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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Psychology2, 381:dealing here with relatively advanced stages of human development. What I have now to say willPsychology2, 390:of God emerge in form to be recognized by the human consciousness. The channel of approach or ofPsychology2, 391:cooperation with the Plan in the three worlds of human endeavor and in the five states ofPsychology2, 391:and in the five states of consciousness, human and superhuman. This brings the disciple to thePsychology2, 393:subjectively and unconsciously (as are all human beings) but in full, waking, understandingPsychology2, 394:structure. Just as the average, yet unthinking human being knows that he is a person of intricatePsychology2, 394:psychologist (a rare thing to find) views the human body and its energies, so the disciple upon thePsychology2, 396:in raising the consciousness of the entire human family. The results of using this meditation onPsychology2, 397:as are the divine tendencies in the majority of human beings. It is with these mysterious andPsychology2, 397:Presented Attributes - those which (again using human phraseology) have presented themselves to thePsychology2, 397:nor can they be comprehended by average human beings, but which are attributes of [398] the KingdomPsychology2, 398:even the form it has in the consciousness of the human family, and those of us who are students ofPsychology2, 399:it and are used to "anchor" the attribute in human consciousness. There then ensues a long periodPsychology2, 401:terms of academic psychology, and putting the human psychological problem so plainly that real helpPsychology2, 401:asked to perform the impossible. It is as if the human frame had accumulated so much physicalPsychology2, 402:apply, but even they, if they are students of human affairs, of sociological conditions, and ofPsychology2, 402:affairs, of sociological conditions, and of human equipment, are prone to question and at times toPsychology2, 402:only lead us deeper into the gloomy forest of human error and illusion. Yet, could we but know it,Psychology2, 403:can be released in every department of human thought we shall see many new things brought to lightPsychology2, 404:to accept such dicta has served to stultify the human approach to God and to reality. ItsPsychology2, 404:kingdom of souls, creative members of the great human family, and sound animals with the animalPsychology2, 404:upon the outer plane of life for divine, human and animal revelation. This, the coming New Age,Psychology2, 406:purpose and planning instead of desire. 3. That human unfoldment proceeds by a series ofPsychology2, 407:stands today. Hence the realization of the human problem in terms of modern psychology; hence thePsychology2, 407:psychology; hence the widespread suffering of human units everywhere; hence the effort of modernPsychology2, 408:those who are in process of becoming thinking human beings. The two earliest integrations, betweenPsychology2, 408:effect this with the minimum of difficulty. The human state, dealing with the integration of allPsychology2, 411:here: First, that in any consideration of the human being - whether we regard him simply as a manPsychology2, 411:definitely self-conscious entity, and a strictly human being, characterized by intelligence, comesPsychology2, 412:of the domination of the environment, of other human beings in small or large numbers, and ofPsychology2, 412:between the two kingdoms of nature - the human and the spiritual. Throughout all these processes wePsychology2, 413:- are to be expressed, will they solve the human problem and arrive at an understanding of thePsychology2, 413:as a major instrument in the technique of human perfecting. They will be greatly helped also by aPsychology2, 414:earlier made of the various aspects of the human being, which - during the evolutionary process -Psychology2, 414:the low grade desires of the animal nature. The human being is, at that stage, largely an animal,Psychology2, 415:type of difficulty and finding the cleavages in human nature so widespread and so deep seated inPsychology2, 416:of oneness or of wholeness. In its higher human aspect, this sexual differentiation is only thePsychology2, 416:more fundamental cleavage - that between the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls - a cleavage inPsychology2, 416:in fact. The cleavage between the animal and the human kingdom has been largely resolved throughPsychology2, 416:expression of the instinctual nature. Within the human family, the various cleavages of which manPsychology2, 417:problems connected with the various cleavages in human nature. There is no cleavage to be foundPsychology2, 424:and that is the necessity, when considering the human being and his expression and existence, toPsychology2, 425:than aids the objective that I have in view. Human thought is now entering a field for which therePsychology2, 426:to which man is subject, and we saw that the human evolutionary process was, in the last analysis,Psychology2, 426:healed and bridged - makes him a responsible human being and a good citizen who accepts hisPsychology2, 427:by just such crises. So does the individual human unit progress. In the last analysis,Psychology2, 429:definitely upon the innate ability of the [429] human unit to understand the use of the creativePsychology2, 431:and an admittance of the inner structure of the human being - of his emotional vehicle, his [432]Psychology2, 432:the subsequent and consequent development of the human response apparatus, new avenues of approachPsychology2, 433:of places, clothes, and of personality human relations are