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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Patanjali, 64:When this is realized, the contribution to human development by the great schools of thought wePatanjali, 65:states will be more justly [65] appraised. The human family is only now becoming aware of thePatanjali, 68:This is a rapidly developing faculty of the human eye which ultimately will reveal the health auraPatanjali, 90:modern scientists. He realizes also that as the human kingdom (composed of human atoms) is thePatanjali, 90:also that as the human kingdom (composed of human atoms) is the midway point or station on thePatanjali, 91:- potentiality is seen in one, and (from the human standpoint) incomprehensible order leading toPatanjali, 92:be cultivated in a most practical way between human beings. There must be recognition of thePatanjali, 120:which completes the work of development in the human kingdom. It is the science of the mind and ofPatanjali, 122:It might be pointed out that if we divide the human torso into three departments it might be statedPatanjali, 123:to the general economy, and the entire human family (with the exception of a percentage whichPatanjali, 130:and the man (for we will only consider the human unit in this connection, though the basic lawsPatanjali, 130:densest point is contacted and man emerges fully human." Then the man becomes aware of somethingPatanjali, 130:in his personality. He learns that he, the human atom is a part of a group or center in the body ofPatanjali, 132:The method and process through which the human being has evolved five senses or avenues of approachPatanjali, 137:aversion to some extent, is present in every human heart. Only, however, when it is entirelyPatanjali, 137:danger and fear pass out of the ken of the human family. Patanjali, 143:planes of consciousness which are the field of human evolution. When the field of ignorance becomesPatanjali, 145:three words birth, life and experience sum up human existence, its object, method and goal and withPatanjali, 146:of manifestation. If the Son of God (cosmic or human) is [147] limited, and imprisoned and blindedPatanjali, 154:of man. These five are that with which the human unit is the most concerned and cover his careerPatanjali, 156:whether referring to the manifestation of a human atom or of a solar deity, and simply indicatesPatanjali, 162:himself in the earlier and more savage stages of human existence. The moods, feelings and desires,Patanjali, 168:yoga covers the evolutionary development of the human Monad. The union of the soul with the formPatanjali, 169:period spent in the Hall of Wisdom. The terms human life, mystic life and occult life apply toPatanjali, 171:of being dissociated from the three worlds of human endeavor. [172] When this is so the newPatanjali, 173:for happiness. This is a basic quality of all human beings, though it shows itself in manyPatanjali, 174:Sorrow. The greater the refinement of the human vehicle, the greater the response of the nervousPatanjali, 174:and rises on the ladder of evolution in the human family it becomes apparent that his capacity toPatanjali, 187:These are the five immutable laws governing human conduct and when they are followed by all thePatanjali, 189:is as yet known about force emanations from the human being, or acting upon the human mechanism,Patanjali, 189:from the human being, or acting upon the human mechanism, that what may be called "scientificPatanjali, 198:belongs to his brother in the three worlds of human endeavor. Patanjali, 199:of this failure are apparent throughout the human family at this time in the low health average, inPatanjali, 210:applied, will be found to refer equally to a human form, which is intended to be the symbol (orPatanjali, 225:relationship of the planet, or planets to the human being and of their relation to the stars andPatanjali, 227:force, or buddhi. The object of evolution in the human family is to bring this Christ force, thePatanjali, 234:of the body which make it visible to the human eye are negated (or withdrawn) and the yogi canPatanjali, 250:Realization of oneness with all souls, subhuman, human, and superhuman. Group consciousnessPatanjali, 258:the animal state and to the child stage of the human race. It is undesirable and dangerous. Patanjali, 264:of God with all divine potentialities. In the human kingdom this is recognized. It is equally truePatanjali, 270:These three stages in the three worlds of human unfoldment correspond to the three dimensions, andPatanjali, 274:left by the second of the three strictly human races, Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan. No LemurianPatanjali, 275:he will then hear the word in other units of the human family, and will awaken to a recognition ofPatanjali, 276:pictured thereon: The life experiences of every human being since time began, The reactions toPatanjali, 276:of a kamic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time. Herein lies the greatPatanjali, 277:[277] It should be borne in mind that every human being belongs to a physical family whichPatanjali, 280:of the body which make it visible to the human eye are negated (or withdrawn) and the yogi canPatanjali, 281:is negated and (from the standpoint of the human eye) he disappears. He also becomes intangiblePatanjali, 283:the etheric body, which is invisible to the human eye. As etheric vision develops in the race thisPatanjali, 283:of light reflected from an object - such as a human body the latter will be seen, and