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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Rays, 244:for the relative interlude in the production of human creative art of a very high order. The cycleRays, 244:of all that is found in the three worlds of human evolution. It concerns that which is workingRays, 244:this line. The sumtotal of the highest phases of human thinking along all lines, materially affectsRays, 244:expresses the best response at the moment of human sensitivity to cosmic impression. This is allRays, 245:relating the minds and the brains of advanced human beings. People are apt to forget that with eachRays, 246:of God," as he calls it; as long, however, as human approach to that will remains negative,Rays, 246:nature of that Will will be seen. It is only as human beings enter into relation with the HierarchyRays, 246:break upon the shores of the three worlds of human evolution, reveal - in the clearest notes andRays, 247:in any of its greater forms breaks upon the human consciousness, a dim sense is thereby conveyed ofRays, 247:to applicants in the earlier book (Initiation, Human and Solar). It is included here so that youRays, 250:was published later than my book, Initiation, Human and Solar. If the dates of any given teachingRays, 253:The nature of their work as it influences the human soul and as it seeks through theRays, 254:with the result of a great broadening of the human aspiration. This work is as yet embryonic, butRays, 263:personality functions in the three worlds of human evolution; and who have grasped somewhat theRays, 267:system at all; They have passed through the human stage in such far distant and remote world cyclesRays, 268:act of individualization and thus brought the human kingdom into existence. In a mysterious sense,Rays, 269:and other constellations are also related to the human family, but their relation is moreRays, 269:we shall not here deal. Their relation to the human kingdom has been covered by me in theRays, 270:exceedingly important triangle is found in the human body and (esoterically considered) is relatedRays, 270:center, which is peculiarly active today in all human beings; this testifies to the success of theRays, 272:the three races which have been or are strictly human: these are the third, the fourth and theRays, 277:plane is to Sanat Kumara what the soul is to the human personality upon the physical plane in theRays, 277:sense of responsibility which characterizes all human advancement upon the way of life. It is thisRays, 277:in the concretizing of the divine project: Right Human Relations. I have written these openingRays, 280:of the life force upon the three lower planes of human living and evolution. TransformationRays, 281:attitude of mankind is inclined to believe that human need, and incidentally the need of the [282]Rays, 282:in its expression as animal instinct is to the human being. It functions, but the man is notRays, 282:both vertically (soul contact) and horizontally (human relationship), yet he stands at the centerRays, 283:field of work is clear; His realm of contacts - human, subhuman and superhuman - is also clear.Rays, 286:world as that phrase covers the three worlds of human evolution; the world of meaning is the worldRays, 290:and the lesser renunciation (great only from the human point of view) makes the higher renunciationRays, 290:taking place in this era for the first time in human history. The recognition of this emergingRays, 296:took form and has greatly modified and colored human thinking and planning, and this will beRays, 297:3. Reveal The objective of the strictly human evolution in this planetary cycle is sight,Rays, 304:forces in the three worlds which condition human beings, thus bringing about erroneous orientationRays, 306:and experience upon the three planes of ordinary human living. But in this word "destroy" given (asRays, 306:these may have, in turn, conditioned human thinking. Perhaps the simplest illustration I can giveRays, 307:affects those civilizations which condition the human family for long periods of time, whichRays, 308:the four higher planes and the three worlds of human living, and of other forms of life such as theRays, 308:life such as the three subhuman kingdoms. In the human family, death supervenes when the soulRays, 309:analysis and from the standpoint of the average human being, is simply disappearance from theRays, 310:emanates from a point outside the five worlds of human and superhuman evolution, just as theRays, 323:psychology but also a more vital factor in the human consciousness, because the fact of initiationRays, 323:in one of my earliest books: Initiation, Human and Solar; also, scattered through all my writingsRays, 324:are all of them closely interrelated and the human being is the recipient of the energies andRays, 326:which had to be recognized: The three worlds of human evolution. The mental plane. The astralRays, 330:of the planetary centers to the centers of the human being; there is not enough love present as yetRays, 331:are closely blended and conditioning human behavior that the extent of the coming revelation willRays, 333:His consciousness will permeate and color all human affairs. It is this condition - so imminent andRays, 333:own lives and destiny and the unfoldment of the human consciousness as