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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Psychology2, 90:to the intellectual life of self-conscious human beings and to the intuitive [91] realizations ofPsychology2, 91:divine purpose. The wonder of the idea staggers human imagination. If this is a statement of fact,Psychology2, 91:may not the goal be realized as being far beyond human computation, when its lowest expressionPsychology2, 91:and abstract concepts of which the most elevated human consciousness is capable? I commend thisPsychology2, 92:factors in the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom. Our planet, the fourth in the series ofPsychology2, 92:with deliberation and full understanding, took human bodies in order to raise those lower forms ofPsychology2, 94:who are themselves, the Word incarnate through a human form. Whether they enact this drama, as didPsychology2, 94:is now engaged in learning) that death as the human consciousness understands it, pain and sorrow,Psychology2, 96:we must confine our attention to the world of human living and consciousness. Psychology2, 96:does this emerge into clear significance in the human family. The instinct to betterment, the urgePsychology2, 97:of beauty through the dark materials of which human history is constructed. When this urge toPsychology2, 97:different from the others that it is hard for a human being to do more than sense that method whichPsychology2, 98:Life under a veil of symbology and in terms of human thought. In this there is ever a risk, for menPsychology2, 100:[100] There is a stage to be reached in the human consciousness, where that which lies behind thePsychology2, 101:else the ray upon which the majority of human monads will, particularly, at this time, be found. WePsychology2, 102:be eliminated in our Earth scheme, as far as the human and subhuman reactions to sorrow and painPsychology2, 103:will explain The Saturnian influence in human life. The cessation of rebellion, of the ending ofPsychology2, 110:as they compose the spiritual aspect of the human family. This law governs also the relationshipsPsychology2, 112:soul of the [112] fourth kingdom in nature, the human, and the soul of the three subhuman kingdoms,Psychology2, 112:not, however, be the case until the majority of human beings understand something of what it meansPsychology2, 112:high destiny before the race. Just as certain human beings have, through meditation, discipline andPsychology2, 114:that it will work definite changes [114] in the human consciousness and help to amelioratePsychology2, 119:of the impact of this law upon the human consciousness. In its highest expression, we have thePsychology2, 122:and move and have our being", is subjecting the human family to certain influences and streams ofPsychology2, 125:of that soul can demonstrate in the world of human affairs. Service is not a quality or aPsychology2, 130:already been vaguely recognized in the world of human affairs under varying names, such as thePsychology2, 130:bring light into a distracted world, and release human energies in right directions. It is not herePsychology2, 135:which is included at the end of Initiation, Human and Solar. I would remind such servers that ifPsychology2, 143:today are more active than at any other time in human history. They are, knowingly and unknowingly,Psychology2, 143:of World Servers) will eventually ameliorate human conditions so that an era of peace and leisurePsychology2, 144:it is based upon a right understanding of the human material with which they have to work. SomePsychology2, 146:disciples, functioning on all the five planes of human unfoldment, have studied minutely TheirPsychology2, 151:key to the entire psychological problem of every human being, and there is no condition which isPsychology2, 151:they would arrive at an understanding of the human being far more rapidly than is now the case. ThePsychology2, 156:sought and pursued upon the three planes of human evolution. Then the same experience, but thisPsychology2, 158:even in the most undesirable types of human beings; it is evoked in moments of high destiny, orPsychology2, 176:correspondence to the instinctual life of the human body. In the above paragraphs we have a simplePsychology2, 181:of any particular group to the raising of the human race esoterically. Within the group life, thePsychology2, 181:to think of each other as souls, and not as human beings. [182] Therefore, as a preliminaryPsychology2, 184:exists between the unit soul, functioning in a human body, and God. It determines also, in so farPsychology2, 184:The etheric or energy body, therefore, of every human being, is an integral part of the ethericPsychology2, 185:of the solar system. Through this medium, every human being is basically related to every otherPsychology2, 185:public opinion - of the rapidly evolving human mentality. Within the human family are also foundPsychology2, 185:the rapidly evolving human mentality. Within the human family are also found those who respond toPsychology2, 186:seeking to utilize the increasing bias of the human being towards coherence and integration. ItPsychology2, 188:in founding or starting focal points in the human family through which certain energies can flowPsychology2, 189:between the different aspects of the human being is entirely possible at varying stages ofPsychology2, 190:nature - mental, astral and physical - of the human being, through the right circulation andPsychology2, 191:the fabricators of the outer garment of God, and human spirits. The possibility is, therefore, toPsychology2, 192:sensitive to the soul in other forms of life, - human and non-human. They evoke the soul