that noPatanjali, 288:it from the sufferer's eye. But let each burning human tear drop on thy heart and there remain; norPatanjali, 303:with the home of the soul in the three worlds of human endeavor. We must be careful however toPatanjali, 303:the governing one in all the kingdoms below the human, whilst the sun aspect should dominate in thePatanjali, 303:whilst the sun aspect should dominate in the human. A knowledge of the lunar mansions or of formsPatanjali, 306:the soul became more individualized in each human being, and more and more separative, as the mindPatanjali, 308:state and the germinating of the Christ in each human being, students who have their intuitionPatanjali, 310:the fourth creative Hierarchy (the Hierarchy of human monads or spirits), the fourth center in manPatanjali, 311:achieve absolute immobility and rigidity of the human form. Similarly through concentration uponPatanjali, 312:symbolized so beautifully for us in the human body, with its three higher centers, its lower energyPatanjali, 318:Wisdom, the Secret Doctrine of the world, human beings are frequently called "sons of mind." It isPatanjali, 323:faculty, analogous to a racial instinct in the human kingdom. Each of these five senses has aPatanjali, 329:if he regards the sum total of prana in the human body as constituting the vital or etheric body.Patanjali, 329:plane. The five differentiations of prana in the human body are: Prana, extending from the nose toPatanjali, 331:and that of the "Temple of the Holy Spirit," the human frame. [332] The outer court corresponds toPatanjali, 334:buddhic Air Union Harmony, At-one-ment Planes of Human Endeavor Plane V. Mental Fire Reflection ofPatanjali, 334:V. Mental Fire Reflection of the Sea of Fire Human will. Plane VI. Emotional or astral Astral LightPatanjali, 334:or astral Astral Light Reflection of the Akasha Human love and desire. Plane VII. Physical EtherPatanjali, 334:VII. Physical Ether Reflection of the Ether Human activity. On all these planes, consciousnessPatanjali, 339:All is but one [339] substance, and in the human body are found the correspondences to the variousPatanjali, 349:i.e., the diamond, and the thunderbolt. The human being who has taken the highest of all ourPatanjali, 351:faculty which so predominantly distinguishes the human being and thus brings in the sixth sense,Patanjali, 351:of the other five. It is the capacity of the human being to say "I see," "I smell," - a thing thePatanjali, 355:sight are the three characteristics of the three human races and the three planes in our threePatanjali, 356:is freed from limitation in the three worlds of human endeavor. The Master has perfect freedom ofPatanjali, 356:have this freedom in the five worlds of human evolution. Patanjali, 367:evanescent temporal forms. "I am," says the human unit and regards himself as the self, andPatanjali, 378:which cover the entire scale of man's evolution, human and superhuman. The goal of the truePatanjali, 379:of application upon all the five planes of human evolution, which include the two higher planesPatanjali, 380:use words of power in order to deal with the non-human existences, to invoke the aid of the angels,Patanjali, 382:and from the standpoint of the intelligent human unit, three words cover the process and thePatanjali, 385:consciousness of any entity (solar, planetary or human) is outward going towards objects of desire,Patanjali, 386:Christ, functioning through the medium of the human form. In the early stages the "I am"Patanjali, 386:one Life; within every atom (solar, planetary, human and elemental) is found the one sentientPatanjali, 389:outside the bounds of the three worlds of human endeavor. He has reached the realm of pure thoughtPatanjali, 391:apparent therefore that the growth of the human unit and his record are dependent upon his attitudePatanjali, 395:system (those existences who are superhuman and human) is this desire to be, this longing toPatanjali, 396:becomes wider, broader and more general. For the human unit the mind images, the result of desirePatanjali, 411:successfully in its work, and in the realm of human cooperation an analogous situation is apt toPatanjali, 411:perhaps be found in the six types into which all human beings fall, for the seventh is but thePatanjali, 421:He does this, however, whilst functioning as a human being on earth. He participates in earthPatanjali, 421:in earth experience; he involves himself in human activities; he walks among men, eating andPatanjali, viii:have had their place in the unfoldment of the human being. In the first purely physical race, whichPatanjali, viii:before the adepts of that time was to teach human beings, who were then little more than animals,Patanjali, viii:them, and the meaning of the symbol of the human figure. Therefore, in those early days, throughPatanjali, viii:days, through the practice of Hatha Yoga, the human being reached the portal of initiation. At thatPatanjali, ix:at length in my previous volume, Initiation, Human and Solar. Now, in the Aryan race, theProblemsin creating "the thought-form of solution" to human problems in a world at crisis point is a vitalProblems, 5:steps are taken, leading to the readjustment of human values and the inauguration of new attitudesProblems, 5:of new attitudes of mind regarding right human relations. In the recognition of the growth in humanProblems, 5:relations. In the recognition of the growth in human consciousness and in a realization of the
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