the factor of only andRays, 334:engineered must cover the three worlds of human evolution as well as the three worlds of theRays, 335:these are not the same as those of the human kingdom. These goals and rhythms will become moreRays, 335:at all and was not intended for strictly human use, but which was retained by the Hierarchy for theRays, 351:science arrives at a better understanding of the human being as an electrical unit of power andRays, 355:occurrence and the other was a great human crisis; one was the entrance of an initiate into theRays, 355:mankind of three groups to be found within the human family: Unregenerate man, pictured by theRays, 355:have passed to liberation through the medium of human experience, and thereby representing to us aRays, 356:throughout all time in the heart of every human being; to this the words and promise, "Lo, I amRays, 358:ever since modern occultism began to influence human thinking: the four planes which connote theRays, 358:plane - 1st aspect - Will The monadic plane - Human monads - Universal - 2nd aspect - Love TheRays, 360:three dense physical planes (our three worlds of human evolution) and the four cosmic ethericRays, 360:that means the three worlds of ordinary human experience and the two worlds of superhuman effort,Rays, 364:physical plane (our seven planes of the [364] human, superhuman and the divine worlds) and functionRays, 364:be realized that all activity which drives the human being forward towards some form of developmentRays, 367:which can lie ahead of humanity will enter the human consciousness when: The fact of the Hierarchy,Rays, 367:and quiescent, which is found at the base of the human spine; it is entirely inactive except inRays, 368:constitution of the Hierarchy, in Initiation, Human and Solar, was along the same line. TheRays, 369:unity and cooperation will be conditioning human relations. There is a constant shifting in theRays, 369:is produced by humanity itself; this unfolding human consciousness leads mankind eventually out ofRays, 371:a constant (and increasing) flow of reoriented human energy penetrating into and beyond theRays, 371:in the intelligent application of the Plan to human affairs. The Science of Impression, whichRays, 371:here be made: the entry of a member of the human family into the ranks of the initiates and hisRays, 372:yet a liberated Master, though I am a liberated human being. In the human center, the man becomesRays, 372:though I am a liberated human being. In the human center, the man becomes identified with himself;Rays, 373:world of souls on the mental plane, and those human souls who (on all Rays) are ready for contactRays, 373:humanity. I refer to average and undeveloped human beings. Students should bear in mind thatRays, 374:effect is stimulating and magnetic. On average human beings, capable of little response yetRays, 374:need) as it seeks to aid not only the human evolution but all the other evolutions, of whichRays, 374:first ray power) "units of life and devotion" - human beings - are brought into the Ashram asRays, 377:therefore regarded - as far as three worlds of human evolution are concerned - as illusion, for theRays, 378:reservoir. The correspondence of this in the human centers is called the "jewel in the lotus." LetRays, 381:those distant aeons when a certain percentage of human beings reached, through their own efforts,Rays, 383:will entail of change in civilization, in human nature and in the group expression of the humanRays, 383:human nature and in the group expression of the human spirit - religions, society and politics - itRays, 384:and through them passed a steady flow of human beings liberating themselves from the three worlds.Rays, 385:success of the vast work, carried on in the human center for millions of years. Soul andRays, 385:Mysteries of Initiation As you know, the first human being out of that "center which we call theRays, 386:of Correspondences, why this was so. The first human being in the fourth kingdom in nature to takeRays, 386:swept into manifestation and brought with them human types responsive to the ray energy. When theRays, 389:that the limitations by which They were held as human beings are no longer present. But oneRays, 389:along one of which a Master must go (Initiation, Human and Solar), it was felt by Those for Whom IRays, 393:potency of Their thinking does not affect the human mind. Once the precipitation of the crisis isRays, 394:time, concerned with the entire subject of right human relations and how to bring it about. I wouldRays, 395:of the physical Sun when members of the human family, and with the "Heart of the Sun" as Members ofRays, 396:are, as you know from your study of Initiation, Human and Solar the following: The Path of EarthRays, 400:in relation to evolutions other than the human, for two reasons: Your unfoldment is still such thatRays, 400:There are many Masters Who do not work with the human kingdom at all, but are fully occupied withRays, 401:glamor as self-centered and undeveloped human beings create it. The force of those aspirants andRays, 402:planetary astral plane in the three worlds of human enterprise. The astral force of the solarRays, 404:the essential synthesis underlying all life - human, planetary, systemic and cosmic; it reveals
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