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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Autobiography, 274:the outlook of the general public and presenting humanity with new concepts and freshAutobiography, 276:affairs. The laws governing the individual, humanity and the kingdoms in nature are studied and theAutobiography, 277:laws to himself, to events, to the world and to humanity. These Laws include, among many others:Autobiography, 278:the students; its working in the past, bringing humanity to its present point of development, isAutobiography, 279:knows also what he has to give in the service of humanity and whom he is able to help. He begins toAutobiography, 281:continuity of revelation unfolds as the need of humanity demands it; but the underlying objectiveAutobiography, 287:towards Those Who bring inspiration and truth to humanity, and this is referred to in theAutobiography, 288:a willingness to implement the Plan for humanity and a deep love for one's fellowmen. The studentAutobiography, 288:the Plan, the new evolutionary cycle into which humanity is at this time entering and the immediacyAutobiography, 289:which has been so unhappily distinctive of humanity; it is this which lies at the bottom of all ourAutobiography, 292:the planet and the general good and welfare of humanity. The Axis policy was based on theAutobiography, 293:should [293] take no part in the affairs of humanity as a whole; they should be active in spiritualAutobiography, 293:the terrible condition which twentieth century humanity has had to face. The students of the ArcaneAutobiography, 293:energy and understanding into the affairs of humanity and to do this upon the physical level ofAutobiography, 293:reach the masses and it is for this that today humanity waits. This is largely the fault of theAutobiography, 294:from cycle to cycle God has revealed Himself to humanity. [295] That God Transcendent is equallyAutobiography, 295:is possible for the individual aspirant and for humanity as a whole through the action of theAutobiography, 297:to discipleship, who are attempting to aid humanity in conscious relationship to the highest thatAutobiography, 299:realities which had to become available to humanity during that critical period of our presentAutobiography, 302:by means of any messages of any sort or kind. Humanity is passing through the greatest spiritualAutobiography, 302:too deep for our understanding. The choices that humanity has been making in recent years and stillAutobiography, 302:abundantly clear that God's Plan for man is for humanity to achieve its own destiny in the light ofAutobiography, 303:to include action which became impossible when humanity chose to precipitate the second phase ofBethlehemitself the coming revelation. The development of humanity guarantees the recognition of Christ andBethlehem, 4:keynote of this book. Perhaps another reason why humanity at this time believes so little, orBethlehem, 6:life and salvation to the individual and also to humanity. We have been busy fighting over theBethlehem, 13:relationship not only to the individual but to humanity as a whole. This realization will bind usBethlehem, 15:struck at the world illusion, and the minds of humanity are arriving, en masse, at an increasingBethlehem, 16:teaching follows the work of the Christ with humanity, resulting in an understanding of the valueBethlehem, 21:proves the fact of God and is our eternal hope. Humanity stands at the portals of initiation. Bethlehem, 23:through which all men must some day pass. Humanity stands today upon the path of probation. The wayBethlehem, 24:They never set themselves apart from the rest of humanity by asserting their status and thusBethlehem, 24:and intelligent cooperation with the plans for humanity. It is the balance of head and heart thatBethlehem, 25:Christ and His Church, the Elder Brothers of Humanity. Initiation is therefore a reality and not aBethlehem, 28:God be achieved. Only through the sacrifice of humanity, which is the essence of the crucifixion,Bethlehem, 28:of the entire human family. The plan for humanity concerns man's conscious unfoldment. As mankindBethlehem, 29:both in the individual and in the race. Today humanity aspires to great heights, and thisBethlehem, 29:It is becoming obvious that the world disciple, humanity itself, is now deemed worthy of such aBethlehem, 30:[30] opened in the past to individuals), and humanity will enter into a new Kingdom and standBethlehem, 34:in Himself all that it was possible for humanity to achieve. The appearance of Christ in the caveBethlehem, 35:at first be entered upon blindly. The history of humanity is therefore the history of thisBethlehem, 36:dimension and in a richer field of experience. Humanity is ready to step on to a higher rung of theBethlehem, 36:of the essential and inner nature of humanity, with the consequent reorganization of world affairsBethlehem, 37:"Lost Word." When that Word is finally spoken humanity will be enabled to climb to the final peakBethlehem, 39:has linked us to Himself through His perfected humanity; He has linked us to God through HisBethlehem, 46:time. Here also stands the weary world disciple, humanity as a whole, worn and distraught,Bethlehem, 46:and the example of the Christ indicate to humanity the Way that must be trodden. This leads awayBethlehem, 46:and suffering, the Christ child will emerge, and humanity as a whole will stand ready to make theBethlehem, 47:issue is sure, though to some the initiating of humanity may seem a slow process. Old truthsBethlehem, 50:to that which is greater than the nation - humanity itself - and to