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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

(page 61 of 71)


Rays, 88:much evil has been destroyed in all fields of human activity - in the field of theologicalRays, 88:major task must be the development of right human relations, through the education of the masses.Rays, 91:of love also, and this for the first time in human history. His achievement was made possible byRays, 91:was made possible by the fact that the human family had reached a point at which it could produceRays, 92:final response (which climaxes His work from our human angle) covers nine years, from the Full MoonRays, 92:soul's prison; through the turning of the wheel, human beings learn their needed lessons, createRays, 94:comes it will be for the advanced units of the human family; they will recognize Him because He hasRays, 98:less, and finally life in the three worlds of human manifestation becomes needless. All the lessonsRays, 101:not the product of desire, as in the case of a human being. This is an important distinction andRays, 108:and space - also to turn. In the meantime, the human being is first of all driven by desire, thenRays, 108:Monadic consciousness is not consciousness as human beings understand it, but is that state ofRays, 109:for precipitating the ideas deep into the human consciousness. Secondly, I write for the generationRays, 109:the wheel of humanity. The Heavenly Man and the human being upon that Wheel are developing divineRays, 111:Initiation. Hitherto, one by one, units of the human family have found their way through the DoorRays, 111:our planet, just as there is for the human body. He therefore has to work out His plans within aRays, 111:the radius of His expression, including the human kingdom. It must be remembered also that asRays, 112:and, secondly, with the rapid advance of the human consciousness into the realm of groupRays, 113:the fifth Rule as given earlier in Initiation, Human and Solar. It says: Let the applicant see toRays, 118:as yet no words as they lie beyond the scope of human consciousness, being utterly unknown even toRays, 118:being utterly unknown even to advanced human beings. They only begin to manifest as tendenciesRays, 120:Shamballa energy is directly impinging upon the human consciousness and directly producing results.Rays, 120:and destruction on earth, primarily in the human kingdom. At the same time the second attribute ofRays, 121:these concepts are relatively new factors in the human consciousness, and the fact that they areRays, 122:demands and its consequences have given to the human consciousness and, secondly, the coming in ofRays, 123:Through visualization, three expressions of the human consciousness will become possible: 1. TheRays, 125:to my exegesis upon that rule in Initiation, Human and Solar, you will find that the objective ofRays, 129:of the fourth kingdom to the fifth, of the human being to the soul and of humanity to the kingdomRays, 129:kingdom, the animal kingdom, to the fourth, the human kingdom. Thus it proceeds down the scale -Rays, 129:similar concept lies in the realization that the human family, the fourth kingdom in nature, isRays, 131:to that same Life when it reaches the fourth or human kingdom. You can see, therefore, howRays, 133:Hierarchy has today leavened the entire mass of human thinking in a far wider and deeper mannerRays, 135:more adequate forms of life and of more correct human attitudes, plus a sounder orientation toRays, 138:than those in the three worlds of definitely human evolution; the intention is to teach him toRays, 138:he has to relegate the ordinary and normal human experience to the three worlds of dailyRays, 139:the physical plane life of the normal, healthy human being is entirely automatic and thusRays, 140:the soul. Through both of these experiences the human being moves until his individual will isRays, 142:and obsessing enterprise in the three worlds of human evolution; everywhere men rate the light ofRays, 142:as essential to healthy living; some idea of the human urge to light can be grasped if you considerRays, 143:and will later demonstrate that, throughout the human structure and form, man is composed primarilyRays, 143:light governs all the inchoate yearnings of the human spirit. We have not yet carried the conceptRays, 144:world rebuilding which are dominating the best human thinking at this time. It should be carefullyRays, 145:inauguration of reforms in every department of human life. All has been speeded up and little suchRays, 147:completely synchronized, then you have - in a human being - the full expression of divinity or whatRays, 147:when as yet he scarcely knows himself as a human being? How can he grasp these fundamental andRays, 154:lying behind the Plan. He has passed out of the human kingdom into the Hierarchy; later he willRays, 158:in the world of causes upon the worlds of human living), and the correct direction of force inRays, 165:the second planetary center into which all human beings achieving initiation are "withdrawn"Rays, 171:to these expressions of it which exist in the human consciousness as men attempt to interpret theRays, 172:grasped his identical at-one-ness with even one human being, it is not possible for him even toRays, 173:of the leading members of the forefront of the human wave at present in