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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Psychology2, 676:insight into the principles that should govern human relations in world affairs, that they can workPsychology2, 676:that they can work with power in the field of human peace and understanding. It is a systematizedPsychology2, 676:to adjust difficulties in every department of human affairs is unbelievably potent. But as yet,Psychology2, 678:finally make its appearance as a working fact in human consciousness. The new, compelling, innerPsychology2, 678:inner impulses must stand revealed to the human intellect. The growing tendency towards brotherhoodPsychology2, 678:the world, and which history and the growth of human consciousness demonstrate infallibly. The factPsychology2, 684:to bring about a receptivity on the part of the human family to a possible outflow of spiritualPsychology2, 685:interpreters they increase the capacity of the human being to respond and to understand. In orderPsychology2, 688:to move northward." But They tire not as do human beings and it is not possible for the humanPsychology2, 688:do human beings and it is not possible for the human aspirant to keep up so long a period ofPsychology2, 696:the soul of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human, and the soul of the three subhuman kingdoms,Psychology2, 696:not, however, be the case until the majority of human beings understand something of what it meansPsychology2, 696:at the coming Wesak Festivals. Just as certain human beings have, through meditation, disciplinePsychology2, 698:power that it will work definite changes in the human consciousness and ameliorate conditions inPsychology2, 703:will [703] release them from the three worlds of human endeavor and make them free citizens of thePsychology2, 703:home and to function effectively in the world of human living and there to carry forward the plan.Psychology2, 704:its own destiny. The plans to meet the immediate human emergency and the plans to make possible aPsychology2, 704:hidden power. By thus bringing it to the fore in human lives, the needed changes in ourPsychology2, 704:seeks to evoke a response to that Plan in every human heart, and by fostering and fanning thatPsychology2, 705:earth and thus express a conditioning factor in human affairs. When there are a sufficient numberPsychology2, 705:then is the task of the Workers in the field of human affairs: to awaken the soul ray to potency inPsychology2, 705:the soul ray to potency in the life of each human being, beginning with those whose mentalPsychology2, 706:to an impasse. The results of soul contacts on human beings and the effect to be seen in thePsychology2, 707:must inevitably occur when man, the integrated human being, meets man, the spiritual reality. ThePsychology2, 707:phenomenal wonder of native or the beauty of the human form. The art of today is as yet almost aPsychology2, 709:increased soul stimulation, to which the entire human family is reacting, even though, asPsychology2, 711:eventually lead to a better handling of the human being and his equipment, both by himself and byPsychology2, 712:world stabilization. This is essential if the human being is to find adequate time for thePsychology2, 714:problem that the Masters are today grappling. A human aspiration and a condition of strugglePsychology2, 716:of the more sensitive members of the human family. These ideas are gradually instilled intoPsychology2, 716:as disciples. Secondly: the unfolding of other human beings and their spiritual development as aPsychology2, 717:establishment of brotherhood. The unity of the human family is recognized by many, but before thatPsychology2, 719:to the form aspect of humanity, desirable as human beings might consider that objective. ThePsychology2, 719:with the expansion and awakening of the human consciousness, and that, in its turn, has an effectPsychology2, 719:strain and mental stress upon the mechanism of human expression on the physical plane that thePsychology2, 720:upon the waters of the planet, and upon all human beings in the world today who are learning toPsychology2, 722:these men and women are regarded as doors into human life, because through them the energy ofPsychology2, 722:however, that there is no infringing of human freedom, even by a Master. Sometimes a disciple or aPsychology2, 723:energy. They are wielded by great and powerful human beings, the majority of whom are out ofPsychology2, 725:of available energy for the stimulating of the human consciousness along right lines. It could, andPsychology2, 726:earlier said - with the immediate problem of the human crisis, yet subjectively, all are engagedPsychology2, 730:of the unenlightened - and therefore innocent human beings - who work without the means forPsychology2, 733:years. If there is not an appreciable change in human relations, then there will be littlePsychology2, 733:intelligent changes, which can affect every human being. The hope of the world today lies in thePsychology2, 738:thought will show how practically [738] every human being can be placed under one or other of thesePsychology2, 738:or unconsciously) because the right of every human being to live and work and be self-supporting isPsychology2, 743:understanding and cooperation in all fields of human thought and life, and are emphasizing thePsychology2, 743:under the evolutionary law. It is the next great human development. Behind, in the distant