imaginatively displayed, and thePsychology2, 434:or threads of force) underlie every nerve in the human body and the centers which they form atPsychology2, 434:agency of every ganglion or plexus found in the human body. Certain of these centers, major andPsychology2, 436:of this may mean that he is an anti-social human being, or unpopular, full of fear of life, orPsychology2, 437:of service, so that a new note will enter into human life, bringing hope and joy and power andPsychology2, 446:and, as a result, becoming more strictly human. [447] Developed as a mystic and taught to recognizePsychology2, 447:line of living energy which links the various human aspects and the soul, and it holds the clue toPsychology2, 449:great importance, owing to its relative rarity. Human crises are frequent and - from [450] the timePsychology2, 450:where the Hierarchy is concerned. Also when a human crisis and a hierarchical crisis coincide andPsychology2, 451:spiritual government and in the world of human affairs? First of all and predominantly, thePsychology2, 451:desire of the Hierarchy for the solution of the human problem and the adjustment of human misery,Psychology2, 451:of the human problem and the adjustment of human misery, and also for a right emergence ofPsychology2, 451:and proper environing situations wherein human beings can develop, and wherein the true values alsoPsychology2, 451:the Hierarchy and humanity are at-one. That many human beings are too undeveloped to record thesePsychology2, 451:be carefully borne in mind, because the trend of human aspiration is mystical and not occult. HencePsychology2, 458:you have idiocy, or simply a very low-grade human animal. Certain cases of possession or obsessionPsychology2, 459:the will or the physical condition of the human being when ejecting intruders. In many cases ofPsychology2, 460:body, informed by the animal soul but not by a human soul. We are primarily engaged with thosePsychology2, 471:the real truth, owing to the limitations of the human consciousness. Glamor has oft been regardedPsychology2, 471:glamor of the present time, and has its root in human pride and satisfaction. Maya is oft regardedPsychology2, 472:of the activity - in time and space - of the human mind. The Problem of Illusion lies in the factPsychology2, 472:the word I seek to use) in which the majority of human beings seem always to live. Therefore:Psychology2, 473:of force. It is essentially the energy of the human being as it swings into activity through thePsychology2, 473:revealed. It might justly be remarked that all human beings are the victims of the Great IllusionPsychology2, 478:lower world of phenomena should be closed. If human beings make so poor a success of livingPsychology2, 478:of attention. Occupation. The nature of the human response apparatus in the three worlds should bePsychology2, 479:along these lines, a new era will begin for the human being. These three sciences will constitutePsychology2, 489:which is inherent in every member of the human family. It is the prodigal son speaking to himselfPsychology2, 489:oft contacted subjectively and unconsciously by human beings in incarnation, particularly at nightPsychology2, 494:distinguishes the thought life of the advanced human being, and which find their expression in suchPsychology2, 505:are nebulous and emerging. They are of purely human origin and are definitely a part of the GreatPsychology2, 505:ideals which - down the ages - have controlled human life and which, therefore, form the basis ofPsychology2, 506:are already evolved are deeply ingrained in the human consciousness, and lead, for instance, to thePsychology2, 506:expression of the ideals which are building the human consciousness. [507] Psychology2, 507:of the egocentric tendency of the average human mind. [508] Instruction which is given to him byPsychology2, 508:artistic activity and the many other forms of human expression. They are as varied and as diversePsychology2, 509:not this time carried on in the three worlds of human expression but in the world of soul life andPsychology2, 511:of Attraction; it is an unnecessary tax upon the human mind to study the technical foundation for aPsychology2, 511:which will lead, to a truer understanding of the human family, a wiser comprehension of the humanPsychology2, 511:the human family, a wiser comprehension of the human equipment, and, therefore, to an effort toPsychology2, 511:equipment, and, therefore, to an effort to bring human living into line with the basic spiritualPsychology2, 511:West and is already modifying and influencing human thought on a large scale; it is permeating thePsychology2, 512:the Hierarchy. How can the vitality of the human family be restored? How can the ancient joyousnessPsychology2, 513:and vital reservoirs of strength, latent in the human being himself. The promulgation of suchPsychology2, 513:energy as they make their presence felt in the human unit, and particularly as they affect thePsychology2, 514:the muscular equipment and other parts of the human body, will be found eventually to have theirPsychology2, 514:wrong use made of the energy available in the human equipment or of undue emphasis upon it. WePsychology2, 516:being carried forward in the three worlds of human endeavor, as if they were opposing currents ofPsychology2, 517:actively and creatively on the three levels of human awareness. It is this dual movement - outwardPsychology2, 518:factor in the successful development of the human unit. Therefore, it is of vital importance toPsychology2, 518:for the appearance of the great and modern human movements, involving vast numbers of men and
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