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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMAN

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Reappearance, 134:the dissipation of glamor and the release of the human spirit from the thralldom of matter; it willReappearance, 135:this will mark a significant turning point in human history and will be one of the results ofReappearance, 136:stimulating the Christ principle in every human heart. [137] Reappearance, 137:true, but the fact still remains that human beings everywhere are searching for spiritual releaseReappearance, 139:kept pace with the unfolding intellect of the human spirit. The same old forms of words and ofReappearance, 140:interpretations and the affirmations of other human minds who claim that they do understand andReappearance, 141:misapprehension and the wrong orientation of the human mind, of the emphasis upon material thingsReappearance, 142:caves of man's thinking; fanatical adherence to human interpretations has taken the place ofReappearance, 143:of a spiritual vision, true values and right human relations. They are demanding teaching andReappearance, 144:a platform for the future, will really meet that human invocation. The Christ and the spiritualReappearance, 144:it cannot be defined or conditioned by names. Human beings perforce always use names in order toReappearance, 144:ever emphasized God Immanent, deep within the human heart, "nearer than hands and feet," the Self,Reappearance, 145:growing emphasis upon God immanent in every human being and in every created form. Today, we shouldReappearance, 145:essential relationship to God. Inherent in the human consciousness - inchoate often and undefined -Reappearance, 147:Orient the Law of Karma. The immortality of the human soul, and the innate ability of theReappearance, 147:Effect, are the underlying factors governing all human conduct and all human aspiration. These twoReappearance, 147:factors governing all human conduct and all human aspiration. These two laws no man can evade. TheyReappearance, 147:out of the teaching and spiritual help which human need demanded. Never did the hearts and minds ofReappearance, 148:of God's plan live and work and oversee human and planetary affairs. It is called by many names byReappearance, 149:world cooperation and of a peace, based on right human relations, is becoming clearer in our minds.Reappearance, 153:of the new world religion. The expansion of the human consciousness which will take place as aReappearance, 155:of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. This will be fixed annually inReappearance, 156:of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual unity, and will represent theReappearance, 156:unity, and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and ofReappearance, 158:vibration. It is only now that the impact of the human vibration can dimly be sensed in Shamballa;Reappearance, 159:the Christ. Churchmen need to remember that the human spirit is greater than all the churches andReappearance, 159:than their teaching. In the long run, that human spirit will defeat them and proceed triumphantlyReappearance, 159:under heaven can arrest the progress of the human soul on its long pilgrimage from darkness toReappearance, 161:power, the more difficult is his problem, for human affairs at this time seem so far away from thisReappearance, 164:of the spirit are unconquered. These aspects of human behavior indicate the wonder of the divinityReappearance, 165:successfully taken in the direction of right human relations. It is along these lines that the NewReappearance, 165:witness to the many advents at crucial times in human affairs, and to the many world Saviors - ofReappearance, 169:operate, and which vibrates in harmony with human need and spiritual response, we are not called.Reappearance, 171:of peace on earth - a peace based upon right human relations. It is surely needless here to dealReappearance, 171:strength and understanding, to bring about right human relations - a broader objective. There weReappearance, 172:It is closely tied up with the problem of right human relations. The problem is, therefore, aReappearance, 172:not. Little of it is spent in the betterment of human living or for the inculcation of those valuesReappearance, 172:inculcation of those values which lead to right human relations. [173] Into the churches andReappearance, 174:their objective been the stimulation of right human relations, the mass of men everywhere would beReappearance, 174:centers responsible for the reorganization of human living. Equally, it can be said that if theReappearance, 174:minds and hearts of men in every land in right human relations. Reappearance, 174:of the Christ Money - as with all else in human living - has been tainted by selfishness andReappearance, 175:of a right culture and in the need for right human relations. It is, therefore, essentially aReappearance, 177:of money and time for the establishing of right human relations and the growth and spread ofReappearance, 179:support must be for the bringing about of right human relations and goodwill, and not for theReappearance, 179:return of Christ is the establishing of right human relations. This has already been started by menReappearance, 180:outer world, if the need of humanity for right human relations and the sacrificing work of theReappearance, 181:to humanity. This method of work - the use of human beings as agents to carry forward the