process of evolution.Rays, 180:[180] divine awareness outside the range of the human consciousness, no matter how high, or whenRays, 181:of their activity comes into contact with the human intelligence, the effect upon humanity (beforeRays, 185:conditioned by the point in evolution of the human hierarchy. In the early days of human history,Rays, 185:of the human hierarchy. In the early days of human history, thinking and progress had practicallyRays, 185:from the Hierarchy; any effect coming from the human kingdom was due solely to mass impulse orRays, 185:relation between units and groups within the human family. Later, as family units massed togetherRays, 186:Men were beginning, at this early period of human history, to desire, and this desire was not, asRays, 186:Desire is the lowest reflection within the human consciousness of the will aspect. This potentRays, 186:Thus the Black Lodge was founded. It fed upon human desire and resembled a vast over-shadowingRays, 186:a vast over-shadowing vampire. It vitiated human living and increased the growth of desire farRays, 187:desire, focused in the Black Lodge, both feeding human desire and drawing a form of life from theRays, 187:form of life from the massed desire of humanity. Human development along astral lines, expressingRays, 188:were consummated: [188] The seven centers in the human body (five up the spine and two in the head)Rays, 188:responded. Then as evolution progressed and the human intellect began to make itself felt, "theRays, 188:had always been known to the Hierarchy, but now human beings were faced with them and recognizedRays, 188:maya, of glamor and of illusion. The potency of human thought began to make itself felt; men inRays, 189:disciples is greater than at any other time in human history. I have emphasized this point becauseRays, 194:- all these great energies have seeped into the human consciousness and now provide the platformRays, 194:the new approach to God be taken, and new human relations be implemented. Rays, 194:of initiation made a major contribution to the human consciousness through their determinedRays, 195:as he seeks to make progress, and to the entire human family as it moves onward upon the Path ofRays, 196:a universal service, and made possible further human progress, for until some greater measure ofRays, 196:of humanity; He was free from the aura of the human family and - again quoting the Old Commentary,Rays, 197:is something different. From the moment when a human being catches the first, faint glimpse of theRays, 199:behind all the seven planes of spiritual and human experience [200] and pass onward and out intoRays, 203:and which are of such a nature that the human mechanism of thought proves incapable of registeringRays, 204:is another center which is neither spiritual nor human but which is characterized by divinity.Rays, 206:the three permanent atoms in the three worlds of human endeavor. This is again a dangerous parallelRays, 207:you remember that this refers not Only to the human kingdom and its unfoldment, but to the threeRays, 207:many points of view - of equal importance to the human. This is a hard saying for humanity toRays, 216:and not the fourth, as it is regarded from the human angle; the third initiation is technicallyRays, 227:out of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human kingdom. This is a brief and inadequate summationRays, 229:swift design of Mercury" into the field of the human consciousness. The effect of this release isRays, 229:advanced humanity. It is through intuitive human beings that knowledge of the Plan is given toRays, 230:Hierarchy works within the field of the world of human living; the New Group provides a similarRays, 231:will. New methods, new approaches to the human problem and new modes of work will have to be tried;Rays, 235:to impact. The response and the reactions of the human family as a whole, or of the individualRays, 236:also been a great though slow expansion of the human consciousness and a gradual steady progressRays, 237:and also symptomatic of the progress of the human spirit. (Written in September 1944.) This time,Rays, 237:turmoil reaching throughout all levels of the human consciousness, plus the inspiration of disasterRays, 237:of consciousness. These expansions in the human understanding will, in the next [238] one hundredRays, 238:peace which will be symbolic of the state of the human spirit. Men will then settle down to theRays, 241:that divinity is slowly dawning upon the human consciousness. It is a sevenfold revelation; each ofRays, 243:to humanity (as today constituted) prepare the human spirit. d. The mysterious purpose which hasRays, 243:environment of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. It is related to the power to think andRays, 243:is not to be found (in the sense in which the human being comprehends it) in any of the subhumanRays, 243:potency in connection with the substance of the human bodies through which the human soul isRays, 243:substance of the human bodies through which the human soul is gaining experience. It holds theRays, 243:and sounds in harmonious relation, except the human; all of this type of creative art is the resultRays, 244:Sanat Kumara, the fourth kingdom in nature, the human, and the fourth Ray of Harmony through
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