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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITARIANS

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Education, 90:opportunists, dictators, investigators and humanitarians. These conflicting idealisms are aExternalisation, 209:servers, and not just military leaders; and humanitarians, and not just the rulers of nations, mustExternalisation, 209:and women of goodwill. To discover the workers, humanitarians and those men and women ofExternalisation, 434:the intelligent, stimulating the activity of the humanitarians and impressing the minds of TheirExternalisation, 437:the hearts of the intelligent people and of the humanitarians everywhere. He must pour out theExternalisation, 475:evil into manifestation. Voices of leaders and humanitarians everywhere were proclaiming the needExternalisation, 484:plans of the world intelligentsia and prominent humanitarians and racial server , it will beExternalisation, 526:as it expresses Itself through the minds of all humanitarians, all aspirants, all disciples (of allExternalisation, 528:The new group of world servers. The sumtotal of humanitarians, educators and men of goodwill. ThisExternalisation, 539:thought will act magnetically upon aspirants and humanitarians and, through them and their goodwillExternalisation, 574:the world, the responsiveness of advanced humanitarians and intelligentsia to the opportunity toExternalisation, 583:movements and into science; they will work as humanitarians, as social workers and in the field ofProblems, 36:truly spiritual people, all artists, scientists, humanitarians and philosophers and all who, withProblems, 41:vast resources) and of the philanthropists and humanitarians throughout the world should be toProblems, 64:opportunists, dictators and investigators and humanitarians. These conflicting idealisms are aProblems, 72:into two main groups: First, those who are real humanitarians, who seek the good of their fellowmenTelepathy, 46:as they affect the aspirants of the world, the humanitarians and the idealists. These impressingTelepathy, 104:students, aspirants and disciples, educators and humanitarians and all who love their fellowmen are
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