past ofPsychology2, 743:intellect, if I may use such a phrase, and the human or fourth kingdom came into being. The greatPsychology2, 747:who are awake - as we are - to the urgency of human need, and the immediacy of the day ofPsychology2, 749:lay the emphasis, for by them the majority of human beings are reached. Let each Wesak Full Moon beRays, 4:is produced, and the work of the fourth or human kingdom is to demonstrate this peculiar type. ItRays, 4:Subhuman entities display the energy of matter. Human entities display soul energy. In the perfectRays, 4:cooperation with the purpose of manifestation. Human lives demonstrate the quality of rajas, ofRays, 5:sumtotal of the "units of inertia" just as the human units are called "the points of light movingRays, 12:to other men or to certain forces generated by human thinking, frailty and ambition. Is it notRays, 12:today on earth, by certain evil members of the human family, are effects of their response to theRays, 12:is interpreted (and necessarily so) in terms of human awareness and responsiveness. This world warRays, 13:and its magnetic attractive rapport with the human kingdom, the fourth. The effect of all theseRays, 14:and evil, which have significance only in the human consciousness and its inherent limitations.Rays, 16:Students today are searching for the causes in human motives, in past history and in karmicRays, 16:of necessity involves also all that concerns the human family for "in Him we live and move and haveRays, 17:The secondary effect can be noted in the human consciousness by the awakening which has been goingRays, 17:demarcation which have emerged in the realm of human determinations and objectives. These are allRays, 17:of the anima mundi; of this great sumtotal the human soul and the spiritual soul are but aspects orRays, 17:group awareness, and its highest result in the human family is the taking the first steps towardsRays, 18:outlined the Rules for Applicants, (Initiation, Human and Solar, Page 192-208), summarizing theRays, 18:on a fundamental decentralization of the selfish human consciousness and a rapidly awakening groupRays, 25:in one or other of its degrees. In Initiation, Human and Solar I gave the rules for those proposingRays, 25:are occult and basic. Orders are indicative of human frailty and limitation. Rules are, however,Rays, 26:the word "new" in this connotation is related to human knowledge but not to the initiatoryRays, 38:of the group as a whole tend to throw light on human problems and situations? How much does theRays, 47:the line of least resistance for the developed human being. It is the governing principle of theRays, 47:into manifestation through the agency of those human beings who - in this solar system - arrive atRays, 49:will-to-move forward" along the line of human will-to-good - the first phase of the development ofRays, 50:as understood by the average intelligent human being and put into action as a way of life. TheRays, 52:manifestation, the third aspect, and have served human need in that phase of material and formRays, 56:to tension the initiate passes just as do all human beings, aspirants, disciples and the lowerRays, 58:the synthesis in consciousness, enabling the human being to enter into the larger awareness of theRays, 59:which is the outstanding characteristic of the human animal. From discontent to discontent heRays, 66:an instinctive part of the equipment of a normal human being. Think this out and endeavor to buildRays, 67:This program is, in reality, an expression or a human formulation of the Science of Sound, just inRays, 67:so far - as yet - as Sound affects humanity and human affairs. Forget not my earlier teaching uponRays, 69:the relation of the three higher centers in the human being - head, heart and throat - to the threeRays, 70:been able to convey this revelation to the best human intellects - the first group dealing with theRays, 75:point, is concerned with the impartation to the human consciousness of the meaning and purpose ofRays, 75:prelude to an unfoldment in the general massed human consciousness (from that point in time slowlyRays, 78:esotericist) are hovering on the horizon of the human mind. The ground is being prepared for theRays, 78:between the three great planetary centers: The human center, the hierarchical center, andRays, 79:the consciousness aspect in Themselves through human experiences, They have transcended all thatRays, 80:that conflict; 4 is also the number of the human hierarchy, and 2 is the number of the spiritualRays, 82:of the incarnated Monad in the three worlds of human endeavor and enterprise. "Leaving the seaRays, 84:the energy which substitutes good for evil. Human thinking has debased this concept so thatRays, 85:for the cyclic events and consequences in human affairs. Rays, 85:world crisis: The growth and development of the human family and (as you have been told) the inflowRays, 85:are the other two), which eventually relates the human will, through the right use of the mind, toRays, 86:they play upon our planetary life and work out human destiny. The great energy of purification isRays, 86:That which has so grossly imprisoned the human spirit is disappearing, the rocky grave of humanityRays, 87:of spirit is not the same as that of matter. A human being destroys his own form again and againRays, 88:and fire of bombing and the cruel effects on human bodies have faded into the past, it will be
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