conceive its expression throughBethlehem, 51:life which we can live in the kingdom of God. Humanity is on the first stage of its journey towardsBethlehem, 53:revealed in Himself the will of God and gave to humanity a vision of God's Plan for the world, thisBethlehem, 55:go. Christ came in the fullness of time, just as humanity was approaching maturity, and showed us,Bethlehem, 57:Christian experience. Faith in Christ! Faith in humanity! Faith in man's responsiveness to theBethlehem, 57:into experience! Such was the faith of God in humanity. The Christian faith, in spite of dogma andBethlehem, 57:Many Sons of God, down the ages, have given to humanity a progressively revealing vision of theBethlehem, 64:a virgin; then the centaur, ever the symbol of humanity in the ancient mythologies, for man is anBethlehem, 67:a solar system; of the mythic Christ, hidden in humanity down the ages; of the historical Christ,Bethlehem, 68:in a dark cave. The long and weary journey of humanity has brought us today to just such a hard andBethlehem, 72:and richer understandings will characterize humanity. When Christ came, we read that those ofBethlehem, 73:it becomes equally apparent that today humanity, as a race, stands before the infant Jesus, in theBethlehem, 74:of the suffering to which it has been subjected. Humanity can journey from Galilee by way ofBethlehem, 74:in all. And the pain and suffering and agony of humanity, never before so acute as now, must surelyBethlehem, 77:as the world Savior? He came to reveal to us our humanity as it could be, and will be, when we haveBethlehem, 82:universe - the cosmic Christ. God, immanent in humanity, revealed through the historical Christ.Bethlehem, 88:for there is significance in that number, where humanity is concerned. Thirty signifies theBethlehem, 89:are concerned, but the impulse is still weak in humanity as a whole. However, it can be aroused andBethlehem, 90:be seen also in the disposition of God towards humanity, as revealed to us through Christ. ThisBethlehem, 91:which happened when Christ appeared; it prepared humanity for the opportunity then offered, formingBethlehem, 95:or at-one-ment after another, for the benefit of humanity, appears before John the Baptist, andBethlehem, 96:the entire world of men. He unified Himself with humanity, and portrayed the effectiveness of thatBethlehem, 104:that Jesus of Nazareth was the very first of our humanity, in a dim and far distant past, to catchBethlehem, 104:His constantly directed effort, the first of our humanity to emerge into the very Light of GodBethlehem, 108:study the story from the angle of Christ's humanity, never forgetting that He had learned obedienceBethlehem, 109:calls for more than superficial consideration. Humanity itself is at stake, in the wildernessBethlehem, 113:That which emphasizes our finite nature is of humanity, that which is comprehensive is of God. WeBethlehem, 115:expressing itself, He faced the evil in His own humanity (when viewed apart from God) and emergedBethlehem, 115:we think of Christ. Some thinkers emphasize His humanity and ignore His divinity. Therein they areBethlehem, 115:now to demonstrate to God, to the devil and to humanity the nature of His achievement, and how theBethlehem, 118:as individuals and - at some distant date - in humanity itself. This is the "lost Word" of theBethlehem, 122:that He stood free. Today the World Aspirant, humanity, stands confronted with this temptation. ItsBethlehem, 124:the doubt. It is interesting to realize that humanity today stands in the glamor of doubt. Doubt isBethlehem, 126:only when men bring to bear upon the problems of humanity, of God and of the soul, not only theBethlehem, 126:and reality. That is the fact upon which humanity can stand, the divine soul in man. That is theBethlehem, 129:and, from apparent right motive and love of humanity, accepted the proffered gift, these wordsBethlehem, 131:God; He had demonstrated to Himself His divine humanity. And yet, as is the way with all the [132]Bethlehem, 135:significance than has hitherto been grasped by humanity, which is prone to lay the emphasis mainlyBethlehem, 140:Himself through natural processes, through humanity as a whole, and through specific individuals,Bethlehem, 142:expression of the uttermost possibility to which humanity could aspire. The dualities, of whichBethlehem, 142:- the synthesis of the part with the Whole, of humanity with the ultimate Reality. Man's historyBethlehem, 142:as to human relations or as to the place of humanity in the scale of being. He is easily swayed byBethlehem, 144:in Himself the past and the future, as far as humanity is concerned. This is significantly typifiedBethlehem, 145:the mountain top, the past and the future of humanity met in Him. That He at-oned in HimselfBethlehem, 146:Browning, Oxford Edition, p. 444. Thus, for humanity, Christ stood revealed as the expression ofBethlehem, 147:great wheel of life turns, and, turning, carries humanity onward), bring man to the point whereBethlehem, 148:may be recognized as 'radio activity' as far as humanity is concerned." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,Bethlehem, 151:of the significance of light in relation to humanity. We talk of the light of knowledge, andBethlehem, 155:revelation. Thus again the essential duality of humanity is revealed through Christ, and HisBethlehem, 156:factors, and since that moment the life of humanity has been radically changed. It was as potent aBethlehem, 156:wherein He staged, for the benefit of humanity, a symbolic event as well as a definite experience
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