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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

(page 63 of 71)


Rays, 405:planetary schemes, as stated in Initiation, Human and Solar. They are necessarily few in number,Rays, 409:given upon this subject in Initiation, Human and Solar - a book published earlier (in 1922). InRays, 409:view, though from yours I may be. In Initiation, Human and Solar very little was said, because theRays, 409:to two causes: The tremendous unfoldment of the human consciousness during the last twenty-fiveRays, 410:owing to the increased sensitivity of the human mechanism, and owing to the decisions humanity isRays, 410:presentations of the teaching (in Initiation, Human and Solar, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, and ARays, 411:the animal kingdom or for animal man into the human kingdom was stopped. No more units have sinceRays, 411:could not influence directly the more developed human beings or train more aspirants. TheyRays, 412:of our planetary life, expressed through the human kingdom at this time, to the processes ofRays, 412:just as the successful spiritual unfoldment of a human being and his ability to contact his soulRays, 413:paralleling decisions on the physical plane in human affairs; this deeply spiritual and mysteriousRays, 413:and mysterious success (mysterious because the human mind knows naught about it) was also theRays, 415:closely related, and hence the large number of human beings who will become disciples in the SirianRays, 424:presentation of the seven Paths in Initiation, Human and Solar of a conditioning constellation. InRays, 428:because it leads inexorably to a revolt of the human spirit. That human spirit is to be found inRays, 428:inexorably to a revolt of the human spirit. That human spirit is to be found in Russia to exactlyRays, 433:of consciousness; i.e., the three worlds of human endeavor and the world of soul consciousness, orRays, 434:of the stage of development now reached by the human mind, because of their increasingly closeRays, 438:and the perfection is - from, the angle of the human disciple today - exactly what we understand byRays, 439:Hierarchy and a worker in the three worlds of human enterprise. I would here remind you that thereRays, 439:of the many evolutionary processes of which the human is only [440] one. Not all the Masters workRays, 440:limited to the soul which informs units in the human family; not all the Masters work under theRays, 440:Forget not, there are many Hierarchies and the Human Hierarchy is but one. This whole theme is oneRays, 442:Law as they demonstrate in the three worlds of human evolution. It is in connection with thisRays, 444:a useful source of experiment and testing. The human soul (in contradistinction to the soul as itRays, 444:in its own kingdom, free from the limitations of human life) is imprisoned and subject to theRays, 446:of the mind in two directions, into the world of human endeavor and into the world of soulRays, 449:and finds its final anchor in the center of the human heart and at some central focal point in allRays, 450:of India in connection with this activity of the human being. These threads, which man creates, areRays, 450:five types of energy which make man a conscious human being. The triple threads created by man areRays, 450:of this fivefold thread - the basic two and the human three - is carried to the throat center, andRays, 452:two energy factors, which are recognized by the human being as knowledge and life, or asRays, 461:divine Plan into activity in the three worlds of human accomplishment. It is therefore related toRays, 462:to give reason and power to the next stage of human evolution. The point which I seek to emphasizeRays, 462:here to note that, having reached the developed human stage (integrated, aspiring, oriented andRays, 466:to be grasped at the present point in human evolution is the need to relate - consciously andRays, 466:Relation. The influence of the Soul. The Human Consciousness. Awareness of the soul within theRays, 473:forward towards the sensed. Today, through human effort and hierarchical endeavor, a greatRays, 473:the third initiation; and in this third strictly human race, the Aryan (using this term in itsRays, 473:This signifies a great and critical moment in human affairs and an opportunity hithertoRays, 476:is known to be a fact in consciousness, and a human spirit can say with intention and withRays, 477:the art of living, and only the highly trained human enquirer can soundly and safely build theRays, 477:the highest and the lowest. Each of the major human races has been responsible for the expressionRays, 477:prelude to full consciousness distinguished the human being. The astral vehicle was a controllingRays, 477:except where the foremost members of the human race were concerned. The humanity of that worldRays, 477:the term. The state of awareness was astral, and human beings were - as a race - clairaudient andRays, 478:all these threads exist from the beginning of human existence, and that all these three streams ofRays, 478:been indissolubly present from the beginning of human consciousness. But for the greater part ofRays, 478:human consciousness. But for the greater part of human history, up to the present, men remainedRays, 480:very few in comparison with the untold masses of