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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Astrology, 495:which affect the mental response apparatus of humanity and to the above triangle which concerns theAstrology, 498:of the pledged disciple and the mass life of humanity; to fulfil his own spiritual destiny, throughAstrology, 498:same time, to participate fully in the life of humanity upon Earth - this is no easy task. We haveAstrology, 499:general. With the present mental equipment of humanity, all that is possible for man is to graspAstrology, 499:of the world-movement has again stabilized, humanity will transcend itself. The spiritual valuesAstrology, 500:And the day will come, in the experience of humanity, when men will look back at the pre-warAstrology, 500:again be so potent. The reason for this is that humanity is most definitely emerging from theAstrology, 505:yet totally unrevealed even to the most advanced humanity. No human being of a lower degree to thatAstrology, 505:four remaining aspects are as yet unrevealed to humanity, though sensed by the Hierarchy. These areAstrology, 513:The Moon 4th ray 5. The Sun 2nd ray 3. Ordinary humanity is ruled by the exoteric planets; advancedAstrology, 513:is ruled by the exoteric planets; advanced humanity, disciples and initiates by the esotericAstrology, 513:around the Sun sign, is adequate for ordinary humanity. The exoteric planets rule and the man livesAstrology, 517:the Rays and the Signs During the life cycle of humanity through which we are now passing, in theAstrology, 517:of human beings) the fourth ray which governs humanity itself as a center in the body of theAstrology, 517:kingdom in nature. Intensifying the problem for humanity as a whole is the problem of theAstrology, 518:to the particular, it is essential that humanity relates its own mechanism to the greater mechanismAstrology, 518:group, national and racial consciousness which humanity is today demonstrating - a consciousnessAstrology, 519:in this world period and in this century if humanity so wills it, if the Forces of Light eventuallyAstrology, 519:and the lives of the various kingdoms in nature. Humanity, being the most developed - both from theAstrology, 520:will-to-good and the will-to-build and to this humanity will respond on a large scale. Thus theAstrology, 524:- something meaningless and inexplicable to humanity at present but which will be later revealedAstrology, 524:upon the opportunity at this time to serve humanity at immense cost. The same thing is happening toAstrology, 526:Three great countries hold the destiny of humanity in their hands at this time: The United StatesAstrology, 527:unity, of vision and of goals. From the angle of humanity as a whole. If it is remembered thatAstrology, 527:of humanity as a whole. If it is remembered that humanity is primarily governed by two rays (theAstrology, 528:up the spine and the ajna center in the body of humanity and of individual man. In all three cases,Astrology, 529:manner and with a wider horizon the destiny of humanity in relation to its group units, large andAstrology, 530:national life in the interests of the whole of humanity, and through the desire to express andAstrology, 531:the unity of the work to be done for the whole. Humanity will then emerge into the light of freedomAstrology, 532:of man's living, to reconstructing the form of humanity's life, to reconstituting the newAstrology, 538:It brought about the destruction of the humanity of the time, but released the indwelling life forAstrology, 540:of all the subjective evil of the life of humanity, thus producing the world war. The initiation ofAstrology, 540:of Light. This takes various forms as far as humanity is concerned: The initiation of theAstrology, 541:of the present situation are in the hands of humanity itself. The "stars in their courses" will aidAstrology, 541:itself. The "stars in their courses" will aid humanity or bring destruction, according to humanAstrology, 542:characteristic of this age of major conflict. Humanity is today participating in the preparatoryAstrology, 543:influences can be potently demonstrated if humanity so wills it and will take advantage of theAstrology, 544:out of their evil past by the material side of humanity itself and the potency of the massedAstrology, 544:physical plane. This point of equilibrium is to humanity, to the Sons of Mind, what the earlierAstrology, 545:The problem to be solved is: Which aspect of humanity will finally triumph and so disturb theAstrology, 549:is the sign of the major opposites as far as humanity is concerned, because it signifies soul andAstrology, 549:These are expressed in a unique manner for humanity through Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio andAstrology, 549:Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, carries to humanity a certain type of force and thisAstrology, 554:it conditions the common herd, the mass of humanity. Astrology, 555:than his previous interests and which concern humanity in its relation to the solar forces and notAstrology, 557:through the stages of the lower experiences of humanity, the strictly human stages, and theAstrology, 559:of experience upon the Mutable Cross (as far as humanity is concerned) and to realize that there isAstrology, 560:The symbol of the Fixed Cross (as far as humanity is concerned) might be depicted thus: Here youAstrology, 561:depicted thus: Here you have the [561] Cross of Humanity. On this Cross, the man is illumined andAstrology, 563:of the whole. This, through the medium of humanity. This is a basic statement which means