work ofReappearance, 183:are trying to increase understanding and right human relations among men. This group is dividedReappearance, 184:establishment of brotherhood. The unity of the human family is recognized by man, but before thatReappearance, 186:who seek and work for the establishing of right human relations, all who practice goodwill andReappearance, 188:large a scale as possible to bring about right human relations, for His coming depends upon ourReappearance, 189:work goes forward in the establishing of right human relations (which is the basic world need) andSoul, 16:begun to comprehend, much less to control, human conduct and desire; it is mingled with mysticismSoul, 17:attitude of mind for students in all fields of human knowledge, Bertrand Russell says: "What weSoul, 21:mind, where mind is defined as 'the sumtotal of human experience considered as dependent upon aSoul, 21:existing only at the moment when it affects the (human) nervous system, whereas physics studies theSoul, 21:existing beyond the moment when it affects the (human) nervous system. - Hunter, Walter S.,Soul, 23:discard - along [23] with 'mind' and 'memory.' Human behavior then will be on a scientific basisSoul, 23:- Dorsey, George A., Why We Behave Like Human Beings, p. 333. This intensely materialistic trend ofSoul, 23:same; the behaviorist theoretically treats the human animal the same as he would any lower form ofSoul, 24:namely, that all is physical, and that all human conduct, be it thinking, feeling, emotions, muscleSoul, 28:with the self, whether that self [28] is the human divine self, functioning in its own little worldSoul, 30: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior Chapter II The Glands and Human BehaviorSoul, 30:and Human Behavior Chapter II The Glands and Human Behavior The study of the glands is in itsSoul, 31:and what they judge their effects to be on human behavior, and to check the claims, so often made,Soul, 32:is given by Dr. Leary: "The science of human behavior in the largest sense of the word behavior,Soul, 32:word behavior, the sense which includes all that human beings do, all that human beings have. InSoul, 32:includes all that human beings do, all that human beings have. In this sense of behavior it is theSoul, 32:in short, as a personality. "The behavior of human beings, psychologically speaking... reduces toSoul, 32: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior Psychology, therefore, is the science ofSoul, 33:man and that environment. It is the science of human conduct, but not in the ethical sense of rightSoul, 33:of right or wrong conduct. It is the science of human behavior, of personality. But what is thereSoul, 33:of which Hocking speaks. In this field of human behavior and personality, there are three mainSoul, 33:and Abnormal, p.45. There is, secondly, the human apparatus, especially the response apparatusSoul, 34:- the interplay of these three results in human behavior. Our concern here is naturally with theSoul, 34:found functioning in close coordination in the human frame. It is through the nervous system,Soul, 34:the most intricate and wonderful part of the human structure, that we contact our environment, theSoul, 37:justify any bright hopes of improving the human normal. There are, indeed, certain drugs which makeSoul, 38: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior The consideration, therefore, of theSoul, 39:of other systems within the mechanism of the human frame. The blood system and the nervous systemSoul, 40:reactions and the thought processes of the human being. Hence, they would be the producers of hisSoul, 41: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior We shall now consider the seven glandsSoul, 44: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior 2. Pituitary - location head - secretion ofSoul, 46: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior 3. Thyroid - location, throat - secretion,Soul, 47: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior 4. Thymus - location, upper chest -Soul, 47: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior 5. Pancreas - location, solar plexus regionSoul, 47: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior 6. Adrenals - location behind the kidneys -Soul, 50: The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior 7. Gonads - location, lower abdomen -Soul, 50:of humanity. Some psychologists relate all human reactions - physical, emotional and mental - toSoul, 54:of force in the midst of negative substance. The human being too has an etheric body which isSoul, 55:in man and the rest are quiescent. In a perfect human being all the centers will function fully andSoul, 56:subtle that it is truly beyond the real grasp of human intelligence. In comparison with it, theSoul, 56:It is "a web of light," forever invisible to human eye. The key word "substance" with itsSoul, 60:body, underlying all forms, including the human. Soul, 62:the conclusion of an incorporeal substance in human beings to the assumption of a similar andSoul, 62:nature to be no more a simple machine than is a human being." - Burtt. Edwin Arthur, Ph.D.,Soul, 63:it acts as the agency of the mind in a human being and of the Universal Mind in a solar [64]Soul, 69:to the developments taking place within the human consciousness itself. Man, being now a fullySoul, 72:the same time to write the history of the whole human race." - Müller-Freienfels, Richard,
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