human beings - are utilizing the results of theRays, 481:Astrology, Chapter VI.) The task with which the human being in all his stages [482] of unfoldmentRays, 482:which will be productive of major results. The human being lives in a world of varied energiesRays, 483:of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos and of a human being - the only conscious creators in theRays, 483:into a constructive relation the Monad and the human expression in the three worlds of humanRays, 483:and the human expression in the three worlds of human evolution. There has been much emphasis uponRays, 483:a part of the evolutionary development of the human consciousness. The kingdom of souls mustRays, 486:into being a rapport between the Monad and a human being who is aspiring towards full liberationRays, 486:becomes possible when a sufficient number of the human race are distinguished by the knowledge ofRays, 499:is going on for a new world order, based on human liberty, belief in human rights and right humanRays, 499:world order, based on human liberty, belief in human rights and right human relations; it isRays, 499:human liberty, belief in human rights and right human relations; it is demonstrating also in theRays, 499:and the widespread evocation of the human mind through the network of educational institutionsRays, 500:this fact has been largely due to the prevalent human effort to explain and interpret this phraseRays, 500:their attempt to arrest the progress of the human spirit and to stop the onward march of the good,Rays, 501:this treatise. Thus you can see how the entire human family has reached a central and mostRays, 505:type). To this bridge the creative work of all human beings who reach the stage of soul contactRays, 508:itself. From the point where he is, the Builder (human or divine) works, not by the Law ofRays, 510:of the disciple. I have also been giving in human terms the outline of a process which, ifRays, 517:then he can divorce himself from all that the human being understands in relation to form. He canRays, 519:life impulse from the womb of its mother, of the human being pushing himself into realms of greaterRays, 520:spoken of as "the Law of Life of the Sun." The human family, after the stage of personalityRays, 521:vibration. It is only now that the impact of the human vibration can dimly be sensed in Shamballa;Rays, 522:was unknown until relatively very late, in the human consciousness. Orthodox religion has beenRays, 523:here also remind you that, during this stage of human evolution, all these various phases existRays, 524:Jesus, crucified there, [524] felt the agony of human need and renounced His own life and gave HisRays, 526:World Savior came to give, and translate into human equivalents as much of the divine inspirationRays, 526:millions of years ago. He opened a door into the human kingdom through His response to the animalRays, 526:the ages, these Sons of God have come, evoked by human invocation; in Their turn, They have invokedRays, 528:woven and energized by will" which any human being of our Earth humanity had interwoven with theRays, 528:a great point of invocation wherein the entire human kingdom is involved. Thus you have the finalRays, 529:and is consequently undefinable by the human intellect. We have dealt with certain high stages ofRays, 529:of unfoldment which remain impossible to any human comprehension outside that of Those Who canRays, 529:go, for it would be profitless; nor would the human constitution prove adequate to the imposedRays, 529:all that has been hitherto given out anent the human mind and its capabilities. I have indicatedRays, 531:various occult groups, or in my book Initiation, Human and Solar, are not correct or do not recountRays, 534:zodiac. That passage should and does symbolize human evolution, and just as the sin of the childrenRays, 535:work, and with the spiritual expression in a human being of the third aspect of divinity, that ofRays, 535:Only, therefore, at the ninth initiation is the human being a full and true expression of divinity;Rays, 536:sustained relation that it becomes possible for human beings to enter the Hierarchy. Forget notRays, 543:This development - in the early stages of human evolution - is carried forward through the mediumRays, 544:manifestation in the three or five worlds of human evolution. It might here be pointed out that (inRays, 544:to vibrations coming from the world soul or the human soul, from the Ashram and from the Master, asRays, 544:consciousness (as it is conditioned to the human kingdom) with that of the disciple. There is noRays, 548:He had, first of all, to give a great impetus to human evolution by proclaiming two things: ThatRays, 550:that for the first time in the long history of human development, energy from Shamballa has made aRays, 551:these energies only in relation to the human consciousness. There are other factors present in ourRays, 551:ray potencies. Among these, at this time, the human family (or the third vital center) becomes aRays, 552:which will express itself in every department of human living. Rays, 552:throat center. This can be seen happening in the human being as he progresses along the Path ofRays, 552:have been seen before. A creative planning for human well-being and a political expression,
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