little toAstrology, 564:of the effect of the Crosses [564] upon humanity. All that has as yet been conveyed is the effectAstrology, 564:the perfect fusion of the basic duality found in humanity: the human and the divine. The VirgoAstrology, 565:Path of the Savior, leading to the liberation of humanity. The Piscean aspect in its highestAstrology, 565:is intended eventually to express itself through humanity on this planet. I have given you theAstrology, 566:as the "water of life," assuaging the thirst of humanity. Thus, through the use of the energies ofAstrology, 568:The Mutable Cross - the unrepentant thief. Humanity. The Fixed Cross - the repentant thief.Astrology, 570:of the individual disciple and also today of humanity as a whole, and - as I have oft told you - itAstrology, 570:It was the recognition of these two stages in humanity which led me, under instruction from theAstrology, 572:focused by the vision of the general welfare of humanity. Astrology, 573:which you must now organize. Thus the mass of humanity will be stimulated to move off the MutableAstrology, 573:Fixed Cross) will be definitely inaugurated by humanity itself. It might be said, therefore, thatAstrology, 574:the Hierarchy, mediating between Shamballa and Humanity. He knows that he must carry forward theAstrology, 574:integrates a man into the center which we call Humanity. Experience upon the Fixed Cross integratesAstrology, 574:a radiating center of spiritual will, affecting humanity and evoking its will-to-good; he blendsAstrology, 579:today) will arrive. The war will have taught humanity many lessons and have torn the veil of selfAstrology, 579:nations will be a longed for objective. What humanity determines to have, it ever succeeds inAstrology, 580:of starvation and of fear which is gripping humanity by the throat in the attempt to strangle outAstrology, 581:force and by this means, and on behalf of humanity, established a relationship which even at theAstrology, 583:a little grasp and understanding of it would aid humanity to drive evil (individual, group andAstrology, 583:whence it came and would aid in the release of humanity from the terror which is today stalkingAstrology, 583:livingness (through consciousness and form) of humanity; we need not consider its relation to theAstrology, 584:that is bringing death (spiritual and real) to humanity. This Will must be invoked and evoked. I amAstrology, 585:people are like a millstone around the neck of humanity, crippling true effort, murmuring "Let usAstrology, 585:but murmuring prayers and platitudes whilst humanity is dying. You can easily appreciate the factAstrology, 588:contact and interplay between the two centers: Humanity and Hierarchy. When this is betterAstrology, 591:is non-human. Of the will and purpose of God, humanity knows nothing, for the individual will orAstrology, 591:in any cycle, through any nation or race, where humanity is concerned. This refers also to theAstrology, 592:this triplicity of terms refers to life as [592] humanity understands it. The word "life" to whichAstrology, 592:interrelation in our solar system and (as far as humanity is concerned) in the planet. It is theAstrology, 593:is distorted unless it is realized that just as humanity strives towards the Hierarchy, so thatAstrology, 597:is the Will which initiates. Today, as regards humanity, its highest realization is initiation. Astrology, 597:It is the Will to Unification. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression is the mysticalAstrology, 598:It is the Will to Evolution. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression is education, orAstrology, 598:inherent in all forms and peculiarly strong in humanity (because man is self-conscious), whichAstrology, 599:activity of the living principle. As far as humanity is concerned the "seeds of death" emergeAstrology, 599:Today, its highest expression as regards humanity is the intuition, as it works out through groupAstrology, 600:This is the Will to Action. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression is liberation -Astrology, 600:fact anent energy as it expresses itself through humanity in a manner which is unique and peculiar.Astrology, 601:This is the Will to Causation. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression is idealism, theAstrology, 601:the Will towards Expression. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression is organization. InAstrology, 602:Causation Expression. These are the keynotes for humanity at its present point of evolutionaryAstrology, 602:rays and transmit into the center which we call humanity definite and specific influences. TheseAstrology, 602:influences. These produce certain tendencies in humanity, evoke certain attitudes of the will, andAstrology, 605:souls have reached perfected expression through humanity. They express themselves where humanity isAstrology, 605:through humanity. They express themselves where humanity is concerned as: Ray I - That whichAstrology, 611:one word in connection with the Earth and its humanity which is allied to all the above. This wordAstrology, 612:of translation takes place which [612] lifts humanity off and away from the planet on to one orAstrology, 614:perception. Response to the center called Humanity. The mind takes control. Personality functions.Astrology, 614:Path of Initiation and entered into (as far as humanity is concerned) at the third initiation, andAstrology, 617:angle; that is via Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. From thence the transmitting Life moves
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