of thePsychology2, 192:the soul in other forms of life, - human and non-human. They evoke the soul of the past, primarily,Psychology2, 192:through the creative process and the world of human thought. They will link or blend life and formPsychology2, 195:"Law of Group Progress" is the phrase given by human beings to a particular type of energy which isPsychology2, 201:souls which are expressing themselves through human beings, of the selves who are functioningPsychology2, 201:which cannot be demonstrated, with the type of human equipment now in use. Modern psychology,Psychology2, 202:does not, however, exist in the lower types of human beings, and it possibly possesses immortality,Psychology2, 202:a body, functioning at various levels of human consciousness, and having continuity, immortalityPsychology2, 202:stated in the following propositions: 1. Every human being, in or out of incarnation, is aPsychology2, 202:of expression. 2. All these souls, selves, or human beings are found, as we have seen, on one orPsychology2, 203:more rapid. It should be borne in mind that many human beings are not thus aware. The groupingsPsychology2, 203:ideas entirely to those within the radius of the human family) can be expressed as follows: Psychology2, 203:consciousness sleeps. These are the dormant human beings whose intelligence is of such a low order,Psychology2, 203:dim and nebulous, that only the lowest forms of human existence come into this category. Racially,Psychology2, 205:souls who can now be classed as intelligent human beings, capable of mental application, ifPsychology2, 206:and [206] government, and are the "sheep" of the human family. The souls who think, and who arePsychology2, 206:scientific discoveries bring results, and expand human awareness. They constitute the cream of thePsychology2, 206:awareness. They constitute the cream of the human family, and are the people who are achievingPsychology2, 206:who are achieving success in some department of human life. They are writers, artists, thinkers inPsychology2, 206:writers, artists, thinkers in various fields of human knowledge and aspiration, politicians,Psychology2, 206:work with them for the ultimate benefit of the human family. They are the world aspirants, andPsychology2, 209:whereby expression is developed in the strictly human races, beginning with the Lemurian stage,Psychology2, 209:became the objective of the best of the human family. Those who could or can thus become initiatePsychology2, 210:at all but came into our cycle of evolution as human beings, - of a low order as far as the lowestPsychology2, 211:It might be stated that 80% of those who entered human evolution at that time were egos who werePsychology2, 214:unseen factor, such as a germ, working within a human body. This precipitation and culturing of thePsychology2, 216:the soul or the laws controlling the stages of human development upon the Path. They have a muchPsychology2, 216:of the evolutionary cycle as it concerns the human family as a whole, particularly in relation toPsychology2, 216:of these rules solely as they govern human unfoldment. What we are seeking to reveal (if possible)Psychology2, 217:a magnetic center in the universe, in which the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls will, unitedPsychology2, 218:of those Masters Who work entirely with the human kingdom, have plans of a still vaster and broaderPsychology2, 218:more importance than the minute detail of the human being's individual capacity to grasp his ownPsychology2, 219:permits man (escaping, as he can, from his human self-consciousness) to expand his sense ofPsychology2, 220:major rules of the evolving life of God in the human family, are seven in number. These - if we mayPsychology2, 220:realms of immature expression (from the angle of human vision) as difficult to comprehend as thosePsychology2, 220:the department of the Hierarchy which deals with human affairs, and catch faint glimpses of thePsychology2, 222:is the tendency to at-one-ment which leads the human being, first of all, to the development of anPsychology2, 223:of the kingdom in nature, higher than the human, which is strictly that of the soul, and willPsychology2, 224:the ideals of the masses, in all realms of human thought. Every great world leader is necessarily aPsychology2, 225:life activity, as they play upon the imprisoned human being. On the life side, it results inPsychology2, 225:the appearance and the disappearance of forms, human and humanly constructed. It is the. result ofPsychology2, 225:as the at-one-ments wrought out hitherto in the human consciousness, have produced unification withPsychology2, 226:and that the fourth kingdom in nature, the human, occupies a unique position in this development.Psychology2, 226:divinity: Light, Energy, and Magnetism. In the human being, the microcosmic reflection of thePsychology2, 226:how they may express themselves in and through a human vehicle. We can now enlarge somewhat uponPsychology2, 227:instinctual, emotional nature of Deity, if such human words can in any way express the divinePsychology2, 228:of history is grasped, when the wide sweep of human unfoldment down the ages is understood, andPsychology2, 229:in just the same way as the life purpose of a human being is both limited and conditioned by thePsychology2, 230:kingdoms in nature. There is likewise in every human being a transcendent soul which, when the lifePsychology2, 230:when in manifestation, the only way in which the human mind and brain can express its recognitionPsychology2, 230:how else can we speak with clarity?) terms of human origin and therefore [231] limiting, such is
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