vehicle is destroyed, the quicker isHealing, 485:give you the clue to the creative work of the human spirit. If delay is necessary from familyHealing, 486:existence, but is an illusory creation of the human family. From now on, however (through theHealing, 487:dying creation, [487] and in the final period of human history (in the seventh root-race), it willHealing, 487:atom was also practically quiescent within each human form, and there was consequently noHealing, 489:He shatters the mental body by an act of the human will, and also because the soul is beginning toHealing, 492:with the average man and not with the advanced human being, disciple or initiate. It is this seedHealing, 503:be seen, and their emergence into the realm of human thinking will be dependent upon theHealing, 503:governs in such potency in the three worlds of human evolution, is a reflection of a cosmic purposeHealing, 504:laws governing the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. We are now in a position (after thisHealing, 506:you that the major aspect of death with which a human being is ultimately concerned is the death ofHealing, 508:is the major characteristic of all advanced human beings - the bad, the very bad, the good and theHealing, 512:Occult irritation is not crossness, as human beings express it, but response to contact - aHealing, 522:- that aspect, for instance, of which a human being is pre-eminently conscious. Therefore, thisHealing, 530:is that the nervous apparatus of the average human being (and by that I mean his nervous system,Healing, 531:expression and indicate the ability of the human mind to search, to record, to discover and toHealing, 545:as the Bible expresses it, and when the bulk of human beings are inclined towards goodwill (theHealing, 549:grasp of the New Age principle of sharing will human ills be cured; only by the right distributionHealing, 551:is quite undeveloped and relatively a low grade human being, the exact point through which reliefHealing, 551:however, that owing to the integrity of the human soul, and to the fact that every soul is in itsHealing, 553:far ahead. When the patient is an undeveloped human being and low down in the evolutionary scale,Healing, 560:by his world service for men. As the majority of human beings are at this time centralized on theHealing, 563:but takes no shape or form on the outer plane of human life. Self-pity, so prevalent a trouble,Healing, 564:of disease in the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom. It is essentially a law related toHealing, 571:to man as he finally will appear. In the average human being, and before reaching perfection, theHealing, 572:for this, though already the power of the human eye when focused on a person, for instance, isHealing, 575:the intricate and complex detail [575] anent the human mechanism and its diseases with which theHealing, 576:to the opportunity and the more mental type of human being. Today, in our Aryan race, a newHealing, 579:good for the undeveloped and the lowest type of human being, but they are not the methods whichHealing, 583:agelong task of influencing and stimulating the human consciousness - but information anent theHealing, 586:the first time begin to reflect itself into the human kingdom in a new [587] and more potentHealing, 588:itself as consciousness and life within the human being, that human being contributes the thirdHealing, 588:and life within the human being, that human being contributes the third something which is latentHealing, 589:on the three worlds; the concrete mind and the human intellect come into expression. There is,Healing, 590:if due consideration is given to them. In the human being you have, therefore, two major energiesHealing, 590:our Earth and is of great potency, enabling the human being to "transact his business in the [591]Healing, 593:the major conditioning factors for the mass of human beings for long aeons or until such time asHealing, 598:in man and who are workers for and in the human kingdom, they may know the secret but may, at theHealing, 598:they therefore choose to share consciously all human experience and to die along lines which areHealing, 598:the seven rays as they express themselves in the human kingdom; the knowledge of this secretHealing, 599:or manas; it is this principle which makes a human being what he is; it is this principle whichHealing, 601:then have a new and much better treatment of the human vehicle than is now [602] the case. Then theHealing, 610:The Secret Doctrine, although perfect past our human comprehension - the comprehension of a unit inHealing, 610:frustrated, though far less so than earlier in human history; the next great human race, followingHealing, 610:so than earlier in human history; the next great human race, following on our present one, will seeHealing, 611:in joint conclave with the problem of bettering human living conditions; everywhere there isHealing, 613:response, from that of the lowest type of human being up to and inclusive of the consciousness ofHealing, 613:however, considering only the physical body of a human being, which is not a principle because itHealing, 616:manner to the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. This should indicate to you that though the loveHealing, 616:form lays its basic emphasis. For the average human being, this is usually the astral body, fromHealing, 617:to the blood and to the total physiology of the human being; he knows little anent the relation ofHealing, 620:point in evolution. Two of these centers in the human being are to be found in the head, and theHealing, 620:but also between the seven centers in the human etheric vehicle. This is - perhaps astonishingly toHealing, 622:and - between them - bringing every part of the human body under their radiatory and magneticHealing, 623:in the case of the average or undeveloped human being; through this system of glandular control,Healing, 623:through this system of glandular control, the human form responds or does not respond to theHealing, 624:and this determining process by the soul; human beings are today at every imaginable stage ofHealing, 628:of energy which underlie every part [628] of the human body. The seven related centers, eachHealing, 628:the source of the living, breathing, sensitive human [629] being - from the physical angle - andHealing, 633:the very source of all phenomena as far as the human being is concerned - the will of the immortalHealing, 634:the reference, I would remind you that a human being is a spiritual entity, occupying or informingHealing, 634:- particularly, from our point of study, the human kingdom. What is true in this connection of theHealing, 636:the relative perfection of which a conscious human being is aware. Healing, 637:of life, affecting the dense appearance of a human being during his restricted manifestation orHealing, 638:life of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human; this life is still an aspect (under the Law ofHealing, 641:ill health which distinguishes the mass of human beings; this tendency has been dominant forHealing, 657:of both parties meeting on all three levels of human awareness. The expression "the soul" is hereHealing, 661:now clearly grasped and will increasingly color human thinking: happiness and [662] success are notHealing, 662:men as a whole. Just as today practically every human being has something wrong with him physicallyHealing, 664:of humanity before even the present point of human development could have been attained. ButHealing, 667:its first definite and direct contact with the human mind. The impact was direct and not deflectedHealing, 667:for others and mass action to promote human welfare have spread over the Earth. The emergence ofHealing, 668:and misunderstanding down the ages of right human relations; the Law of Rebirth will eventuallyHealing, 685:a realm of consciousness which is more strictly human and not so predominantly animal as is theHealing, 685:sweeps into its field of activity all classes of human beings and demands from them - life afterHealing, 688:of the Great Lives in evoking response from the human and subhuman kingdoms or grouped lives withinHealing, 693:not been recognized. This is the first time in human history wherein humanity is intelligent enoughHealing, 700:(each based in a different location in the human body), and then attempt to decide what method,Healing, 709:ray governs the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. The healer along this line of work (and suchHealing, 709:embody the note of the fourth ray and of the human kingdom. Healing by the means of sound will beHealing, 714:which will eventually affect every department of human life, including the Art of Healing. I signHerculesDim is the light at first. Selfish the trend of human aspiration, and dark the deeds resultant.Hercules, 4:creator. There is, however, dawning on the human consciousness, a growing realization of innateHercules, 5:divinity. Out of an erring but sincerely earnest human being, intelligently aware of the work to beHercules, 5:can unfold more quickly. The inevitability of human perfection underlies his willingness to makeHercules, 6:The hidden mysteries and the forces, latent in human beings, need to be discovered and require to
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